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September Site Updates

A few new site updates this month. The last polls I did: Disk or Shuriken was actually the closest poll I’ve ever seen. 50.6% of people voted for the Disk while 49.4% voted for the Shuriken. Hicks did a long and detailed review of the novel Aliens: Cauldron. I did a short article about the deleted scenes in Predator.

Lots of new fan artwork has been uploaded over the past month too. Thanks to roly77, PredatrHuntr, demoncarnotaur, darkangel, arachnophilia, Bender1988, generalraam, War Wager, Alien_Freak, Master Ravager, and dallas001 for their submissions.

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  1. zen
    Keap in mind you guys,when P2 came out not that many people liked the disk,nor the spear or net launcher.Most likely ten years from now nearly everyone will like the shuriken.Who knows,maybe when P3 or AVP3 comes out the preds will have plasma edged boomeranges!   ;D  .But this is all just speculation.
  2. Optimus Prime
    The disc, spear and netgun frm P2 was cool! and i like the fact he's spear and net weren't cloaked! in AvP they were which was cool! but i like the fact the predator's cloak has some flaws! if u know what i mean! lol  Great Site! Keep on rockin'
  3. Optimus Prime
    The shuriken was cool! as it was something new, but you just cant beat the smart disc! that was ace! Oh well!  Can you change the 'AVP GALAXY' logo to something similar to alien? or the requiem font, so the site tie's in with the new film! just an site  Autobots Roll Out!
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