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No Extended Cut for AvPR UK Sets

A couple of clarifications need to be made about the UK AvPR DVDs / Blu-Ray sets. I read the first UK AvPR Blu-Ray review over on DVDActive and:

-There will be no extended / unrated cut in the UK AvPR Blu-Ray Set. Instead, all people will get is the theatrical version. The same is probably true for the DVDs too. If you noticed on shopping sites, the DVDs have been renamed from Extended Combat Edition to Ultimate Combat Edition.

-The 20 minutes of deleted scenes which we heard about a while ago is nothing more than the 6-7 minutes of extra footage from the US Unrated version. This has been padded out with existing footage which comes out at 20 minutes in length. What a bitch, eh? Still, there is a whole lot more hidden footage out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox release another cut of the movie later down the line.

According to Fox UK, the lack of an extended version was due to ‘time constraints on production’. On the bright side though, we do get a few more extras than the US sets.

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  1. Guest
    I haven't bought it yet.  But I probbly will just to "have it", you know?  Okay then, I guess it doesn't add much huh?  @starwars,  What ass?  She had no ass?  and what the hell?  I thought this was an AVP page not a critisize the horrible blonde actor page.  She isn't as good as it gets, I was unimpressed.  Low budjet.  I hope the third is actually somewhat like the originals.  You know actually suspensfull!  I don't get this whole "Aliens on earth" thing, send 'em to the edge of the galaxy and let 'em fight it out  out there!  Okay, Peace.  *Chris* or {cppsp}.   8)  
  2. Sulaco
    Well then keep giving old Lucus your money, he's got another starwars that may be up your alley, his rereleases are way worse then fox ever did, sorry I just really hate Lucus... But yeah I really dislike avp so I sort of understand you.
  3. Sulaco
    I've got both, but yeah high def isn't the jump that dvd was from vhs!!! I bet we can agree on that. Anyway the blonde bimbo in avpr... well her *ss looks better on bluray.    ;D  
  4. Sulaco
    mender and starwars This shows what movies I like: AQ,avp,avpr,p1,p2,term1,t2,madm,roadw,young guns1&2,tombstone,deadwood1&2,gladiator,3102 y,platoon,,saving p ryan, blade1&2, rambo1&4,matrix1-3,crow,and so on... my point is I don't have starwars so I suggest you should get a bluray player to better see the ass hairs on the back of chewbaccas suit.  PEACE FAGS
  5. spacejokey
    I am glad there is no extended version, what could possibly be added on to the film?      wait, more bad dialogue and crappy directing right??? I guess that is what they meant, 20 Th century fox and strause brothers don't want to crap up their movie any more than they need to, because the film is already brimming with crap, so much crap it is overflowing
  6. space
    I never saw a movie like avp 2 know.................a movie so filled with unbelievable amounts of shit that attracts so many flies and attracts so many dumb people that actually like the movie, idiots.  Why would anyone want to waste more time and money watching an extended version???!!! just pile on the shit why don't you???????
  7. wash wash silvia
    instead of making another atrocious movie (avp 3) after the insult that is avp 2, how about you donate the money to helping wildlife and the environment 20th Century FOX???????
  8. dipps
    Not buying this dvd, rented it for free and did not like it at all, was hoping it was going to be good but was vastly disappointed.  Why can't fox make a good AVP movie, preferably one that has nothing to do with Alien 1-4 and Predator 1-2, and having a story of its own.  But after the avp 2 debacle, I really don't want another mess of a movie with avp 3, no thanks to avp 3
  9. mender
    ^^^^^Sulaco and Zen  shows that you too like a movie with no plot, can barely see anything (and don't say turn the brighness up shit, you should not have to do that, and even with the brightness all the way up it is still dark and faded)  also shows you like a movie with the absolute worst directing I have seen, I mean it was plagiarism, every f**king scene was a rip off of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Alien VS Predator, Predator, Predator 2 and other films, no f**king originality  also shows you like a movie that screws up the Alien franchise incorporating Yutani in it  Also shows you like a movie with really bad acting in it  Also shows you like movies that ruin two franchises  Also shows you like a movie that makes Alien VS Predator 1 look good, good job Paul Anderson, FOX should have hired him again for the sequel, he would have done a hell of a better job that the strause f**kers.  Anderson would have made a much better Aliens VS Predator - Requiem (such a dumb title) film, he should have been the one to make it, afterall he was the first one that showed the Predalien  Also shows that you simply like watching bad movies.
  10. mender
    AVP 2 is like a really bad egg sandwhich, how the f**k do you mess up a egg sandwhich????????, FOX and the strause brothers managed to ruin a franchise with the shit of avp 2 rather easily with their duller than dish water so called film.  Avp 3 could not fix up the humongous mess from avp 2, it is finished, they f**ked up the franchise and shitted all over it
  11. starwars
    twats, I did not say i like episode one, twat, shit heads.  avp 2 sucks, I dont give a f**k if you two liked it, shows you have extremely bad taste
  12. Sulaco
    I second that Zen: Just because I hate the Phantom Menace doesnt make me run all over the internet telling people Anakin is ruining this franchise with his sh*tty acting!!!! Or did I actually just say it?
  13. ZEN
    @ starwars  If you did'nt like AVPR thats alright,but some of us loved it,so stop trying to force people to hate something just because you did'nt like it.
  14. starwars
    who f**king cares if their is no UK  extended cut, the movie (avp r) sucked donkey balls and everyone knows it, come on, admit it, it sucked
  15. MrFacehug
    Now, this is wierd. As I mentioned earlier, I thought that the UK rules applied for the rest of europe, too, but here in sweden the movie is out on DVD, and it's unrated... strange.    ???   I guess it's different for each country..
  16. Xeno-Wolf
    Well...maybe its because i've just come to accept that Fox will do what they want regardless...because i'm just happy I get 'a' version of the movie, rather than nothing at all... And we all know how money works - i'm sure a new version of the movie will be released later!
  17. vastato2006
    This doesn't really shock me. I read on Wikipedia that the Unrated cut was 101 minutes long. And when I saw a preorder case for the film at Woolworths (I'm British, so I have to wait until May 12th to get the film), it said the same. I never expected any special extensions in particular, so it doesn't matter to me.
  18. blackhawk
    A few months down the road FOX will release a version with the extra footage that wasn't present in the current release.....just to make some extra coin!    ;D   gotta love 20th century FOX!!
  19. xAvP2MasTeRx
    i feel bad for the people living in the UK, getting the theatrical version of the movie instead of the unrated version   >:(   BTW, the movie looks MUCH better on DVD, at least for me it does, i can see everything, crystal clear, and i have the standard DVD (extreme unrated) version, i wonder how great it would be with Blu-ray   ;D  
  20. Deco
    A true testiment to just how much Fox appreciate the fans of their franchises. God I hated this AVP film. AVP deserves a grand relaunch - and a different company need to buy the rights in order to do that as its evident Fox dont care about Alien or Predator.
  21. Gul_kalvo
    I have heard it on R1 DVD.  And if you think that the movie look dark at the theather, just wait to hear it (because you will hardly see anything) on DVD. Do not lose your time trying to adjust your TV.   And do not worry about extended edition. There is not much too see, as you for sure have read on reviews.  I think we all have paid to see the movie in december/january. To be honest, I have not found any reason to invest more on this crap.   The only fun in here is to freeze frames. Now you will know why the unmasked predator inspecting the crashing ship was eliminated from theater cut.   I have to insist on how bad the ADI creatures look again. My opinion is that FOX decision after first screening was to dark the movie to hide them.    To all gore lovers, do not care to open your bag of nachos, you will not find much more blood to dip here.  Game over...
  22. ZEN
    Well that sucks,you guys wont get the super cool DVD set.Now,normaly with other stuff I'd just point and laugh,but not here.I wish FOX would pull their heads out of their a$$es because this is pissing me off   >:(  . Sorry guys/gals   :(     :(     :(  .
  23. MrFacehug
    This sucks so bad!    >:(   Is it so damn hard just to release the same DVD as the US gets?! Fox really sucks... btw, this rule applies for the rest of europe too, right?    :(  
  24. fed up
    Typical of Fox isn't it. Why do we continually get screwed over with censored versions of movies? I smell a double dip coming in the near future. Also Fox i don't live in the UK so why do we continually get movies that have been censored by the BBFC?  A frustrated Aussie.....
  25. Semaka
    And here I taught that FOX couldn't get any stupider ! But they can! And they are now, the world's biggest cocksuckers! I was hopping to see the extended version, and now, BAM!!! , you won't get shit! Now, the fans won't buy 3 dvd's because the have a few footages in them, we can see them on youtube! I they made a 3rd dvd with the extended cut, we might buy it, because we wanna see the f**king shit, but no... they have to prove once again, that FOX f**ks! Give the people what they want, you retards!
  26. Wolfs Girl
    It blows. thats all I'm TOTALLY BLOWS!! I dunno why just WHY can't they make a standard copy or EVERYONE!!  f**k these special ED's for this/that country..why not the f**king SAME EVERYWHERE?? with all deleted scenes added for extras(or two disk set with added scenes in one version and theatrical version on the other DVD? It just doesn't make sense. We have to buy at least three different copies to get everything? yeah business = greed (as how much can we screw them over for their money, hey I got it, release different versions..yeah) f**kers.
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