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  1. Xenomorphine
    thewolf: It's more than a few notches away from being a "masterpiece", I'm afraid. :) I don't know where you get the idea of it having "realistic action and dialogue." The script is all over the place and filling the pages up with swearing doesn't make it realistic.  It's OK, but as had been said, the director even called it a "piece of shit". I don't see why people tend to worship it as some kind of sensational cinematic experience. The biggest failing, as Charles Dance is on the record as saying, is that the creature is not in the least scary. The creatures being scary is meant to be the whole point of making a film in that franchise.  PHANTOM: You're virtually the only person I've ever met who cares for the cahracters. Most people can't even tell the difference between the majority of generic bald heads, all seeming to do nothing but swear every few seconds. :)  Boneman_the_Immortal: The Predator had had its "turn" in the last film, too. Just because a couple of them died by being stupid, what difference does that make? The other one annihilated the entire nest, shot several in quick succession and drowned the Queen.  Who Givz A Fuk: There has never been any quote saying it is not linked to the first film. Quite the opposite, if anything.
  2. Champiionser
    There is great underated movies.Hollywood movies are close to the same crap right now.Great visuals,the good wins at the end and huge budgets.There are great films from Europe,but they don't have the marketing and the effects the kids want to see.Watch some french,german,english,italian movies,you will see that there is more and not only Crapywood.
  3. PredatorKing 2776
    What I think happens is the Clan leaving Earth with Predalien is attacked by hybrid and crashes to a small town on Earth. All Preds on ship are killed, also onboard is a Queen who escapes into the town. Another clan sends a lone warrior (Wolf) to see what happened and is caught up with Aliens. Queen builds nest in sewers and the Bros said there is going to be new Pred weapons. Why not some destructo device that can control, not bring to life, all mechanical and electrical things all across the planet.    ;D   Kinda like All Spark in Transformer film. Something that if used wrong could trigger nuclear Apocalypse like SkyNet in Terminator 3. After all this movie is not about an ongoing war but surviving. And the new altar and ship belongs to the new clan who sends Wolf to check things out. What do you guys think.   ???  
  4. Who Givz A Fuk
      ???   I have a feeling its a differ ship with a impregnated predator and it crashes back to earth and a lone predator hunter is sent to earth to clean up what the others messed up. They said to Remember that this film is not really linked to AVP and could be a STANDALONE film. SO HOW IS THE PREDALIEN LINKED TO THE FIRST AVP PREDATOR. FOR 2 COLIN/GREG SAID THAT THEY REBUILT THERE OWN VERSION OF THE PREDATORS ALTER BED RIGHT! I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND? IT HAS TO BE A DIFFERENT CLAN THAT MESSED UP, I KNOW ITS NOT LEADING OFF FROM AVP.. THE BROTHERS DOUBTLY WOULD DO THAT.
  5. PredatorKing 2776
    PredKing87 (which is almost my name) but you think the trailer will be out 2 morrow. possibly but I think next week we'll see the trailer.
  6. PredKing87
      >:(     ???   I would imagine the trailer will be on either tomorow maybe cuz alot of movies premiere or monday but thats just hopeful thinkin. We will see..colin and greg will come through this time for sure.
  7. jeremy
      ???   You no wuts funny..Ive never signed up on here and ive been going on this site for quite sum time ppl argue over the stupidest chitt.AVP sucked but you no wut at least there doing sumthing with AVP 2.. They own there own Visual Effects company so at least the visual effects are in TOP NOTCH hands you dig...And for the predalien it would look better with the dreads and the wrist blade alien tail..Who cares about the alien traits and who is any of you people to say what it is supposed to look like.Your opinoins do not matter..From what colin and greg said so far it is gonna be a bad azz movie..OHH yeah and the only reason most of you are complaining is because this PREDATOR is gonna FUC* them ALIENS up and you guys are just salty..AVP sucked but the preds got there ass kicked, but not this one..Its THE PREDATORS TURN!!!...
  8. EpsilonOrpheon777
    yeah remember what the strausse bros. said about one of their earlier scripts being set in space/future? i love it i think they did a really good job with this movie, because if they did, they know they'll be the first to contact on making a possible third movie set in the future.  and they also know that's what every one of us wants.  i think for the most part all of us have nothing but high hopes for this film.  every little bit of data we've received only makes it sound more intense and scary. but still.... freaking two more days until the "week after comic-con" is up and the trailer is supposed to come out. [yeah i don't know what any of that had to do with our discussion about cameron or scott]    ::)  
  9. Mr J
    I know predator 2 didn't do that well but I personally loved it. Pred 1 is better though. Alien 3 I like as an adult but as a kid after watching aliens with the powerloader and the machine guns who couldn't help but be let down. Alien res, I didn't like the whole clone idea, it was pretty good up until the hybrid alien with eyes, that just sucked.
  10. jimmylace
    I agree with phantom, although I'm not as positive about Alien 4. Anyone that has a vague awareness of my posts will see me condemning Aliens alot.....but thats only in terms of relative artistic merit to Alien and Alien 3. I really object to those that wanted to see Hicks and Newt survive. Thats just not what should happen in a horror series. That said,  Aliens is one of the best sci-fi action movies ever made. I personally wish it just had a bit more of the horror element in  there. Maybe thats what AvP2 will be. Who knows?
    The first Alien is a masterpiece of all sci-fi films. Aliens is the best sci-fi action movie I have ever seen in my life hands down. Alien3 is highly under rated, it doesn't get the credit that it really deserves!   The high level of realistic emotional character development really makes up for the lack of hardcore action that a lot of people expected in Alien3. What I loved best about Alien3 is that you really care for the characters and the setting is so f**ked up and dark! The film itself whorships the Alien as a god which really makes the Alien more scary.   AR had a killer cast I thought! It had some really interesting action scenes, and the special effects are sweet. That under water scene brings tears of joy to my eyes, what a cool idea. AR could have been 10x worse, but it is a film that stands on it's own two feet, nothing like AVP   ::)    AVP lacked almost everything! The cast sucked, the director sucked, and the editing alone made the movie very hard to watch at times. Yeah it was fun because it's about Aliens and Predators but it's nothing like AR. Alien 4 had much more class, AVP had no class what so ever.
  12. jimmylace
    when will people realise? Alien 3 is notch away from a masterpiece. Its rich in theme, its got some seriously realistic action and dialogue. it is literally...'this is how people would react in this situation..' the celluloid sweats dread and despair. ah f**k it. i give up. enjoy your sugar- coated action moviez. oh yeah, aliens. best film ever.- much better than alien   ::)  
  13. Xenomorphine
    Buz, Fincher thinks 'Alien 3' is a "piece of shit". Is he being "blasphemous", too? :)  Cameron has mellowed in his opinion of it, saying the cinematography is great, but still doesn't like it very much. Neither do I.  I don't think 'Predator 2' is much more than mediocre, except when the creature is in a scene. Those are the only points it's ever good and even a few of those were done for comedy, which just lessened the impact.  I'm with Cameron. I was personally fairly entertained by 'Alien Versus Predator'. That doesn't mean to say it's magical, but could have been hugely worse and the last two 'Alien' sequels, before it, were not nearly as entertaining for me.  This 'holier than thou' attitude when it comes to 'Alien Versus Predator' has got sickeningly trendy, recently. All the people who do it are going to be reversing their opinions with fondness in a few years or so, just like people miraculously did for 'Alien 3', 'Alien Resurrection' and 'Predator 2'. It's a pattern. That's how it is.  Ridley Scott is great, but I'm not sure he would necessarily be a good choice for a director of this particular franchise now. The last time he spoke about it, he wanted Space Jockey ships to be shown bombarding our worlds with eggs (yeah, the same eggs Ripley incinerated with an ordinary flamethrower), above atmosphere.
  14. Optimus Prime
    I know Paul Anderson iz British! U dumbies lol. What I meant was, it was the 'fat cats' at 'hollywood' who greenlit the AVP franchise! Oh well.. No disrespect to any they did make Transformers and Star Wars! Rock on!  I Love You All x  Peace to my fellow Alien and Predator fans.  EST 1984
  15. R
    Have too say that Alien 3 was by far the worst up till now, main concern though: will R Scott return for  Alien 5, one can only hope. Oh and Mr Scott, if you keep up with us losers at this forum, please know that we adore, no worship the ground you walk on !!!!!!!!!
  16. Buz
    Sweet! That was me asking the question. Call me a annoying little fan boy, or whatever you want, the fact remains that AVP is in no way a good movie. Alien Resurrection is a bad, but fun film. AVP just rapes your hopes and dreams and then pisses on you while you lay whimpering in a corner like a sex crime victim. Paul Anderson is the worst kind of Hollywood director. Talks alot of game, but shows none. Every movie he's made, side from Even Horizon, has been shit. He will never be forgiven for what he did with AVP. And he hates Alien 3 and Predator 2, which is down right blasphemous.   There's my rant for the day. Go Ridley Scott.
  17. Mr J
    werent we all excited when we first heard about AVP 1? The sets were cool just not the approach. The back history and human team up went against the other film if you ask me. Now I don't like the fact AVP 2 is in some town but FOX won't part ways with the dollars to make the space aliens timeline film we all want. The only reason we all have such big expectation is because ALIENS and PREDATOR were so good. James cameron would make a kick ass movie but remember reading before AVP 1 was made him saying it would just be a frankenstein vs wolf man pic, then when a fan said to him after AVP 1 make another alien film to save us from AVP he said I am almost tempted to, so he won't be making any time soon. AVP could be great we just don't know yet. if the bros took note of what people hated about the first film and from their posted comments like more gore, no human pred tag team action and blue vision it sounds like they have. Just be thankful that anderson isn't making it because you now know you're going to get something different. Alien 3 was just a let down at the time because they killed off hicks and had only one alien after a whole nest, but rewatching it some years later I can enjoy the atmos, lighting and music. As long as AVP 2 doesn't feel cheap like some piece of crap like Jason X.
  18. GSO 3030
    Either way, everyone has dreamed of these movies happening forever and even though AVP wasn't good, at least the Strause Bros are doing their best to make a great film.
  19. PredatorKing 2776
    PHANTOM what you said earlier about people hating this one for some stubid reason I agree. Some people just don't accept how good a true movie can be. I think some people might hate the Strause Bros and think they screwed up for retarted reasons but not as many people who hated Anderson. I know one thing, I hate Anderson's film and to the Strause Bros. No matter what anyone says, I have cofidence that this movie is going to kick major ass! Keep up the work Bros.
  20. jimmylace
    hence their dislike of the idea. cant blame em I say. alien is in a different league to predator, and the sooner pred fanboys realise that avp is doing them a favour and shitting on alien fans the better    ;D  
  21. jimmylace
    "Ridley thinks, as Sigourney 'used' to think, that a crossover movie like AVP 'empties' the two monsters by putting together quickly a story with both of them at eachother and not much else."  yutanidutch...youre almost right, but youre forgetting that sigourney thinks that the predator is a "stupid-looking" character, and the cameron and scott dont rate predator at all.
  22. PredatorKing 2776
    I agree, I think this movie could be 2 hours easily. And to GSOlyons 3030 you felt that way because they did die to fast. Anderson screwed up majorly on that one.    >:(  
  23. GSOlyons 3030
    I just felt that the preds died so fast that I wasn't really interested in the rest.  It wasn't awful, I just expected more cuz everyone else did, you can't make a PG13 alien/pred movie.  It's probably better to think of this film as different direction instead of a remake of the first.  That probably why AlienS vs Predator worked best.
  24. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    I really liked AvP, saw it three times at the cinema. I don't really look at it as part of either franchise. As far as the books go, the film holds ground. It's a fanboy dream. These creatures were never meant to meet head on but they did. Paul Anderson pretty much delivered what I was expecting; a fast paced smackdown between two sci-fi monster icons. The effects were great, the excuse to bring them together was interesting enough, and the beasties killed each other real good.  Nuff' for me.
    Everyone has a right to say whatever they want about AVP ALIEN 3 ALIEN RESURRECTION and PREDAOR 2. Well I really liked AVP. Rather than the film being a pointless action movie with no story it turned out to be excellent. I loved the story and it had element's from the comic book and the Alien and Predator films. By the way PREDATOR 2 was awesome.
  26. Dachande
    U guys speak the truth. They find problems with movies all the time and dont really like anything new cause it "never lives up to their expectations".  Honestly people complain about the 3rd Alien movie, Alien Resurrection, and Predator 2.  Now AVp suffers cause they feel the need to whine and moan. Honestly I am a supremely dedicated fan to all the Predator, Alien, and AVP stuff and I love evry single one of the movies. SO to all u whiny little bastards out there, just shut the hell up, watch the movie, and stop complaining about how it didn't live up to whatever god like standard u set. The movies rock, and thats all that matters to me.
    Dude at this point no matter what you say to the fans they will always find something wrong with any film period and trash on it all day long, it's in their blood! You can't reverse it lol.
  28. leprechaun62689
    Anything can happen when the film comes out.  But all you "fan boys" are too god damn critical and should appreciate the fact that are trying to set things straight and at least put our 2 favorite series back on the big screen.
    And it's going to happen again, I hope the Strause Brothers are ready for it, because no matter how good the movie might be to sum, more AVP fans will find 5 billions reasons why it sucks and why the brothers raped their life   ::)  
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