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AvP2 VFX Work Begins January [Updated]

AvP2 co-director, Colin Strause, posted something interesting on the IMDB Boards a few hours ago. He says they are in editing now and “heavy” visual effects work will begin on the film in January.

“We can’t offically answer questions at this time, but I can say we lucked out on the weather, which is very rare in Vancouver for the time of year that we where there. Everything went very well on the shoot, and we are in the middle of editing right now, with heavy VFX work starting next month.”

He continues “Even when you use in-camera creatures, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other CGI effects like de-cloaking, weapon blades deploying, wire work to be painted out, plasma basts, etc, etc. Also, there will always be a few shots that are impossible to do with in-camera actors, so CGI stunt doubles are needed.”

I think it’s safe to say, the visual effects in AvP2 will surpass the previous film, if nothing else.

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  1. Meathead320
    I just hope the movie is a little longer, and does not feel as rushed as the first one.  That and how about a longer battle with the Queen. I mean I liked the new updated design for the Queen in AVP, so sue me. I just say she had molted and emerged bigger and badder. Also of note, the Queen in AVP WAS bigger than the one in A2. Yes they are both 16 foot as is said in the making of AVP DVD, BUT what it does not tell you is that the A2 Queen was 16 foot while standing straight up, and the AVP queen is 16ft standing at a 45 degree angle, that is why when she stood up she was taller than the building she crashed through.    Also hope they don't pull anything like having the Predalien be a "new" species. It is still an alien just as much as a "human hosted" alien, or the "dog alien" from A3. It is still Loyal to the Aliens. I figure they could make is about right in between the size of a "human hosted" alien and a "human hosted Queen".   For what we consider a "normal" alien, is just a "human hosted" one by defualt. The Predalien is just as much Xenomorph as all the others.
  2. topman
    your right man   ;D   i should give these guys a chance and see what happens but still its up to fox really on how this movie pans out. AVP has put me off of any of the alien or predator franchise infact im rewatching the alien and predator movies !   ;D  
  3. Dual Blade
    topman    ???    Ridley Scott had only realeased 1 film, the Dualist before someone at Fox noticed his way and approach with the camera, Even the co-creators of Alien could understand their choice of director, your jumping on the band wagon of people who think that they will flop.  Ridley Scott himself did comercials, give the guys a break until YOU actually see any footage, they sure don't deserve all this negativity, boi
  4. Akuma
    Trailers mean nothing. But i do enjoy them. I would rather watch a good trailer than a crappy movie any day. but AVP left a bad taste in my mouth for future Alien and Predator movies. I just hope that the story is better than the last one.
  5. XxSaNdMaNxX
    Well like of u said i rather wait for the trailer n see if the hype kicks back in, i mean i liked the first one but it really wasnt all that but all i need is a TEASER too see whats going on with it...
  6. Mr. Weyland
    all the other directors, except paul anderson, havent realy done more than a few movies befofe they did an Alien or Predator movie, paul anderson has done loads of movies before AVP and most of them suck.
  7. topman
    i agree with the obove person. i havent got high expections for this movie because its being done by to new directors who really havent got the experience ( music vids dont count ) in doing a major movie. thats the thing that i dont understand about fox!, why cant they take this a bit more seriously. its got potential to be a really good film. lets just hope!!
    Nice, perhaps a trailer by the end of January?   I'm not worried yet.  I have no reason to worry, I'll have to wait until I see at least a trailer to see if this is shit or not.  I have high hopes though.
  9. Ermac
    I highly doubt AvP2 will have as near the budget the original had, hense the use of a crummy town in Colorado and a cast so crappy, Babylon 5 would turn them down.
  10. Corporal Hicks
    Hey. Here's what Colin said about the FX:  Even when you use in-camera creatures, that doesn't mean there aren't other CGI effects like de-cloaking, weapon blades deploying, wire work to be painted out, plasma basts, etc, etc. Also, there will always be a few shots that are impossible to do with in-camera actors, so CGI stunt doubles are needed.   D, you wanna edit this into the post above or something?
  11. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    So long as it looks good and consistant, I don't care how much CGI they add. AvP had some very cool blends, did pretty well on that front I think. This sequel will probably be larger scale, and will probably feature more of everything. I don't think groups of dudes in suits would provide enough grandure.
  12. YautjaWarrior
    I'm wondering when these filming guys will realize that the fans don't care about all this "Ultra-CG" stuff. As long as they give us a good plot and some decent fight scenes, we couldn't care less about all of this fancy stuff.
  13. Ermac
    Of course it will. As will the horde of CGI aliens running loose through the town. As will the CGI Predator weapons unfolding. As will the space scenes, the fight scenes, the camera work, everything,
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