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Alien 5 / Predator 3 Planned?

MovieHole has been speaking to a Fox insider and found out that a possible Alien 5 and Predator 3 may be on the cards in the future. Apparently, there was never any plans to do a sequel to AvP.

“The plan is – new stand-alone “Predator” movies, new stand-alone “Alien” movies. No sequel to “AvP” at the moment. If anything, “AvP” was a way of a re-introducing these characters so that there could be new stand-alone films in their respective series. Never was it a plan to do a series of “AvP” movies. One ‘Predator 3’ pitch that’s been doing the rounds sounds stellar. It’s set in snowy New York, and re-introduces Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Dutch… Best of all, for the studio, it leaves it open for a “Predator 4” – which is rumoured to feature a female rogue. As for “Alien”, the latest is that it’ll be a Ridley Scott – Sigourney Weaver re-team. Talk is underway, but it’s still early days.”

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