AvP Requiem

Date Released: November 20, 2007
Publisher: Sierra
Developers: Rebellion
Formats: PSP
Genre: Action/Adventure

 AvP Requiem


Become the ultimate Predator as you hunt lethal Alien prey.

Based on the second blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox opening December, 2007, Aliens vs. Predator, is an all-new third-person action game exclusively designed for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system from the creators of the award-winning original Aliens vs. Predator for PC. You play as an elite, lone Predator, carrying an awesome arsenal of exotic weaponry, stealth tracking and vision mode equipment. Your mission: eradicate all traces of the horrifying Alien menace from the previously sleepy town of Gunnison, Colorado.

AvPR Sections


You can view more Screenshots in the gallery.


 AvP Requiem AvP Requiem Videos Pack (83MB)
Includes a trailer, four gameplay videos and a developer walkthrough.


AvPGalaxy Forum – AvP PSP – AvPGalaxy’s forum for the game.
Revew – From IGN.

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  1. Drew Northcott who worked on the game said the claim game was done in a mere 5 weeks is rather confused and had this to say about the games troubled development:

    “The Awesome Developments studio got rescued by Rebellion when Ignition Entertainment were closing it down in February 2007.  We had a standing start switching tools (From Maya to Max) and on a new engine (Asura) that we’d never seen before and a fixed deadline (U.S. Thanksgiving).  When we did the first submission we were expecting it to bounce (they usually did on the first attempt) and we kept working on it. We’d put a few more weeks into tweaking the combat and other polish that had improved it a lot when we got the news it had passed first time. Oh well, that’s the way of things sometimes.”

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