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Site Updates/New Poll

Right, I’ve got a heap of site updates to get through:

  • New Weekly Poll – What was your favourite scene in Featurette 3?
  • Predator Weapons page – Written by Graylan.
  • The layout section above with the Queen and Predator picture has been redesigned slightly so it looks more neater.
  • Each page layout has been redesigned so it’s now compatible with Mozilla and Netscape browsers.
  • The Links page has been redesigned.
  • AvP movie pages are updated – including Downloads & Gallery.

Update: The results of this poll are:
The Queen – 369 votes – 30%
Weyland setting fire to the predator – 283 votes – 24%
Predator catching the chestbuster – 548 – 46%

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Comments: 12
  1. Rage
    Well, the point is that iam a much bigger alienfan than Predfan. But i like the pred. Anyway, i like to see aliens killing humans but i also want to see some kicking ass action on dying aliens.  and thats the peoblem with the predfans. they always want the pred as a superhero. unbreakable, stronger than the alien and so on. i think the pred become a unrealistic character with too much strength like this. i want to see preds killing humans and aliens BUT i also want to see some aliens ripping the shit out of the preds!
  2. watcher
    I agree, alien franchise is much bigger then the predator, and i would always choose to wach alien movies over predators, but in this movie preds have to win) i voted for that too   ;D  ) i would never accept aliens to come up on top, mindless bugs should never win over inteligent beings. one more thing, alien franchise is not a greatest one becaouse of the alien desine, it would do as good if they looked diferent way. its a suspense, horror and movie dinamics that made it so great. i hope AvP will keep these feeling of "you never know whats next".
  3. Rage
    Not only that it has two more movies.........the first three of alien on a much higher level than the predmovies.   Predator is inspired by Alien and Aliens but created its own cult over the years. which is ok... but predfans who call themself alienhaters should think about that...................
  4. Rage
    i still think the Alien franchise is bigger. Most of the avp fans are on the preds side but if you take a look what the alien  and predmovies mean to the whole movieworld..and the money theyve made....then you will understand that the alien is still the better moviemonster!
  5. thinkugotachance
    another reason why the preds have to win, to a certain extent, theyre humane. and these moral values they hold are perfect to label them as the "heroes" of the film.
  6. Darkness
    Not straight after you've voted though. A cookie is placed on your computer and when it times out after a day or so, you can vote again if you wanted to. I could make it expire after a week but I don't see the point.
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