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Cinematography in AvP2

Director, Colin Strause, made an interesting post on the IMDB Boards a couple of days ago. He talks about how the film will look and what the atmosphere will be like:

“From a lighting standpoint, the rule is to backlight everything, which give us deep contrast to hide our creatures in the background, and also gives us a cool rim-lit look to our humans. When the action picks up in intensity, the camera work will go from dollly/crane moves to mostly handheld to make the auidence feel like it’s part of the action, with a 2.40 widescreen letterbox for graphic compositions. There is also not a single frame of slow motion footage in the movie either. The last thing is atmosphere. Every shot has either rain, fog, steam, haze, etc, etc to give footage the depth.”

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  1. Depredador
    I remember a post that describes AVP2 like a popcorn film. I have a lot of expectations about  AVP2, but a Texas Script  +  TV Cast  +  Music Video Filmmakers. I don't know.........
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