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Less than a month to Comic-Con, and we’ll finally see the teaser trailer. We’ve waited so long… Anyway, the results of the previous poll are in. AvP: Survival of the Fittest surprisingly came out on top as people’s favourite AvP2 title. For this month’s poll, I’m asking if you think there’ll be a Queen in AvP2 or not. It’s still a mystery to me.

A few other site updates. Ian did two fan film reviews. One for Predator: A New Enemy and another for the new fan film, The Calm. I also added a profile page for the AvP2 PSP game. There’s also some new fan art in the Gallery. Thanks to Master Ravager, Scorprax, toxic_leguan, RoguePL and Alien Drone 531 for their submissions.

Also in other news, Dachande has created an RPG forum called AvP: War. Be sure to check it out if you’re in to that sort of thing. The RPG forum here is going to be removed some time soon.

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  1. cockroach
    i think there will be a queen or else there will only be a certain number of aliens tho from the rumours sounds like the town is over run with them, also with all the town people i think it'd be a waste of hosts    ;)   also i liked the original aliens vs predator comic idea where a queen facehugger accidently gets transported to earth for hunting along with normal ones which therefore causes the outbreak... also this would explain the 'hive' in the sewers... well fingers crossed. also i think the predalien will be the final face off... which would either mean the alien queen would ve been destroyed already OR the predalien destroys queen (tho already been kinda done in Alien Res) also its not a genetic cross like the new born so is purely alien in instinct so doubt the predalien hybird will kill a queen OR the queen facehugger inpregnates a predator = amazing queen predalien hybrid! but doubt that'll happen.  well what ever happens i got a good feeling this film is gna rock!
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