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AvPR Autograph/Piecework Trading Cards

Inkworks has just updated their AvP Requiem page with details on the piecework and autograph cards as well as images of the piecework cards:

20071102_02 AvPR Autograph/Piecework Trading Cards

Those are just the card designs, not actual scans so the fabric is just a mock-up. Thanks to Andy over at Inkworks, I’ve posted up the rest of the images on the forum. If you head on over to Inkwork’s website you can find a list of all those who are doing autograph cards and who’s costumes will make their way onto the piecework cards.

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Comments: 31
  1. zen
    Only Nomad responeded?!?.Ya know when you people ask a question i try to answer!.Even if it is a stupid question i try to answer it!!   >:(  .Thanks Nomad,at least i know that theres at least one person who agrees with me!   ;D  .
    jst saw avp pic in the news of the world newspaper as a picture exclusive, i think sum big advertising is headin our way- finaly its almost here!
  3. Zero .T 201.369
      :o     ;D     :o     ;D   I think everybody is making too much of a big deal with the idea that the guy with the Predator shoulder cannon looks silly. He looks normal,if you ask me.   ::)  
  4. Zero .T 201.369
    Ennnnnk rong ooo,AvP2 is the best movie on my block.It may not be the greatest movie on your block,but it is on myne.Oww, and by the way Blax, I would never right a bad comment about AvP2, not even after the film comes out!! Zen you do have a good point there,I'm shure if I was stuck in a hell hole like that I would do the same thing as well.    :)      ;D     :D     >:(  
  5. zen
    An AVP cartoon whould suck,it whould be the exact same episode every week(i've been thinking about this for a while).Turning the comics into live-action-movies whould be too cartoony and weird.But,what if they made the comics into cartoon movies?!.They did the same for Hellboy and it worked out fine!.They could even make it direct to DVD and skip the hole "Its too violent for young persons" thing and give it an R rating!.Who's with me!?!?!(this is a serious question,please answer!!!!   ;D  ).
  6. zen
    For those of you who say a guy holding a pred weapon is wrong,tell me,if your a$$ was being chased by cockroachs from hell and that 7 foot tall motherf**ker drops a weapon--and you know its powerful from what you've seen--whould you just leave it?.F**K NO!!!.You'd grab it as fast as f**king possible to kill anything in you'r way!!!!!.And Blax:thats ok man.AVPR wont meet a lot of people expectations,same how AVP did'nt meet a lot of peoples expectations(love that movie!   ;D  ).The same can be said for A3,A:R and P2.Everyone has a different taste,if not we whould all be robots!   ;)     ;D  .As for the cards?.MUST..........HAVE..........THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  7. Blax
    zero t, dude! i really want this to be a good movie but it just know it aint, i'll will still go watch it, but i will still be angry with fox to keep allowing to make these movie's they dont give two s*it's about us the fans they just want to get paid..on dec 26th you will be on here posting that avp-r is a crap movie, i grantee it, oh well!  happy hunting guys, p.s i wasn't being rude    :D  
  8. Zero .T
    Here is the story of Aliens vs Predator Requiem.(I think)                                                                              When a Predator scout ship crash lands in a Colorado town. The Aliens on board escape and kill all the Predators except one. The last remaining Predator must now destroy all the Aliens as well as the horfic Predalien that was spawned in the first AVP. Meanwhile the towns people are helplessly caught in the middle of the ultimate face-off between these two mythic creatures. Alien vs Predator: Requiem continues the Alien-Predator war soga.    ;D     8)  
  9. Mystry?????
      :o  It's cool, awsome,   ;D     :-*   Kelly looks better than I thought, and the waitress isn't looken that bad her self to..   :-*     :-*   Cool and awsome  cards Hicks!!
  10. Dillon
    It looks like Dallas stopped by a Toys-R-Us store because that's clearly a plastic toy he's carrying. What's he gonna do, point it at an Alien and shout "Bang! Bang! You're dead!"?
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