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Posted by Darkness on July 13, 2007 (Updated: 24-Jul-2022)

 Alien WarAlien War is a total reality experience that first appeared in the UK, in Glasgow to be specific in 1992. It’s sort of like a theme attraction but based around Aliens. It had a lot of success and then opened in London in October 1993 but the attraction closed there after a flood in August 1996. It returned for a short time between December 1999 and January 2000 in Glasgow. In 2007, it was announced that it was coming back and will have attractions around the world.


A group of around 12 would enter the attraction being met by an actor in the role of a colonial marine. While in the briefing room they were welcomed to the facility and told about their forthcoming guided tour. They were then interrupted by another marine who informed them that there had been a stasis breach in the xenomorph containment section of the base. The marines then had to lead the group through the base and out to safety. The group were indeed led through a winding maze of dimly lit corridors designed to resemble the colony complex from Aliens. At certain moments the group was subjected to attacks from alien warriors, fought off of course by the armed marines. The group proceeded over an egg area into an escape vehicle, which was itself overrun by aliens, and finally into an elevator to lead them to their safety. The experience would last around twenty minutes.

The marines were equipped with pulse rifles using a unique system called Soundfire whereby the gun emitted an infra red signal when fired, which was received by sensors built into the set. The sensors in turn told the central computer to play back a digital sample of pulse rifle fire to the necessary area. Technical difficulties prevented the Soundfire system from being used until April 1994, up until when the marines used blank firing pistols.

Alien War 2007

Gary Gillies, co-creator of Alien War, has announced in 2007 that Alien War will reopen. They will open the attraction in Glasgow to start with and then London, France, Germany, Japan and the USA. In May 2007, the new logo for Alien War was revealed. In July 2007, it was revealed by that they will be adding an attraction that features Predators as well as Xenomorphs. It will still run as Alien War but at selected times, the attraction, called AvP War, will run too. The proposed logo for AvP War was also revealed. Gary Gillies also revealed six pieces of concept art for the new Alien War on his myspace page.

Alien War opened at its original home at the Arches Glasgow on 6 December 2008 and ran until 30 August 2009.┬áIt later opened in Liverpool at Wirral’s spaceport and ran until March 2010.


Here’s various images from Alien War:

Gary Gillis Gary Gillis
Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver
Gary Gillis Gary Gillis
Brian Glover & Sigourney Weaver Brian Glover & Sigourney Weaver
Ricco Ross & Lance Henriksen Ricco Ross & Lance Henriksen
Gary Gillis & H.R. Giger Gary Gillis & H.R. Giger
Gary Gillis & H.R. Giger Gary Gillis & H.R. Giger
Gary Gillis & Carrie Henn Gary Gillis & Carrie Henn
Carrie Henn Carrie Henn
Sigourney Weaver & Lance Henriksen Sigourney Weaver & Lance Henriksen

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Alien War Videos Pack (21MB)
Includes two Alien War documentaries.


AvPGalaxy – Gary Gillies Interview – About the re-opening of Alien War.
Alien War Experience

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