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PG13 Confirmed for AvP?

Is it R or is it PG13? That’s the big question as we get to the end of July. According to PlanetAvP’s staff member, Gareth Von Kallenbach, he received an email from Fox saying that the MPAA have given AvP a PG13 rating and it’s soon to be announced.

In other news, apparently TV Spots on Mad TV and during “America’s Most Wanted” on Fox showed a PG13 rating. So that’s all there is to say but I really would like to know why Paul Anderson said he wasn’t making any specificly rated film when it was obviously going to be PG13 from the start.

The webmaster at Aliens Collection has redesigned his website so it’s worth checking out. Thanks to Gareth Von Kallenbach, Oh, CelticPredator, Willie G and PlanetAvP for the news.

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  1. J
    MR Ghost_face_Killah, I wouldn't heat yourself about it bossman, FOX wouldn't have made the decission if it was going to be for the best interest of this new franchise, ( although they are all about the money).   Its all about the movie in the end, thats all.   8)  
  2. SaNdMaNxX
    well said SFA  ............. and hell alien it iz official IZ ON FOX TV CHANNEL       got get to heart broken believe me i took it lol and u know how i felt about this shit getting a PG13     >:D  
  3. SFA
    Alien : 18 Aliens : 18 Alien3 : 18 Alien Ressurection : 18 Predator : 18 Predator2 : 18 ALIEN VS PREDATOR : PG-13.  f**k you FOX. f**k you Paul Anderson. You GREEDY f**kING BASTARDS.    >:D  
  4. J
    ' 3 minutes?'  its nothing for us to get up set about ( and also when ever a movie is finally released on to DVD it gets bonus footage).  So its nothing you should get yourself  worked up about.  The rating thing on the other hand has upset others.  as I have expressed many atime it is essentially the movie were going to see and not comment on ratings,  It is a blow that it could be a PG-13 but it just allows for a more WIDER fan appeal as opose to making it so limited.
  5. Oh
    Roughly.... Paul Anderson -" it won't be only a 90minute film, and its not gonna be less than R..  now it is PG13, and 87mins.... he f**king stabbed us in the back. thats what it looks like guys.. stabbed us with 2 knifes at once.
  6. J
    Guys, it seems like it could be heading to be a PG - 13 movie, I hope it isn't but it seems more and more likely.  If it wasn't then we would have heard from them saying ' R '   a long time, the fact that they are stalling with this rating is just to sweeten us up with ' tv coverages ' and previews.  they are going to give this movie an PG - 13 rating, its just a matter of time!
  7. Dave
    Fine, then prepare yourself to never come here again. We'll miss ya.   Hey Torch , the reason there's not a rating content distriptor is because 20th Centery Fox doesn't put them in any of their film commercials. I think they are the only studios to do that. Nevertheless, it was real.
  8. tribalcore
    yo man i respect your opinion. i do hope its changes man to a R rating, but im telling you man. you have numerous people who saw it too, me being one of em. it did say pg 13. not trying to be a dick but thats exactly what i saw and so did about a dozen people on this board. like i said i do hope it f**king changes.
  9. Erez
    I don't care PG-13 or R! And stop comparing AVP to Alien "If Alien would have been released these days it was rated PG-13 not R". Alien was mainly about horror, tension and scaring the shit out of you. AVP is gonna be ACTION and action means BLOOD so there better be some human gore in this movie because Alien + Predator + Action - Blood & Gore = Bad Movie. And don't tell me about camera panning shit.
  10. Torch
    Whoa sh*t, I just noticed something while watching yet another AVP spot on TV just a few minutes ago.  It says PG-13, but it doesn't say what for. . The description below the rating is not there.  Every movie trailer I've seen on tv so far had a description of why it was rated a certain rating, (i.e The Machurian Candidate rated R for language and violence).   There's no such description of why AVP is rated PG13!!  There is still a slight possibility that the tv rating is all just a hoax.  And besides, why would fox release the official rating on tv, before releasing on the net.    ???  
    well what the rating gonna be R or PG-13. i am getting sick and tired of it going back and forth. i was watching tremors 4 on the sci-fi channel and i saw the trailer of AVP and it said "the film hasnt been rated yet" we just have to wait and see if AVP is gonna get a R or PG-13 rating. i rather for it to be R because it would look so lame without the great graphic violence and gore. i like to hear someone from charles weyland's team members sees a predator and says "you are one ugly motherf**ker" from the previous 2 predator movies. i want see alot of doublejaw bitting through human and predator skulls and a ton of slaughter too.
  12. Predatorfan2004
    we'll see if its pg-13 im tellin you its R! the US theatre company cinemark hs posted it and when tehy post it its official! an thats not imb or whatever the hell ur talkin about! Just wait! ITS GONNA BE R!
  13. uhhhhh
    word, im gunna see it more or less just for the preds  i think im gunna go to a cinema in the morning and just watch it all day long for the entire day  make ppl feel so bad asdfljkhasdfkhaddslajs
  14. The_Jerk
    Well...who cares...You have to realize every studio in Hollywood could care less what the fanbase wants and is only in for pure marketing and making $$..This is why I hate Paul Anderson in the first place, not because he can make good movies, but the mere fact that guy comes off as one of those pussy-whipped directors with no direction or commitment. Its pretty disappointing even when a director promises to make a movie like this R to get it rejected to PG-13 status and not voice his opinion enough. I'll still see the movie regardless as many times possible, just to see the Preds (even though they get their asses kicked). Oh well, what a shitty way to ruin a good franchise..
  15. tribalcore
    i saw it too on mad tv its pg 13. i dont understand why peopl dont believe us. well i can understnad with all the fake shit going around but guys seriously i love this movie as much as u guys do and its seriously pg-13 ill bet my soul....MY f**kING SOUL GODDAMMIT!!!!
  16. CelticPredator
    guys i saw the trailer, its pg13. it was on mad tv. i do not lie, but if my eyes and ears decive me its pg13, who knows i mean i just saw pred1 uncut(minis the curse word) of fx weird huh. mabye it could have all of violence in the book, or not. we'll find out in august.
  17. AdamJZ
    NONE OF YOU KNOW HOW LONG AVP WILL BE!!! yahoo movies and IMDB said that the day after tomorrow was 1 hr and 39 mins, tured out to be 2 hr and 7 mins, the same thing happened with van helsing, there is noo way to be sure.
  18. Hell Alien
    All bulshit, this is all bulshit. Nothing of this is official yet, i dont care if its the official movie site of the US. For me , its just like the 20 or so other sites that were saying the rating of avp. Ya know, R 13 R 13 R 13 .... Its the same here, and yes that email could be dud. We never know on the net, we had proofs of that.  only will tell the truth on this. I saw avp tv spot on 5 diff channels, fox, mtv, teletoon, tsn, and another one. And each traila said not yet rated, i saw the last one 2 hours ago. Dont take this news for fact, well i wont. I will wait till its REALLY official. You should all do the same guys.
  19. predguy22
    Aliminator, the reason the trailers and teasers dont' have guts or blood in them is because those are edited for all audiences. That's what the green thing at the beginning of the trailers are for. Basically they do it that way so that no matter where they are projected, the scenes and images won't offend anyone. Now, the movie itself shouldn't have any need to hide anything so that's when they actually show the gore and all that.  Now, I myself personally don't care about the rating. I've seen the trailer, I've seen the teasers, I've seen the featurettes. I myself think this movie is going to be awesome and I'm not going to let something as little as a rating ruin it for me.
  20. ismguy
    im not so pissed at the rating but the 1 and 27min.  cmon i think they could have done a better job than that.  that is a lot of trim.  im not waiting for aug 13 anymore im waiting for an extended version dvd.
  21. Zach Wachob
    Not only did I see a commecial for it that said it was not yet rated my parents went to the movie I,Robot last night and they saw a trailer for AvP that said it was not yet rated
  22. Jonesy
    I think it was written to be a PG-13 movie from the start. Thats why you don't have humans in on the fighting, for the most part. If this was a real Alien Vs Predator movie you'd have Colonial Marines as part of the ' war' as well, which means you'd have to have alot of soldiers getting killed. The way they've done it is its the non-human Aliens and Predators that are going to be taking all the on-screen punishment. The humans are sort of just their to watch and be killed more by the Pyramid. *rolls eyes*  The kind of thing that's sure to get you an R today is showing humans shooting stuff or gettng shot themselves. There's a real paranoia going on about showing guns and gunplay in the movies these days which I think really started in a big way after Columbine. I think thats why you see this trend of all these sword and sandal flicks too. Studios are still nervous about making hardcore, R-rated, action movies. And any shoot-out type movies that are made are kinda soft and offscreen.  Anyhow, they and PA may say it wasn't written to be a PG-13 from the start, but I don't believe 'em. I think they're lieing to try to keep people from turning off of the film.
    hey maybe it is rated pg 13 due to the fact that it is just alien and predators getting the crap ripped out of them and maybe they think that everyone knows its fake and stylized becuz it is fake pred blood against acid blood i dunno its kind of just a bad assumption buy theres more combat between the preds and aliens than aliens and humans or humans and preds
  24. MoBiUG
    I just don't care anymore. I've ordered all the mcfarlane toys. I've ordered a plush face hugger from Palisades. Gimme the damn movie, whatever the rating   ;D  
  25. Galmorzu
    PG13 isn't quite a kiddy movie, though.  That would be PG.  PG13 is only one step down from R, and there's a lot that can be done with that.  I'm going to wait and see it before I say anything.  Maybe it'll look bad, maybe it will actually be pretty good, still.  Though I think people are going to go into the movie wanting to hate it now, and that's seriously going to effect how it comes across.  Which is too bad, because it may actually be pretty good.  I'd be more worried about the run-time, myself.
  26. Sam04je
    Does this mean the Uk version is gunna be better! Or the same? Because 15 rated film i hav previously seen in the UK are pritty bad like 'Rad Dragon' That was priity bloody with Glass been shoved in peoples eyes an stuff. So as long as its a 15 in the UK im not that bothered. although a 18 rated Avp would be better.
  27. AngryHobo
    Oooooh....ahhhnhh.....Cookies  just showed us all. After numerous days and hours spent bitching and moaning about Paul Anderson, the lack of gore and the "death" of both the Alien and Predator franchise, people are actually beginning to believe his sorry ass.        The franchises are already dead, this is an effort to restart them both. Paul Anderson, from the looks of the featurettes and trailers, has done a good job of bringing both Preds and Aliens together. The gore may be absent from the theatrical release, but the movie is one giant excuse to make Preds and Aliens duke it out. Hell, Return of the King showed decapitated heads being thrown over a wall, so why cant AvP show unrealistic and non-human creatures being ripped apart. Hell, in Evil Dead 2 Raimi elected to use green blood instead of red to lower the rating. The MPAA has less of a problem with unrealistic or futuristic violence than extremly graphic violence depicted on humans. Freddy vs Jason had loads of blood, but wasn't trimmed down due to the unrealistic nature of the gore. Anderson might have just been forced to cut down on shown human death to allow for a PG-13 movie, but kept the majority of the creature violence, WHO f**kING KNOWS.       So little f**kers like Cookies, who bitch and bitch and then see the goddamn movie, can shut the f**k up. So your angry about creative choices on AvP? WHO f**kING CARES. Why dont you go home, watch the original Predator and Alien movies, whack off to the shown violence, look at your poster of Paul Anderson, hump your goddamn pillow and shut the f**k up. I know you'll see the movie and give Fox your money, just like the little Star Wars fanboys who bitch and then take it up the ass by Lucas when they see his newest Prequel. I know Cookies has some witty retort or something else to bitch about...but at least I've given my one rant.    >:D  
  28. tribalcore
    me taking a shit is going to be more violent this this movie  at least on the count of human gore ...R.I.P  alien and predator...thanx for the first couple of movies. R.I.P..paul anderson for which your career is done with at least to me it is.
  29. yautja
    If anderson was a real fan of avp he would know how gory the creatures are. Common sense its a no brainer. Predator skins preople,gutts them and tears out people's skulls. Alien claws people use their secondary jaw and tears people apart. How could anyone in their right mind make this creature brawling gorefest a PG-13
  30. yautja once again
    No official rating from the site. Maybe its some person saying the rating was PG-13 on tv to piss us off. We avp fans should stick together in this tragedy and keep on commenting on AVPGalaxy.
  31. shakermakerman
    i think u all jumpin the gun again...any way some one put me straight if a film in america is R under 17 can go if with adult right??? so that means a 13 year all can watch it any if with adult right???? so realy theres not much difference right??? cus the uk its different.. ppl been saying T3 was R well i have in my dvd collection and its a 12 so im getting very confused and i think ill wait till it comes out in the uk to see what the rating will be
  32. Cookies
    well the motion picture association says its pg13 and its offical confimerd.    So its Directed by paul anderson... runs in at 1h27min and its pg13.  ha ha  OMG  funnest thing EVER!   never thought one movie could kill 2 franchizes so bad
  33. RyanPoli
    It can work as pg13 because it is an action movie, unlike the alien films and the predator films (though pred did seem more like action than horror I suppose).  This is paul anderson here, this movie should be just pulse pumping action watching the aliens and predators fighting.  Lets just hope he doesnt screw up the score and have non stop rock music (like he has now done to resident evil 2)
  34. topman
    so it will be a 15 in the UK, thats not bad but i woud have liked it to be a 18 in the UK.

    RyanPoli, you know this is Alien vs Predator right? how can you take a previous film that is R rated and make this into a pg-13? I dont get it   ??? 
  35. RyanPoli
    Its pg13, suck it up and stop crying.  This is still the SAME movie that weve been seeing pics and trailers for over the months.  What, do those trailers all suddenly look bad now? No, you were excited before, so be excited now, its the same flick weve been pumped for all along.
  36. Cookies
    Well i think thats total BS and should be the other way around.  Release a pg13 dvd and release the rated r in theater!  This is such a shitty way to go for a alien and pred movie.  Like the pred and alien movies just get worse and worse everytime!  WTF IS THAT!
  37. BKB
    Sorry but I just looked at CINEMARK like you said and it showed absolutely NOTHING about the film being R Rated and it merely took me to the IMDB website when I clicked on the title to show me more people bitching about it over there.. Nice one dude.. Nice one..
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