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Ridley Scott Wants To Re-Invent Alien

UGO have also done an interview with Ridley Scott and he of course talks about the future of the Alien franchise. He says he would like to re-design the alien as it’s no longer scary.

UGO: Insofar as doing sequels, if you were to do another Alien movie, how would you like to approach it given your evolution as a director since the original?
RIDLEY: If I “was” going to do another Alien movie, I would have to re-design it. He’s no longer scary, and I think there’s a new franchise, which has kind of blown that away, I think.

UGO: Do you mean Alien vs Predator?
RIDLEY: Oh, please. It’s a pity in a way, because I was kind of beginning to address it, looking at it again, thinking there may be something there that we can go with one more time. I think you can’t stay with that beast any longer. You’ve got to change it. It can’t be as simple as that. I mean, the first thing I would have gone back to was [H.R.] Giger. I’d have gone back to where I started, basically. But yeah, the Alien movies, one continuously improves or sustains the quality of these films…

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