AvP Requiem

Date Released:
NA: November 13, 2007
EU: November 30, 2007
AU: December 6, 2007
Publisher: Sierra
Developers: Rebellion
Formats: PSP
Genre: Action/Adventure

Aliens vs Predator Requiem is a 2007 tie-in game developed by Rebellion and published by Sierra for the Sony PSP. It was met with negative reviews upon its release with many outlets saying that it was just another typical movie tie-in game.

Official Description

Become the ultimate Predator as you hunt lethal Alien prey.

Based on the second blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox opening December, 2007, Aliens vs. Predator, is an all-new third-person action game exclusively designed for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system from the creators of the award-winning original Aliens vs. Predator for PC. You play as an elite, lone Predator, carrying an awesome arsenal of exotic weaponry, stealth tracking and vision mode equipment. Your mission: eradicate all traces of the horrifying Alien menace from the previously sleepy town of Gunnison, Colorado.

Story & Gameplay

 AvP Requiem

The game loosely follows the film’s plot where a lone Predator comes to Earth in response to a distress signal from a Predator ship. He lands in Gunnison, Colorado where xenomorphs have overrun the town and must stop them all.

Unlike Rebellion’s previous titles in the series, Aliens vs Predator Requiem is a third-person action game with 15 missions. The Predator has access to all the weapons from the movie such as the new energy pistol and dual shoulder cannons. You have a cloak and four vision modes that allow you to see in the dark or highlight xenomorphs. Your health bar can regenerate after a kill and an energy bar provides power to the weapons. The Predator must destroy the aliens as well as all traces of them and any humans that happen to get in the way. The player can switch to first-person view to target enemies with ranged weapons.

The player can earn honor points through certain actions such as tagging enemies while killing humans reduces points. At the end of each mission, you can use the honor points to upgrade your weapons and equipment. As well as the singleplayer campaign, you have a Skirmish mode where you have five minutes to neutralise as many aliens as possible in a map. Skirmish mode can be played in co-op with another player using the PSP’s local wireless mode.


 AvP Requiem

Developer Rebellion is no stranger to the franchise having developed 1994’s Aliens vs Predator on Atari Jaguar, 1999’s AvP on PC and went on to develop 2010’s Aliens vs Predator. Besides Aliens vs Predator, Rebellion had a lot of experience developing handheld games having released many on the Gameboy Advance and PSP systems. Fox wanted a tie-in game for the film, AvP Requiem, and Rebellion could only develop it exclusively for the PSP because of the short timeframe Fox wanted it in. It had to be released before the movie in December 2017.

Rebellion used its own game engine, Asura, for the game to deliver high-quality graphics without sacrificing performance. Asura was a cross-platform game engine which has been under constant development since Rebellion developed 1999’s AvP. Rebellion was given materials from AvP Requiem including photographs and the full script so they could properly tie it into the movie. They spoke to the Strause Brothers to get a feel of the film and watched an early cut.

The game is loosely based on the movie but doesn’t feature a Predalien and the ending is completely different. It’s set in Gunnison, like the film, and features many of the same weapons and locations. The developers were given freedom to re-arrange and expand story elements but everything had to be approved by Fox. Fox didn’t want key story elements revealed before the film’s release so Rebellion were free to change the game’s ending. Publisher Sierra said it was challenging developing on the PSP because it lacked the processing power of a console. Rebellion said that they had trouble developing the control scheme as the PSP lacked a second analogue stick. AvP Requiem had a very short development cycle and took less time to develop than making the movie.


US Cover US Cover
UK Cover UK Cover


Concept Art

AvP Requiem PSP Concept Art AvP Requiem PSP Concept Art
AvP Requiem PSP Concept Art AvP Requiem PSP Concept Art


AvP Requiem PSP Wallpaper AvP Requiem PSP Wallpaper
AvP Requiem PSP Wallpaper AvP Requiem PSP Wallpaper

Magazine Articles

PSP Guide Book (2007) PSP Guide Book (2007)

Release & Reception

 AvP Requiem

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was released on November 13, 2007 in North America, over a month before the film’s December 25th release. It was released on November 30th in Europe and December 6th in Australia.

It was largely met with average reviews. Movie tie-in games are expected to be mediocre and AvP Requiem was no exception. Reviewers praised the Predator’s presentation but some said the game was too easy, the Alien AI was poor, graphics were average – it was just an average game. IGN scored it 5.5/10: “I have no strong opinions on this game. It’s not broken. It’s not awesome. It just is. It’s there. It’s not going to challenge you, but it’s not going to frustrate you too badly. It’s not going to captivate you, but it’s not going to repel you.”

Eurogamer awarded it 4/10: “But it’s entirely lacking in imagination and innovation. There’s nothing that hasn’t been done before and no incentive to keep playing. A month from now we’ll probably have forgotten we’ve ever played it.” Corporal Hicks on AvPGalaxy gave it 3/5: “I don’t know, there’s just not much to the game. It could quite possibly be due to the wall of secrecy Fox put up around AvPR. Rebellion might not have had much to work with. “


AvP Requiem Videos Pack (83MB)
Includes a trailer, four gameplay videos and a developer walkthrough.


AvPGalaxy Forum – AvP PSP – AvPGalaxy’s forum for the game.

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  1. Drew Northcott who worked on the game said the claim game was done in a mere 5 weeks is rather confused and had this to say about the games troubled development:

    “The Awesome Developments studio got rescued by Rebellion when Ignition Entertainment were closing it down in February 2007.  We had a standing start switching tools (From Maya to Max) and on a new engine (Asura) that we’d never seen before and a fixed deadline (U.S. Thanksgiving).  When we did the first submission we were expecting it to bounce (they usually did on the first attempt) and we kept working on it. We’d put a few more weeks into tweaking the combat and other polish that had improved it a lot when we got the news it had passed first time. Oh well, that’s the way of things sometimes.”

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