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AvP Movie Trading Cards

Earlier this week, trading cards for the Alien vs Predator movie were released. The card set, created by Inkworks, features a total of 90 cards including special autograph cards, survival of the fittest cards, sketch cards and the list goes on.

“The 90-card series will be loaded with features, including all the action and suspense of the movie story, the AVP Gallery, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and much more. Plus, look for additional randomly inserted bonus cards…”

Anyway, I was on EBay and noticed quite a few people had scanned the cards in and were selling them so I picked a few pictures of the cards and posted them on the next page. Some features new shots from the film…

Update: Four more card pictures have been submitted.

20040807_01 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_02 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_03 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_04 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_05 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_06 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_07 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_08 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_09 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_10 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_11 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_12 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_13 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_14 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_15 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_16 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_17 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_18 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_19 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_20 AvP Movie Trading Cards
 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_23 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_24 AvP Movie Trading Cards
20040807_25 AvP Movie Trading Cards

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Comments: 33
  1. HellAlien
    Im gonna have them all, maybe. But that silver alien is not silver at all, its clear that there was a flash and that since the alien is pitch black, as we saw in the clip and traila and all, The light is reflected. So it appears to be silver. Logic.  OR it was really a silver model, just before they gor the paint on it.   Anyway, They r awsome, great collection, the cards they sold with the alien legacy thing was a huge success, that is why they r doin this serie. It will be great.
  2. Little Psycho 303
    NIce cards....can i play poker with them??   ???   that woulde be cool playing cards of avp muhahahhahahahahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!! Hay have any of you seen the avp chess set?? It is soo cool!!! im going to try and by the damn thing but i have to ship it into canada wick will cost a hellof a lot.  In the end it will end up some where around 400- 500 bling bling for anyone in canada who wants one, when they are still in the U.S.. Damn thouse PBS whores!!!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!    Stay in hte light.....for deamonds do waite for htouse who wonder.
  3. Erez
    Ravager: I don\'t know it looks like its all body is silver except for the cranium. If not it\'s lit from too close and that\'s not good because it should be in the shadows.
  4. Thomas
    The "Challenged by an Alien" is my least favourite. It just looks like someone took a photo of an Alien prop standing somewhere with a disposable camera. The lighting looks dodgy. It doesnt look like a movie capture.    :)  
  5. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Galmorzu: "Just cards with movie screenshots on them."  Remember that in most cases with those CCG or collectible cards, sometimes deleted scenes appear on such cards, which makes them really interesting!
  6. Galmorzu
    Just cards with movie screenshots on them.  From someone who worked with the design team who did the original CCG, I can pretty much say there won't be an actual game for quite a while, unfortunetly.    ???  
  7. J
    Boy, the Scar pred does look to be the main man.       THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO JUST BLOW UP, BIG ...     ... WWWWWOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGG HHHHHHHH!!   ;D     ;D  
  8. J
    The cards look mighty tasty. I like the card labed   BLOWING UP THE PYRAMID , the composition shot of the Predator looks amazing, fully armed to the max just how the Pred-gods intended.   I MEAN FOLKS .... LOOK AT IT !?!   ;D  
  9. Neocharge
    Hey, Darkness (or anyone else who can answer my question) who is the pred with the visor instead of eye sockets on his mask? You can see him in one of the wallpapers next to celtic in the downloads section.   ???  
  10. true fan
    great pics! did anyone noticed that in the last picture preds wrist-blades are pointing backhand direction? and its the same pred from the book ("dworf pred" if you remember). now it looks normal to me.
  11. Nik
    i really hate lex she plays to much of hero more then riply did if there is a sequel and shes in it this will turn out to be like the alien movies
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