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  1. G-Dog
    Celtic pred looks cool, they can't have the same masks in every movie all the time. Look at the end of Pred 2 and tell me those preds looked crappy with all the different masks and patterns and shit? And aliens don't suck, one beat the shit out of a pred, buy the novelization and read it if you haven't, if you had, get off the crack......
  2. Somebody
    All the aliens are killed by Scar's hand grenade, and all the teenage predators, including Scar all killed also  --->   NOBODY wins
    tha'ts according to the AvP book
  3. J
    Me, I would want the preds to win, I LOVE THE ALIENS and I know they will get their share of whup ass too.  I just heard that PA ( god bless that man) that in the movie THERE are some references to the past previous Predator movies, 1 and 2 ( not sure what they'll be but it be good)  O YEAH!   ;D  
  4. HellAlien
    alienworshoper, ?, ok let me get this straigh since its late here and im not sure to understand wha ya mean there. Dia ya meant that it was defenetly celtic? or scar that had been brutaly and in all is glory scratched by the terrible and magnificent diamond sharp claws of the superb alien that totally own celtic. Eheh, truth can hurt sometimes eh?    ;D     sentinel, again you r right.but i would had said alien ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuule, not rulleeeeeeeeeeeeee. Eheh, sound kinda funny to say dont ya think.   ;)  
  5. HellAlien
    carrol, sorry  but the price is not right.   :)   Your wrong, the one that gets his scratch on the mask is celtic. Not scar. Look carefully and you will c the details on the mask. The alien his scratching celtic.
  6. Variable
    NBow you guys are talking. Right on SENTINEL. Yea Mother F******. lol jk. It is a shame but its good to know they didnt tone down the alien and pred violence. Hooyah get some!     ;D  
  7. Jack244
    Somebody, since it is the battle between these 2 monsters, thats what we will be seeing. A gore fest of Alien and Predator body parts flying around, don't think that we won't be seeing hardcore Alien and Pred gore. Btw I don't know what movies you saw but I never saw "heads flying around" in either series. We may not see skinned people but we will see an alien getting skinned in all its glory.
  8. Somebody
    What was cool in both Alien and Predator franchises, was the violence. People's head were flying around, people were getting skinned. And that was just part of the Predator series. In the alien series, everybody was getting killed gruesomely. Since the main objective in this movie is   the battle between these 2 monsters, this movie should be the mother of all violence and gore. However, FOX does not agree on this......obviously. However, due to tight budget, this movie should be a cool one.
  9. HellAlien
    YEAH !!!  Now your talkin sentinel. Ahaha, green gore isnt as great as red, but its beutiful to c !  And all over the place plz. Eh eh.   Anyway, gore is amusing, but this movie could be very good evn without it. Looka at Aliens, it wasnt full of gore at all. But still it was damn great. It has some arsh language ( thnx to hudson, i miss him so much. snifff.) but the gore wasnt big. I think we will c about the same amount in avp. yup, i think that the gore in avp will ba at the same lavel of Aliens. Would be acceptable for me, not great but ok.
    man i was watching the first scene in predator 2 and man it was very violent!, its too bad AVP cant as intense anymore with the gore and blood, man even if the movie is good it still woundnt have as good if they made it a crazy blood bath gore fest! ,damm i also watched freedy vrs jason and man the violence was just so much fun watching,its too bad avp wont be a shoot them up gore fest!!!!!!! damm   >:D   2 weeks left man 2 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! place your bets people i want ALIENS TO KICK SOME PRED ASS!
  11. J
    YOU IS RIGHT THERE BIG SENT. this movie is LITTERALLY GOING TO SMASH EVERY REMAINING MOVIE THIS YEAR.   I JUST CAN'T WAIT, and I think I speak for the rest of us folks down in the UK when I say , BRING THIS BITCH OVER NOW!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
    YEAH it looks YEAH! that scar pred is the man YEAH you know what is great?..........ITS PG_ fu--king 13, PG_13!   >:D   and you wont even see that predator use any of his wepons on a human because fox doesnt want to show any blood! cant F__KING WAIT   >:D  
  13. J
    But I thought in the novel that :  
    Charles Bishop Weyland gets stabed ....  that same predator who is persuing Lex and Sebastian ?  
    Am sure it turned out that way.
  14. HellAlien
    What the Hell r ya guys talkin about, that is not scar at all!!!  plz be sure when you say something, that is my lunch !! not scar. Plz dont begin to find names to my lunch guys. It will get me some remors to eat it alive while he can still scream while i get his guts for spaghetti.    ;)  
  15. Variable
    @ Bringer, when he pullled me over and said "what the hell do you think your doing" and I said whats the mater we cant have a little fun in this town. Then I smiled    ;D   then he gave me a ticket. He told me no doors wasnt safe because there is always some dumb ass that will fall out. I wasnt wearing a seatbelt either so that didnt help. Only 13 days boys. That second week in Augest is a big week. The Predator CE is released, AVP is coming out, and the numbers of people on this site will soar. This is great thats what Im talking about YEA!
  16. J
    Cool, cheers H.A.  O yeah, the WHOLE site is brilliant, I like the extras here and there, namely the grapnic novel sections and the layouts drawings of the movie, nice job Darkness.     ;D  
  17. HellAlien
    Hey J, we doesnt have to wait at all, this movie is out at the same time here in canada. !# of august. Even tho we had to wait 1 more week boefore being abl to c I robot. But on the radio here they say we will have it on the 13.
  18. Cookies
    wow im back from a road trip which was a hell hole trip!   Anyway since you guys missed on my complaining.  This has to be a sweet picture, that pred looks really amazing.  shoulder cannon still HUGE but overall its really good    : )
  19. Somebody
    Actually, Weyland goes to Antarctica, because he wants to be recognized as the man who made the last greatest discovery of human history: The First Pyramid Ever Built
  20. predmike
    Enter Text
    hey scar pred  i read the book and the predator kills an alien and  uses the body to mark his self to show hes killed an alien  and the srar pred  teams up with lex
  21. J
    Not long to go before ALL you peeps in state side get to watch the monster match up of the century.   by the the way, how long do Canada have to wait soon after, just curious?   :)  
  22. Faye
    Hmm... we often see the Predators in AvP standing or slowly walking. Almost no running .. In Predator 1 and 2 they were always on the run, all the time .
  23. Bringer of Death
    One of the reasons for the bulky ish look of the preds is due to the fact that they decided to make the pred body molds seperated from the armor molds, so youll have that ian white dude in a full body pred suit then over that hes wearing all the removable armor.Now the first 2 pred movies there costumes were all one piece, i mean the body suit was connected to there armor thats why these guys look allot thicker.Now im sure most of you guys read this for your selves like myself but an interesting tidnit none the less.Variable, what smart ass remark did you say to that little piggy?   ;)   but its funny to hear that story though. Me likes, cause the cops hate me and my clan of friends pretty bad cause we show them no respect because there such a holes twards us, so its nice to hear some other people not givin a F*&k to those oinkers.Good question about the slime to, i've been wondering what the hell thats about for a few days now, it cant be blood and guts because thats what the gore part is.So i hope its not alien drool or something lame like that     ???      :)  .And predgirl, sorry if i kinda snapped at you last night , so dont take any offence by that, but ya i saw that  'new ' trailer too, it has a few more scens added like it now shows a facehugger flying at the short blonde haired butchy chick in the sacrificail chamber.It looks good the camera is placed behind the facehugger so we see it flying through the air at her face and we also see her expresion. Good stuff.I dont remember any other newer stuff though unfortunatly.13 more days till judgment day!!!!!!then all our bickering will be answered.
  24. Heavy Metal Spike
    LOOOOOOOVEEEE ITTTTTTTTT!  Sends shivers down mah back and makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.  Still got hopes for this - haven't looked forward to a movie this much since the first X-Men  Geez - Predatore vs. Alien vs. Wolverine - that'd be a goodun eh?     ;D     ;D     ;D  
    has anyone see what ian white looks like   all i know is he is a former basketball player  i think the bulkiest predators out of all of them is celtic he looked rather bulky in the featurettes that showed him running        anyone else agree?
  26. Shadow of FUS
    Singing a different tune now are we? Yesterday you were all say "OMg! PG 13!! Teh sux.Anderson must die!!" but now its "This will rule!"  Heh.
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