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AvP2 Trading Cards at ComicCon

Inkworks, the company behind the trading cards for AvP and the Alien Legacy set will once again be doing another series for Aliens vs Predator. Alongside their film counterparts, Inkworks will be having a booth at ComicCon and they’ll be giving away an AvP2 promo:

20070711_01 AvP2 Trading Cards at ComicCon

Unlike their ComicCon preview for the AvP set – here – this set’s promo doesn’t reveal much. Fox sure are keeping a very tight lid. You can find out more at the Inkworks website.

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Comments: 38
  1. pretrixalated
    oh oh......god!!! I'm having a nerdgazm looking at that logo(lol)   ;D   I think it's freaking amazing... it's much better then the original AvP logo wich wasent remenisent to anything.  go stause bros!!!
  2. Innerchaos
    Well, you have to think about a general market. Joe Card-Collecter Schmoe would see "Aliens....Predator" on a case and think "Okay, but what are they doing?" If he decides to give it that much thought. The "VS" adds description, tone, and mood. It won't be solely fans viewing the product so a VS would be just enough to draw attention.
  3. ShadowPred
    I really like the silver style of the Logo the Aliens logo is awesome...the Predator Logo is awesome too, the whole damn pi is awesome...god damn Pvt. Hicks has infeted me with his overloading temptation for this movie.
  4. cockroach
    ha agreed    ;)   ... tho as a designer i have to admit i have been looking fwd to seeing the logo (if this is an official logo, that is)... it keeps it classic tho also updated... proud of the brothers (so far)...
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