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  1. Greenband
    "who else wants to know what ridly and james think? "  I'm pretty sure both are appalled by the AVP franchise. Especially, since there has been a lack of originality. If Cameron had his way, Aliens would have ended  the franchise. If Ridely had his way, Camerons movie would have not been done either. Both directors visions of the movies have been distorted.
  2. Russ
    And damn it I can't believe I didn't notice it the first time.  Fox put the explosion of the city right on the cover.  Nothing like giving it all away.  Hell maybe Fox aren't that bad after all.  They are giving audiences a break from having to even see this shitfest.  2 creatures and a nuked city.  That is all of the substance of this movie.  Nothing else.
  3. "Blood"thepredator
      :)   Cool cover and website dudes!?.   ???   I wonder who would win? A 100 foot tall Alien vs The  Cloverfield Monster!?.Kinda off a bit,but who cares,right?!.   ???     ;D     :D     8)     :o  
  4. jasonlotr
    Is it me or is "aliens" always under estimated and under made.  I mean think about it, they are the "prey", they are the "really dumb ass creatures" that only shoot out acid.  I mean why is it always predator who is whipping their butts.  Before the two fought, aliens were the best.     ???  
  5. HunterD
    the unrated looks like off one of those 2 dollar bargin dvds. The aliens in avp 2 did I thought all along look toothy. I like the classy looking one with the hybrid on the front but it wasn't much of a film so who cares.
  6. Gort Pred
    Ya know whats annoying? People who wine about things that won't change. I mean, the more they wine, the more Fox will try to make you all happy and then f**k that up too. Seriously.
  7. "Flare"thePredator
    AvP-R vs. AvH ="AvP-R" is 10x better than AvH.The poster for AvH looks kinda cool,but AvP-R is better.   8)     :o     ;D     :D     :)     :P  
  8. Russ
    The first 90 min sucked.  How could a few extra minutes be any better if that is was didn't make the cut?  It should be called...  FOX vs. Fans
  9. Slugworth
    Too many words on the damn cover... should have just gone with AvP-R Unrated,,, rather than: AVP-ALIENS-VERSUS-PREDATOR-REQUIEM-UNRATED
  10. War Wager
    It makes me giggle how Fox are trying to change everything from the movie. I mean the made the PredAlien silver and they've made the Warriors look bigger than Wolf. Whats wrong with you Fox?!    :P  
  11. Krycek
    Ok, seriously who the hell at FOX said "Oh yes,  this will be the best dvd art that we can come up with." DAMMIT!! I hate FOX so much. We need to hold them responsible.
  12. Jin Saotome
    I see that cover, and you know 1st comes to mind?  She want that lovey dovey (lovey dovey) That kiss kiss In her mind she fantasize bout gettin wit me  Chris Brown
  13. Gort Pred
    Well this is what happens when fox finds out alot of fans don't like the movie so why would they care about anything else? I blame all the haters for this crappy cover.
  14. Warrior Angel
    well, we know one thing for sure, the 2-disc cover is the best, following the theatrical 1-disc and lastly, the most shitty looking one which makes the first one look like Orsen Wells is the the 1-disc unrated which toltaly sucks badly
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