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A few site updates this month. Firstly, the results of the last poll; Do you think the Queen will be in AvP2, the majority of people expects the Queen to make an appearance. Just added a short poll for this month until the teaser comes out: Do you prefer the Disc or Shuriken?

A couple of new articles: Alien War and a four-part article covering the Deleted Scenes in Alien 3. Been working on this on and off for the past few months. Covers the special edition, workprint and production stills etc. I also updated the main site banner above slightly and I made the Predator on the right a lot clearer. Lastly, Fan Art Updates. Thanks to submissions from darkbladepred, Stygimolock, Master Ravager, Alien_Freak and PredatrHuntr.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    Predators were put into the earliest showings of the first version. They had a cameo appearance, right at the end. It actually lasted for about twe hours or something, but they discovered people generally couldn't handle that.  Then they moved it to London. Some stuff was changed, that being among them.
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