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IGN AvPR Blu-Ray Review

Another review is out for AvP Requiem, this time it’s from IGN for the Blu-Ray release. They gave it 7/10 but the reviewer mentions the Unrated version is no different to the Theatrical version. A slight exaggeration perhaps.

“The problem with announcing an “unrated” version of any film is the implication that it is, in some way, significantly different. AvP: R sports an unrated cut that is in no way different than the theatrical version. It’s easy enough to determine this fact when the DVD offers an interactive Added Footage Marker which appears on-screen with incredible infrequency, and only for a scant few moments at a time. With the exception of some inconsequential and slightly extended gore, there are no new scenes here – no fully-restored sequences never glimpsed by audiences…”

He also mentions how dark the movie is like the last review. Chances are if you thought it was dark in the cinema, this is how it will be on the DVD. Thanks to Yellow Alien for the news.

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  1. Greenband
    "Ya know I don't get why ppl when they hear "Unrated" that they think the movie will be an hour longer. "  The problem I think people have, is that the Strause Brothers had said a half dozen times on IMDB that there was a ton of footage missing. Aparently, either they lied, or Fox is holding back on us for the AVP Utlimate Blueray Collection. Featuring every bit of Alien and Predator material known to mankind for only $160 at your local Best Buy...
  2. Gort Pred
    I can agree with all of you, I had no problom in seeing it, I can describe every fight scene in the whole movie. I have the spanish DVD screening on my computer (i watch it for the fights) and I can describe the whole thing. And it is an Unrated movie, I saw Devils's Rejects and TCM The Beginning in theaters and the unrated DVDs and there not much different, I just love both movies. If anything there are better camera angles in certain bloddy scenes. Well thats all I want. That and Wolf and Chet kicking eachothers ass. Besides one reviewer said you get to know Wolf better and why theres only one Predator. You really will see how Wolf is the hero and main character of the film and Chet is the main Villian. Ya know I don't get why ppl when they hear "Unrated" that they think the movie will be an hour longer.
  3. Invisible Darkness
    I had no issues with seeing this film. It was dark, but with the way some of you guys are talking, it's like it was almost black. Maybe it was the theater I watched this film in, but if I have no issues with it in the theater, it will only be more clear on Blu-ray.
  4. rchin1
    yeah me too, I can't see what happened in the hospital scene I can see the others but the hospital was the one I couldn't quite see. I'm buying it  because I like the movie and my dad can't get enough it, he watches it so many times on youtube.      :)     :)     :)     :)  
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