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Predator / AvPR Blu-Ray Reviews

There’s a couple of new reviews on The first for AvP Requiem. It’s pretty detailed and they give it 3.5/5 overall. The next one is for Predator. They gave the same score to that one… but only because of the absence of extras. The movie itself scored 5/5.

20080410_01 Predator / AvPR Blu-Ray Reviews

The reviewer mentions you can make out new details in the movie because of the high-definition. Like gruesome details of the skinned bodies hanging in the tree. It’s such a shame Fox didn’t include the features from the SE DVD though. It’s the best film in the series.

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  1. YutaniDitch
    So, let me get this right: They do Predator on Blu-Ray, which has a storage capacity of three times a DVD Dual Layer, and YET they sell the movie WITHOUT EXTRAS AT ALL...? This is what I call 'stealing'...  And Blu-Rays don't come cheap, more expensive than the Two-Disc Definitive Edition... not worth the money just to get few sharper shots of blood-soaked corpses, if you ask me...     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(  
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