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New AvP Requiem Clips

Bloody Disgusting has just posted five clips from Requiem. Three are brand spanking new while two are clearer versions of stuff we’ve seen recently:

20071221 New AvP Requiem Clips

There’s a characterish clip with Dallas and Ricky – so so acting from Ricky – in which he shows off his use of the Predator Pistol, there’s the National Guard attack or what I’m thinking is part of it and the Hive fight which was shown at all the recent events plus the swimming pool and sewer stuff. Lots and lots of Alien pawnage. You can see them all here. Thanks to Joe Dunaway for the news.

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  1. Predalienhybridkiller
    OMG!OMG!OMG!    :)   If your wondering why i'm acting so weird i saw the movie and it was the best movie i've seen so far since X3! And i'm even a 9 year old kid!  Literally!   :)     :)     :)   I thought he movie was great. Espicially the hive scene.   :)  
  2. Predalienhybridkiller
    I agree with you Starkiller.I  think they are r recking the film    :(   But on the bright side they give you little tiny perks of the movie.    :)     i couldn't get the smiley faces p.s i couldn't get the smiley faces
  3. nchurch2000
    well... nudzi... you obviously weren't "oh well" about AVP... so I don't know why you think aliens fans shouldn't be upset.  But we have to face facts.  Wolf obvsiously isn't any ordinary predator.  If this were run of the mill predators up agains the aliens, I think things would be a little more evenly matched.    But it is also a compelling argument that the aliens aren't exactly the "ultimate prey" in this movie.  Why would the predators make such a big deal out of hunting the aliens if you can kill them with relative ease?
  4. Guest
    Well, I've always wanted to see an Avp movie BASED on the comics, coz thats the only way I can imagine the crossover. Im very pleased after seeing the trailers, and that the Pred is much much stronger, as he should be IMO. I understand the Alien fans are pissed now, but oh well, so was I after first AVP.
  5. OMG!
    I definantly just creamed myself when I saw the first clip! Aliens (and hopefuly wolf) vs soldiers. That clip was very reminiscent of aliens and of the avp game!
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    Bonafide1498, that's the whole problem. Aliens are not deer. True, Predators are the ultimate hunters (not god-like), but Aliens are the ultimate prey. You're suppose to get the feeling "who's hunting who?", but it's kinda hard when the aliens are nerfed in the strength and intelligence department while preds get an upgrade.   ::)  
  7. Bio Mech Hunter
    Aliens & Predators vs. Guyver III. lol Still no contest.   ;)   Makishima whoops 'em all.   :D    Seriously though, I'm super stoked were getting another AVP film, but just because Fox's doing an AVP movie doesn't mean we're suppose to jump for joy at the mere mention of it. Because it IS a movie, it's all the more important that they, and any director(s) they get, do it right and pay respectful homage to both creatures let alone the film's they come from. Staying faithful and accurate is the key while not pissing off the fans by doing anything that's just plain stupid. So far, Paul, Colin and Greg have already managed to pull that off.  I NEVER wanted to see an AVP film based on the comics. I always wanted to see an AVP film based on the Alien & Predator films I so loved (and where the comics are derived from). Most importantly, keeping both creatures faithful to those films. It only makes sense anyway. The comics were lop-sided.  The Strause Bros. have demonstrated quite a bit of ignorance in this department and I'm starting to wish Fox brought back Anderson but cut him loose on the sequel.  ...frick'n Fox, always meddling... grumble, grumble...
  8. skinned alive
    Hey bonafide1498, that's exactly what I've been wanting to hear from someone!!! I have the same view. I couldn't have expressed it better. Excellent! This is gonna be soooo awesome!
  9. bonafide1498
    Lets all just go see the movie! That way they will make more of em for us to enjoy! Who cares if Wolf is a badass pred and kills 100s of aliens? Thats what a hunter does! How many deers or other animals do human hunters kill? Well the Predator is the "ultimate hunter" The predators breed aliens to hunt! Sure with all the hi tech weapons and gear he has hes gonna kill alot of em, thats the Fun of it! Remember its "ALIENS" vs Predator. many against  one   ;)  
  10. venomp2
    @ chronos- I did see that part and the way I think of it is is that all aliens shriek and whimper when they are hurt or being tormented.   :D  
  11. bobcunk
    ya its the unrated one, i dont know why they didn't release this one im pretty sure it would have still gotten a pg-13 rating.\ the mcfarland dog alien the kenner scorpion alien and the kenner alien resurrection (more accurate than mcfarland one) and the gi joe still alien from alien resurrection. and the blue predator figure im tring to find  in my basement someware so i can paint it better. thous old kenner figs weren't all that bad just need better paint.
  12. chaz
    dallas dies from a tail through the chest. or it appears  watch the r rated trailer and pause it near the end  i was thinkin bout all the morons who said he was holding a flashlight when the trailer first came out. it was so obvious it was a predator shoulder cannon/pistol
  13. skinned alive
    You mean the Oxen Alien? I like how the director's cut shows the chestburster coming out of an ox. That was way wicked! How about a giraffe or anteater? Yeah an anteater hybrid alien! Sure would help to get rid of a bunch of annoying ants!
  14. skinned alive
    I'm in Texas! So no midnight showing here, unfortunately. oh well. How about aliens invade Texas, like an Xfiles episode or something!
  15. darkknight101
    u know i wish there was a button on the predalien and alien action figures that u can press and it'll launch the inner jaw in and out. that would be cool and fun.
  16. skinned alive
    well, the 18" HotToys figures come out 2nd quarter 2008. So, we have to wait awhile. Not sure about Suncoast carrying the large ones though.
  17. darkknight101
    i just said the toilet thing because people thought the first movie was bad. but i thought it was pretty good. i mean seriously avp-r looks even brutal than freddy vs. jason. by the way i love jason.and the predator too but mostly jason.
  18. skinned alive
    I can't stop laughing about this toilet thing! LOL! Hey darkknight 101, I have the Predalien action figure.  Did yours come with an upper row of teeth? mine seem to be missing!
  19. skinned alive
    darkknight101.... NO NO don't even think that! This movie is going to rock and will be far far away from any toilet! AND... I don't think that the first movie went all the way down the toilet, in fact I believe a plunger was used for some of the movie. I did like the battle with the queen.
  20. skinned alive
    yeah bobcunk.. hope you're watching the unrated version, at least they have some of the scenes that are shown in the trailers but are NOT in the original movie! Go figure that one! I thought we always get what we see in the trailers.
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