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For this month’s poll, I’m asking you “Is Fox doing enough to advertise AvP?”. They’ve provided us with numerous featurettes and teasers but are they taking a bit too long to release the trailer? For the website, I’ve added two new pages: Site Features – a collection of articles submitted by people and Articles – a collection of links to useful AvP-Movie articles. I’ve also removed the guestbook (never really saw the point in it).

I’m also redesigning the artwork section which should be finished by Friday. I’m also hearing a lot about AvP articles in other magazines so if anybody wants to scan these in, send them to site so I can post them. As for the results of the last poll – Favourite part of Featurette 3 – 46% voted for the scene with the Predator catching the Chestburster.

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  1. El Diablo
    Fox spent a hell of a lot of money on this movie, I don't think they would set it up to fail with a weak ad campaign (unless this was being distributed by Dimension Films). I think we're going to see a 'plan of attack' very similar to Freddy vs. Jason, a film which had only one trailer released two and a half months before it's theatrical date and still made some serious box office coin. The final trailer for AVP should hit in June, we've already got posters and theater displays showing up across the country, all that's needed is some healthy publicity through TV ads and newsprint publications (Fangoria has a cover story, expect Starlog and various entertainment magazines to do the same) and everything should turn out fine. My only concern right now is the rating.
  2. Variable
    I think Fox is following its normal rutine. They wont start showing trailers in any other place than the internet until about two months before at the most. They dont want a bunch of exited fanatics all hyped up about a movie that wont come out for many more months. They could have people lossing interest...
  3. Predgirl
    I believe Fox is only doing good advertising moslty on the internet so far and I only seen the poster in my local theater thats it.  The only thing I saw on tv of AVP was on Hot ticket which only plays on Sunday where I live. Don't get your hopes up it was only the teaser and took about 5 seconds thats it.  Its only June, but their already showing movies that are coming out in late July and some movies that don't come out until the fall.  So where is the advertising.
  4. xeno girl
    hey message to fox get with the program  it is now june  the movie is scheduled to come out in 2 months   I have yet to see even a preview of the movie on tv yet  you see other movies on tv but no avp the only time I did see even a glimpse  was the summer movie guide let's see more on tv    :D     ???  
  5. Hell-Spawn
    What the hell are you talking about: good job advertising?! You got other movies teasers coming out in theaters 7 months before the movie will ever be shown in theaters. I have yet to see a trailer or anything in a movie theater setting. If FOX wants to make the money they aim for with this film, they'd go beyond the internet ads in my opinion, if they had any idea what they were doing. But since the producer Paul Anderson shot Resident Evil 2 RIGHT after AvP or maybe even during it, I feel he rushed the fim and it won't be the full potential kickass movie it could be. How bout a teaser or trailer on a TV ad? At least then I wouldn't dread the 15 minute commercial breaks during seinfeld...   ???  
  6. El Diablo
    I went to my local multiplex yesterday and saw a huge theatrical displays for AVP. It was one of those elaborate cardboard stands but this thing was gigantic and stood out from everything else in the theater. It had the same design as the new poster except that it had the credits listed under the logo and the correct date of 08.13.04 at the very bottom. There was no rating that I could see anywhere on the display. The cool thing about it was the there was a ton of people commenting on it and the responses were positive.
  7. Bringer of Death
    Good call there Frosty, I dont realy think there messing this up due to the fact that they have not released the final trailer yet I mean the movie is still a good 2months and a week opr so away so I wouldnt be surprised to see the trailer come out in the middle of June.Dont get me wrong though I wish it was already released but I also think that if they did start bombarding us with 2 months of trailers and what not it might turn people away.I wouldnt be one of those people but like in the movies themselves the less you see of the Alien the more exciting it becomes and the more interested you become in wanting to see the creature.So I guess if the trailer dosnt come out in june at least then we might have to start worrying but as of right now I haver faith in these jabronies that the'll release it when the time is right.
  8. Frosty
    I believe fox will get they're advertising out in time for this movie , i mean, they are dealing with there biggest franchise and there is no way they are going to want to ruin it, I too went to see DAY AFTER TOMORROW just hoping for an AVP trailer or even a teaser would of made me happy, but no, but bigger films such as I'robot will have it im sure. They will concentrate on AVP publicity when there time is right.  After watching all Alien Quad bonus discs, FOX are very protective of their films, but have have always pulled of some superb advertising techniques for these films and their trailers are always exciting.    Im sure AVP is getting the same treatment and perfecting it, to revive their franchise.  I trust FOX and it will be ready when its ready   :-\  
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