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DVDTalk Reviews Unrated AvPR DVD

The first review of AvP Requiem DVD can be found over on DVDTalk. They reviewed the R1 Unrated edition. They’re generally negative about the movie of course and that the Unrated cut doesn’t really add anything interesting.

“Fox presents Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem in its unrated format on DVD. While some of you out there might be imagining globs of gore footage reinstated back into the film, the bulk of the footage is minor character development bits that don’t do much to flesh out the story and simply make a bad movie a longer, bad movie. That said, the scene with the hunter and his son in the forest is slightly harder now and the scene where the Colorado National Guard shows up to eliminate the alien menace is noticeably bloodier. The majority of the reinstated bits are conversational snippets and little talky pieces, though there is an interesting added bit early on where a Predator finds a downed ship containing one of his deceased brethren.”

They also looked at the commentaries and featurettes in detail. Thanks to Yellow Alien for the news.

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  1. blackhawk
    Whoever thinks that Alien 3 was better then Aliens better stop smoking up!! I'll admit the extended version was good, better then the original release, but NOWHERE better then Aliens!! Alien 3 was just a cash grab, all those Hollywood morons cared about was making the $$$ and not even caring about the franchise. Cameron did an awesome job directing Aliens, i don't think that Fincher had any idea what the hell he was doing when he directed Alien 3!! All Alien 3 did was wreck all the work that was done in the 2 previous movies!!    >:D     >:D     >:D  
  2. darthmaul1
    here is my rogh idea as I am not a writer for avp3, but i am sure it could be turned into an excellent movie The movie will need some descent well know actors. Maybe Adam Baldwin could reprise his role from Predator 2 and play Garber, and have Jake Busey play the son of Peter Keys from Predator 2 and is the husband of Ms. Yutani from AVP-R. Also have someone play the role of Charles Bishop Weyland’s son so they can show them working together as a joint company.
    I'm sure, when I first saw AVP it was very dark, I complained about it big time when it came to the lighting. When I got it on dvd everything looked just fine. The Strause brothers said it was going to look very different on the dvd, especially on the blue-ray. I just saw Hitman on blue-ray, which rocked btw! And it showed a trailer to AVPR too. I got a chance to get an idea of how good it will look on blue-ray. So far, it looks goooood    >:D  
  4. Gort Pred
    And to AVPR and all that...well I think all of you know my outlook. I can't wait to see these unrated DVD. However..if there is another unrated movie i will just not go to the theater to see that movie then. I mean why spoil seeing what the director's really wanted us to see. I feel bad for the Bros. they got like 15 min cun from the final battle. It was going to be 20 min long!  i was watching it again off of Ares (sadly in spanish DVD screening) and u can see where they had to cut it. Most of the battle was when Wolf had his mask on. I bet he kicked Chet's ass pretty good too. Even though Chet had more blows, Wolf's was more fatial. Blades to the'on!    ;D     :D  
  5. Gort Pred
    YAUTJA :  Well I'm not 100% sure on this but I think Two-Face is in the last half of the film. I know Joker is not the main focis. Nolan said that himself. Joker is just going to be bad luck showing up, pretty much will forshadow all the bad stuff still to come on Bruce's and Batman's life. Harvey and Bruce are the main focus. Two-face will be the main villian in Batman 3. And Yes I heard Scarecrow will show up in the beginning but that's all everyone knows.
  6. "Flare"thePredator
    I hope that the Strause bro's make an AvP3 that will eaither have a Queen Alien in it or a NEW type of Hybrid that we haven't seen yet.Everyone go to this website to have frekin fun!!-  There is a frekin FUN game u all must play for yourselves!!!   :o     8)     ;D  
  7. Hicks_0998
    Given the fact that AvP3 has been greenlit, I'm interested to see who will in actual fact direct it as we all know the first AvP went through heaps of potentials, would've preferred JC to Paul "Is this right?" Anderson however.  The hype for its production was huge, it took years.  Maybe Fox will get their heads out of their asses and actually hire a visionary, not some half-assed music vid director.
    but i am going to get avp-r dvd to see the extended cuts though. lets all just hope for fox's sake that they put in the good money for a good writer to come in and revamp the alien, predator, and avp franchise and show us fans something new and different that we never seen in the alien and predator franchise.    :)  
    but avp-r was an improvement but could have been alot more better with a better script, acting, and a better story. who the hell would want to sit in a theater for hours with boring ass actors and actresses. look at alien to alien resurrection. they had a great exciting cast for all 4 alien movies. great scripts and great plots in all 4 alien movies. also predator and predator 2 had great cast, great scripts, and great plots that made them awesome. i wish fox would get someone else to write a better script for avp3 and have it set after aliens and alien 3 with a great cast and a great script.
    i love alien 3 i thought it was awesome even back when it was orginally released by in 1992 and i dont care what the critics thought of it. but aliens to me is the best masterpiece movie ever because thats the one that pretty much got every alien fans attention. alien is a masterpiece too with the gothic castle in space. alien resurrection is another good one that went into the whole gentic crossing of alien and human dna which i thought was very interesting. predator and predator 2 are awesome and they kick ass. avp 1 totally sucked balls because the characters were weak, the plot sucked, the script sucked, pretty much avp 1 was just a waste of time.
  11. Rob - - - - - - ski
    to JD:  And I guess that that the only Alien and Predator films you've watched are those that were on YouTube. And also that you have forbidden yourself to watch any movie, even if you know you'll love it, in theaters never again because it actually requires to pay money and actually travelling a few minutes.   "That along with DVD is sabotaging what movies were made to seen at."
  12. YAUTJA
    personaly, i cant wait for this movie on extended dvd, and it makes me laugh when people complain it only contains things like character development....these were the same people that complained when the movie first came out and said that there wasnt enough character development, c'mon! wot do you want? GORT PRED: do you know if two-face will make an apearence at the end of the movie or half way? i heard scarecrows back too?
  13. Necrotard
    I don't know what the hell people expected.  That sounds like plenty of new footage.  I think people are just spoiled by epics like Kingdom of Heaven that get extended by a f**king hour on DVD.
  14. Gort Pred
    Rob has a point.   The Bros. actually said themselfs that they wanted to make an 80's style movie...well movies like AVP are B movies. So guess what?...they purposly made a B movie.
  15. Rob - - - - - - ski
    I prepared myself for AVPR to be bad when I went to see it for I know it would by all the complaints I've heard already. But because I expected the worst I had some appeal to it.  As a movie 0/4. As a 'B' movie 2.5/4 Compare this to a movie that can afford better actors, script, special effects, directors, everything else this film would be called horrible or worse. But compare to "B" movies that haven't been really noticable in decades especially in sci-fi that can't afford the top talent of all that I've listed, this is a solid effort. So depending on point of view, I can both LOVE it and HATE it at the same time. Just about how I feel about AVP.
  16. Wolfs Girl
    Pfffft! I've already ordered it. So no cemetary  patch up scene added either? This sucks! I guess those greedy bastards over at Fox might release yet another version with the bits we want in it sometime down the line. This really pisses me off how many f**king versions they are releasing already, still with a lot missing. Assholes.
  17. Otnip
    "AVPR is trash and anyone who thinks its a good film is suffering from a form of irreversable mental retardation"  I'm a fan of both franchises and I can say I enjoyed AVPR. It had its flaws and I wanted more action, but it kept the series kicking, like it or not.  Statements like this are completely outright and single minded. Also offensive in some ways.  By the way, mental retardation was never and never will be "irreversible".
  18. clemens
    "AVPR is trash and anyone who thinks its a good film is suffering from a form of irreversable mental retardation"  Practically all of them are predator fans.
  19. Gort Pred
    YAUTJA:  thats old news. That clip came out in December. If you went to the imax version of I am Legend, you would have seen it there. But yes I am looking very foward to The Dark Knight and I can't wait to see Joker and Two-Face
  20. Gort Pred
    And I got toadmit my fav is Alien 3 (even though i love James) and I'm not too big on Scott. I liked Alien...but not as much as Aliens and Alien 3. And I have to say I liked Predator 2 a little bit more becasue you saw the predator more. I find these films more interesting to see these creatures on film instead of learning who Molly and Kelly were. AVP-R did that for me. You saw Wolf alot and watch him do his work just interested me more. Way more. I know in P1 and A1 it was the first movie and they both did the Jaws effect. But I just love to see the Alien and the Predator on screen way more then the humans "were meant to care about"  I love AVPR (Deco) I love Alien 3 I love Predator 2  for all those reasons
  21. Gort Pred
    nudzi and killer-b got it all right. Alot of you should listen to them more often, and slugsworth too.   Deco...then guess what, I'm suffereing from a form of irreversable mental retardation, you f**k
  22. theclash
    I've always liked Alien 3 better than Aliens because it was dark, cynical, atmospheric, like Ridley Scott's Alien.  Also, the movies are better when there's one scary badass Alien running around as opposed to a Queen and a bunch of warriors.  Plus, I like Alien 3's characters better.  Clemens, Dillon, Morse, Golic, Aaron, and Andrews are way more interesting than the grunts in Aliens, imo, though not as "fun."  Aliens rules, but I just prefer Alien 3.
  23. KillerB
    Yes, enough with the comparisons. In my opinion, these movies haven't been SPECTACULAR in almost 20 years. What the hell do you guys expect?
  24. nudzi
    Why do people keep comparing AvP-R to the old movies?   People keep saying things like "if they did THIS like in Alien3...or THAT like in Aliens...".  If they had made AvP-R too similar too the others, then people would complain about THAT as well. Enough already. If you dont like the movie, then dont buy it.
  25. Rob - - - - - - ski
    I wouldn't say that Alien 3 is better than Aliens. I liked Hicks in it and the other characters. But Alien 3 Extended Edition is a great film. It was the most emotionally involved and the gothic, despairing setting is an excellent setting for this type of Alien film. This is the last film of the Alien Series that is actually character focused. Alien Ress. was the bridge between the previous Alien films that the stories were character based and center and the AVP films where it only matters to see aliens on screen and to watch people die by them.
  26. theclash
    It's sad that little kids need nonstop guns and explosions to enjoy a movie.  Alien 3 has better acting and better characters than Aliens, and David Fincher is a far better director than James Cameron.  In my opinion, Alien 3 is a better film, and stays truer to the Alien series than Aliens does.  I hate how Camerona added in  a Queen and dumbed down the xenomorphs.  Alien 3 was the perfect way to end the series and it's unfortunate that they continued with AR, but compared to AvP and AvP Retarded, Resurrection is a masterpiece.
  27. Hicks_0998
    Jesus f**king Christ all you people ever do is either praise the movie or condemn the whole franchise! Let's face it: AvPR was a commercial cash cow and its pretty f**king obvious by the figures that it was.  Style over substance is applied here and f**k, anyone who cant see that should be shot!
  28. DarthJanus
    Alien 3 was definetly not brilliant it was an lame attempt to end the franchise.  Then look what happened lets pay more cash to the actress(yes i said actress) and try to start it all over again. Alien should have stopped after the 2nd one, unless they can give us kick@ss send offf, leave it alone.   AVP hearkens back to when we were kids and saw King Kong vs Godzilla, or wolfman vs frankenstien or the like.  It's about having fun.  Lets face it we don't need a A+ script or story to watch two creatures rip each other a new one.  It would be nice but oh well.  As far as the money issue.   In the industry if a movie makes 80 million above cost it's usually considered a good thing and classified a success.  Thats why some movies we all thought sucked get sequels and lets face it, to hollywood money talks, not critics.  I said before I'll be getting the DVD and waitng on AVP-3.  I hope for a awesome story and character development but at the end of the day I just wanna see the suckers fight it out.
  29. Axlotl
    I'm pretty much to the point where I no longer refer to my self as an AVP fan.   Now, just an Alien fan.   I got real tired of explaining what i meant by "AVP fan" to people after the first movie, so after seeing the 2nd, I'm just going to cut my losses.  Predator still rocks though, don't get me wrong.
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