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  1. frankl
    Saw the little news tidbit in empire magazine that a AVP 3 is not happening since AVP 2 received such negativity and flopped (apparently it cost $72 million for the budget, but advertising was $38 million ($110 Million total!!!!!!), so the movie did not make its' budget back domestically).  Can I be the first to say, what a sigh of relief that is?!  At last, no more AVP shit.
  2. justin
    on this double pack, is the first alien vs predator movie any diffrent than the definitive unrated edition i have already bought? I have read that there might be a directors cut for ther first with scenes that have been filmed with added violence and gore. C anyone tell me if theres any truth in these rumours?
  3. Rob - - - - - - ski
    What's up with all this? Blu-ray is all about better sound and better picture qaulity. I hardly see the improvement from regular DVDs and even if I did notice, I wouldn't care in slightess. It's like telling you and you saying to us that all the DVDs are blur pictures and hazy sound in unbearable measure. I am satisfied with movie on DVD and even more on watching films in my local theater that runs on a 90s projector. I don't care as long as I hear and see it fine and it's giant screen where films are created to be watched at in the first place. It's just another step to keep DVD's sales going up after there sales are slowing shortly after slowing Theater ticket sales. Film Theater is being replaced by TV and DVDs. Now DVDs are being replaced by IPOD and the Internet. I am likely among the handful of people who would be among the only ones would watch film in Theater, where films are made to be shown in the first place, decades later when they are still around.
  4. HunterD
    That's better, nerd note that doesn't matter, the pred should have green seeing his blood is green and the alien series has always had blue, well for aliens. yeah the pred hand is from pred 2 but who cares, i want this!!
    hey guys, havnt visited the site in ages, hows things? avnt read much on the other articles but cud someone tell me if they have let us know what the added scenes in the unrated dvd will b?
  6. DEN17
    As the person when to it entitle a choice is strange arranged, it starts to shout, that this choice is not necessary to it. Be defined and buy that you interests more.
  7. Wolfs Girl
    I've decided to order this version, I hope this means both films have the extra fottage added into the runtime of the film, if not,m I will be very pissed and think seriously of bombing the FOX offices (oh shoot now they spotted me using a terrorist call word..oh NO they'll be after me now!) *hides*
  8. Wolfs Girl
    I agree, why the need to put out so manny f**king different versions?? Why not just the regular copy and an unrated copy of the film for the whole world, and not a different version for every f**king damned country?? Just them trying to squeeze more money over gullible fans who would like a copy of the filme out. Pfft. me i'll just get the one unrated copy, f**k the rest, all we want is just the unrated version with extras. sheesh FOX damn you all to hell....
  9. "Flare"thePredator
      ;)     ;D  Great cover,but why is Fox making so many copies of 1 DvD?   ???     ::)   They must be trying to get attention or something.   ;D     :D     8)  
  10. Elderyautja
    War Wager Is right,wolfs torso is from Predator 2,and the predaliens tail is from Grid alien.And why is FOX making so many versoins of one movie theres like,6(or not)versions of it already!
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