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New AvP Production Images

These two images were posted in the AvPGalaxy Forums by Faye yesterday. One shows a silver alien on the floor and the other a picture of the Predator ships from pre-production artwork.

20040504_03 New AvP Production Images


20040504_01 New AvP Production Images

20040504_02 New AvP Production Images

I wasn’t going to post these because I didn’t think they were that important but other sites seems to be curious about them. I’m not entirely sure where these pictures came from but as posted on the forum by Faye who says they were “found somewhere on net”. I think we can safely assume that this is what the rumours on Ain’t It Cool News were based on about the aliens being silver.

Update: I was emailed by the person who posted the images. Ben, says he got these from his friend in Prague. He also sent me another artwork picture of what appears to be the Queen in the background.

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  1. Dutch schaefer
    IF IT BLEEDS....................... .........WE CAN KILL IT You dont wanna F**K Wid da preadators. Has n e 1 read da book? if you have you'll agree. I aint dissin ALIENS theyre BADBOYS too so no offence sigourney but "YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR ASSES KICKED PALL"
  2. Stubbsy
    My god you people just don't seem to have watched the other films. "looks kinda queenish" - it's a queen you moron. "Weyland bleeds red, he's hald droid and this explain A3 ending" - Bishop is synthetic, Weyland is human... do you not listen to the words? And as for "where do the aliens come from" remember in Aliens they are all hibernating. Eggs last for centuries so why not the aliens... they could be waiting in the pyramid to be woken up. In that featurete Andersen shows us the thousands of aliens swarming up a pyramid... if those went to sleep there'd be no shortage when they woke up.
  3. The Alien/Pred Master
    One thing I don't get about aliens is in the AvP game Praetorians are slow and outcasts of the hive but in the books they are the queens guards and they're really fast if any of u kno tell me.  The games and books are notorious for having 10,000 aliens with only 20 hosts. For example, In the book AvP:prey they had 1 mill. Aliens but there were exactly 32 hosts whats up wit dat?
  4. Baz
    every alien needs a host to live right, 1 person 4 each alien...sooo where do all the " hosts " come from..only thing i cant work out... they just cant appear outta nowhere whn a switch is pressed & they're all released. eek.
  5. alienkillerz
    well, i dont think aliens will ever win....for one too many ppl prefer pred over alien, so preds will win....secondly if the situation ever gets out of hand the preds self destruct and therefore killing all aliens and stuff, so aliens wont win in that scenario either.....third aliens just suck all they can do is use their claws and tails, xtra mouth, acid, when the pred has weapons visions and all kinds of stuff that owns the alien.....lastly aliens just plain out suck!!!   ;D  
  6. ultimate fan of Aliens
    I have a gut feeling that the predators will win, then fly away from earth.  therefore being a really hollywood ending. but i would really really love for the aliens to win
  7. alienkillerz
    well i think the new pic is a pred's hair and the thing on the right looks like a blurred image of his combi stick...but how do i know     :-\  
  8. Jake
    Why do I get the feeling this movie is going to spawn numerous sequels / additional concept movies?... Bieng somewhat an outsider and non avp junky you have to admit this movie is one hell of a box office stretch and dam fine one at that (Im 25 irl). Im looking forward to august more then I am of the summer in general after reading / viewing avp previews lol. This flic looks more badass then T2 in the early 90's to which I was a huge fan of Arnold and his rising career at the time (witnessed most of his mr olympia* wins). Im very proud of the director and his post production team and their effort at this point, previous interviews concerning post production has won my 10 USD at this point. GL AvP, looks like your gonna do well.
  9. Faye
    No, no in front -  right. And I also think that they are those "super-mega-ultra-big new blades". Pred is probably in movement, so the are blurred.
  10. Aliminator
    i felt bad that only few people knows avp...   :-\   the picure does looks good though, i wonder if there were be PRAETORIAN in this movie...i hope it does!!!  ~Target Eliminated~
  11. D1S
    Preds probably won't be using "light-masking" because it doesn't work on aliens. The aliens don't hunt using light. And Preds only use "light-masking" on "prey that shoots back".
  12. Predgirl
    Yeah that new picture has the Queen in the background, but I'm curious about the creatures in the front.  To me they look like some predators ready to face her and in an other theory  its looks like her babies the facehuggers coming out of their eggs. This is just my opinion.
  13. Chase
    I somehow doubt there will be anyway droids at all. Remeber this does happen in modern times. I dunno, might be a twist but then what's the point. Aliens don't go after droids...there for the preds not sure.
  14. Aliminator
    To flonge: wow, you realy know NOTHING about pyramind... i studied pyramid in grade 7, it could be different from Egyptian pyramid, but anyway, the pyramid is HUGE. it is a MAZE with secret tunnels, booby trap, long and endless passageway, etc and since it's built by predators, they might know which is the trap or secret tunnel, etc....can't WAIT!!!  ~Target Eliminated~
  15. flonge
    The CG seems to be good. BUT The only problem I have with this movie now is that anderson seems to be doing something similar to RE, which by the way was ok, wasn't bad, had potential to be a really good movie, but simply wasn't gory enough... or scary... Anyway Aliens and Predators are great creatures in movies because of their different skills, which are based on the coolest concept I've ever seen on film. But I feel the claustrofobic Antartica setting is redusing their playground. I mean a predator in the jungle uses 50 feet tall trees to hide, and so on... An alien in LV-426 uses the cool buildings with different levels, and ventilation complex and so on... But in this pyramid... I can't understand how the aliens and preds are going to be cool... For instanse, why haven't we seen a cloacked predator on the previews... are they not using stealth... this would very dissapointing, since that is one of the predators trade mark to hunt, with stealth... And the aliens how are they supposed to hide on walls and melt things when this happens in a pyramid, * I hope they have a base or something...* And how big can this pyramid be? ... We'll probably never see a predator hunting from great distance...   Now when it comes to weyland it could simply be that he has made himself half machine/droid, and he simply bleeds red, this would explain A3 ending... and AVP if he survives...   After what I understood from featurette 3 I think there's going to be a team of droids with which are Weylands... now.. If the shooting scenes are going to be similar as RE then I will never forgive Anderson. Because that is the most boring action ever made, the shooting in RE. I mean , I think even RE fans agree with at least the shooting being a miss in RE. Anyway, the droids should have granedes and some different weapons... I saw a G36 in the featurette, but man why havn't he shown us some more details about the weapons or the tools of the droids, maybe some *prebeta motion detectors* some nightvision..? flashlights, helmets, bodyarmor, flashbangs, all these small thing makes the action cooler, combined with the alien and predator weapons...  BUT I SUSPECT this will be some more ANDERSON lame action with no, brains.... like RE just small shots at a time, with no lucid overview of the battlefield.. or any sort of idea of what the HELL is happening to the characters...  I hope Anderson have learned from P1, P2 and A2....
  16. Saint Sinner
    watcher | 04 May 2004 09:22 am  and by the way, those ships look like bugs, dont you think  If you watch Starship Troopers (A movie ADI created the special effects for, same company working on AVP) you'll see one of the bugs, an "Arkelian Sand Beatle," in a scene where the students are cutting them open and removing their guts. The design of these huge ships have a strange resemblance to them, probably because of the underside looking almost like it has legs.    ;)    I don't know if they came up with the design of these, but when I first saw some of these storyboards, that's what came to mind. They look great though. The right side of the ship in the picture above looks kind of like a Predator helmet.
  17. Aliminator
    I notice that the more people called themselves "the true fan", the more they hate avp...just because they don't look dumb.   PS: i want to see RE Apocalypse  ~Target Eliminated~
  18. watcher
    I would not worry about the alien colour. we have al seen, theu are black. this must be the preproduction still, when they shoot in bright light for better detail and then bring levels down in postproduction, whre alien will become blackish. you wont get much quality shot if you film black object in dark room, the shot will be grainy. so do not worry about the color, is BLACK   8)  
  19. Aliminator
    people have different standard, guys...that's why i hate movie or game reviews...  anyway i wish it's like beginning of the "the mummy", which started 200 years go before present
  20. Shadow of FUS
    hey shutup.Mummy Returns kicked ass. Anyways,this doesnt look that fantastic and looks more like a reloloring of what we already seen.
  21. Aliminator
  22. Growler
    I do believe it was the pics that started the romor.  Now we've seen them black in the featurettes and internet trailer, so people don't start freaking out.  Those space ships are just like the ones from the other concept art.
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