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Press Screening August 12th?

PlanetAvP movie specialist Gareth Von Kallenbach, has received word from Fox that the press screener for Alien vs Predator will be released on 12th August which means there will be no bad reviews for Fox’s big AvP opening:

“The local PR office confirmed our press screener as 8/12. Usually we screen a film at least 3 days prior to opening in order to have ample time to write reviews. In the industry when a film is screened the night before opening such as with “The Village”, it is seen as the studio not wanting any negative reviews to hamper a large opening so they screen it the night before. Doing so keeps many publications from having the review ready before the crucial Friday and Saturday ticket sales. I hope I am wrong on this, but it is very, very rare that a film that is screened the day before the opening is any good.”

I guess this could be a good thing in that people won’t be swayed by bad reviews at the beginning which happens with every film and The Village seems to have done well at the box office using this approach.

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  1. J
    I deffinately agree with Oh's last comment ( Son, you have got this spot on). Critics have funny ways of fewing a movie. You will always have your stiff-upper liped individual who will detest this kind of movie therefore giving it an unfair review. I just hope that they ANALIZE this movie well and not just dis-miss it as   another sci-fi flick .  Paul Anderson seems to have come ALONG way from his Mortal Kombat phase and has shown great pedigrees to create THIS kind of movie.  He desrves to do well with this movie, AND WILL   ;D  
  2. G-Dog
    Cetanu, GREAT post # 85. We ain't going no where, us fans are going to stick by this movie no matter what. Man, been over 14 years for me, I dreamed of preds fighting aliens after I saw Pred 1. I didn't need to see Pred 2 to to think that. Just by seeing the alien skull on pred 2 made me almost have a f---king heart attack! man, too damn long wating for this, and its just 7 days away......7 DAYS away, F---K YEAH!!!  Ain't going to have NO ONE ruin this movie for me, and none of you fans should. Sure we're going to question certain things, but the reality of it, we saw an alien fight a predator, for me it was August 3, 2004 for the first time...............and it was f**king unbelievable.......
  3. ElTiburon
    AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!WWWHHHOOOOOO!!!!(Bagpipes from Braveheart plays)  Hell yeah, Cetanu and BKB and everyone else! That's what i'm saying...Quit doubting this movie! Everything we have seen thus far has been INCREDIBLE...For good or bad, i am a diehard fan of AVP! It doesn't matter if this movie doesn't do well, I will still love it and i will still die an AVP fan.. No matter what...Alot of you call yourselves fans, yet all you do is bitch and moan about this and that and say the movie will suck. I don't understand you people! I have said this 100 times: For the FIRST time in history, F**KING ALIENS and F*UCKING PREDATORS are going to be on the same screen screen at the same time! What more do you want?!?!? I have waited so long for this movie i will probably cry myself to sleep August 12th waiting for the sun to come up so i can finally after all these years see this movie. You're not going to ruin this for me, so if ur not a true fan get the hell off the FANSITE!!!
  4. Cetanu
    To Oh. Way to think man. Who gives what the critics think, this film wasn't made to entertain them, this is for the hardcore AvP fans who have been drooling over this movie since it was hinted at back in 92'. "Cold Mountain" crap is for the critics, no offense to anyone who liked it. AvP is for the young folks who cant enough "monster mashing." I think its entertaining to watch critical bastards pulling stuff out of their asses. "Character development" is the latest one. Who gives a crap, this is not titled "How Oscar Worthy are Lex and Weyland." This is freaking AvP guys. Also, who gives a crap if there is little to no human blood spilling, skinned bodies and missing skulls. All I wanna see is Alien heads getting smashed and Predators getting impaled in a shower of phosphorescent gore. That's the only "gore" I'm really concerned with quite frankly. Some have also been critical of how Anderson isn't just cutting straight to the action. Well folks, he could've done that. But he was smart and mature enough to know that something about his own directing style wasn't working, so who can blame him for doing the smartest thing ever, choosing to dump his idea and doing his darndst to try and recreate the style of two of the greatest directors in sci-fi history, Scott and Cameron instead of trying to use his own again. Besides, Alien 3, AR, and Predator 2 were all about relentlessly paced action, are they gonna be remembered as sci-fi classics, not a chance in hell. I dont know why all of the news you hear point towards this film caving in at the box office. I haven't seen any such signs. Also, guys, quit resorting to the novel for proof of how the movie will be. Its nothing like the film in any way shape or form, so get off using the book for spoilers, cause most of what's in the book will never show up in the movie. Okay you childish bastards, this is the last straw. I'm tired of seeing more and more "critics" polluting a "fan" forum. Can you critical dumbasses spell F-A-N. FAN! You have something bad to say, your not welcome here. At least in my mind, only Darkness has control over who comes and goes. Adam JZ, G-Dog, all of the genuine fans who have stayed loyal and dedicated to this movie, I applaud you, and if they ever erect an AvP museum, may your names be displayed in the AvP Hall of Fame for fans. I dont want to see another post insulting AvP, Paul Anderson, Fox, or anything that's related to AvP, read my lips! I will bash you, and have you crawling back home crying with you tail in between you legs, this is aimed at anyone who posts anything negative by the way. I'm sick of it, I've had it with posters trying to ruin the optimism of true fans. AvP fan Gods like Adam JZ, G-Dog, and apologies to anyone else I missed, stick around guys, AvP needs quality folks like you!
  5. Oh
    Smart move from Fox, regardless of the quality of the film, I want it to do well for both Franchises sakes,  It does seem the type of movies the critics will rip up, not that I give a shit cause Im looking forward to it.
  6. MoBiUG
    They say this but there WILL be reviews on Rottentomatoes for opening day. I've seen nothing sucky so far. I think Fox DO believe in this film, they called set visits after being impressed by the production.
  7. J
    I think its more excitment ... the level of anxiousness of releasing this HEAVY WEIGHT MOVIE, AND IT IS H-E-A-V-Y W-E-I-G-H-T!   I like to believe that its more about the fans, what we want!  Whether it was released before or after won't make a blind bit of difference , especially to harsh-ass critics.  ( me, personally IT WILL DOMINATE FULLSTOP   ;D  )
  8. Gazz
    JESUS CHIRST GUYS. WOULD YOU f**kING LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.  This happens a lot with movies, good and bad. It doesn't mean that Fox doesn't want its publicity sullied by bad reviews but because they want to let people see the film with a clean slated mind. It doesn't mean shit really.  Did you like Aliens? Same happened there. T1- Same.  Even Jaws.  Just wait for the film and quit your bitching. You sound like an oap harping on about thier pension.
  9. Cetanu
    I dont understand Fox guys one bit. At first, it appeared that they wouldn't be showing as much featurettes, trailers, and tv spots if they didn't think the film would do good. They wouldn't have downgraded the rating to PG-13 if they didn't think crowds would be flocking to see the movie. Now all of a sudden we have to believe that they have no faith because of a late screening. Its pretty ingenius actually on Fox's part to make money. Mucho dinero! Sounds like a rather farfetched worry to me guys, I wouldn't trouble yourselves over this news. AvP will do fine, and by the way, movie critics dont do films justice at all.
  10. G-Dog
    sounds like FOX doesn't have any high hopes on this movie. Thats not good......then again, its a good move so that critics don't trash the shit out this movie before it comes know, bring down the hopes of everyone else. This doesn't worry me still, Its going to be badass!!
  11. Grifth
    to all the ppl saying lets wait until it comes out! and what, then there woulnd be no need for these coment sections and forums i mean come on lets share opinions about this. some migth bash it some migth defend it but its always fun to talk about it.
    why dont we all just wait until the movie comes out instead of carrying other people away from theaters will all this talk of this movie will suck  i know its news darkness, and we thank you         but i think this news bit should have been left in the email it came from  but hey it wasnt my decision so ill complain no more
  13. topman
    thanks dude that does make sense. it'll be cool if the movies explains where the aliens originally came from.

    i hope they release a uncut version of the movie, hopefully not like spawn that came out on dvd.
  14. Frosty
    I would hazard a guess and say, the predators brought them to earth to mallest, many years ago, The prison acting as a form of unescapable play ground/breeding ground.    Im pretty sure thats how.  I dout the preds bring down a queen on a leash, let her go and shout "KILL BESSY KILL", and then say "SHIT!!! NO!!! NOT ME BESSY get them PESKY APES!"  bloody aliens "WHO EXACTLY BROUGHT THIS ALIEN UP BECAUSE DAM!!!! SHE NEEDS SOME DICEPLINE".  Just wouldnt work, although be it, very funny.
  15. BKB
    IceFlow | 04 Aug 2004 08:5665 The odds contine to get stacked against this film being good. The probability of this movie being good has been declining now for some time.  -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------  Well Gee dude, I wonder why when everyone and their mother on these goofy movie websites crap on it over trivial bullshit like who's directing it, the PG-13 Rating issue, the fact that it has an unknown cast(which the original ALIEN did to they seem to forget for back in 1979) and just the overall nonsense of it all as though they make themselves sound smarter while their bitching about it than they really are, which isn't very smart.. There's a part of me that's wishing I could leap forward to next weekend and see how this will do cause I think it's going to do surprisingly and shockingly good, better than people think..
  16. KAlien
    Hey Fellow AVP fan's can you believe it's almost here? Im so excited to see this movie. Forget the rating. Yes, I know PG-13 is a let down but as long as there's plenty on Alien & Predator carnage. from what they said at comic Con the fight scenes were awesome.
  17. IceFlow
    The odds contine to get stacked against this film being good. The probability of this movie being good has been declining now for some time.
  18. Revenant
    If this movie doesn't have at least 8 instances where the word "f**k" is used(which it definitely will not), and at least 4 instances in which a human is skinned alive and/or decapitated/mauled/impaled/dismembered (which it definitely will not) then this is not a true Alien or Predator movie, and is only a cheap imitation, and I will consider it as such...that is all....
  19. Heavy Metal Spike
    I'm amazed at the lack of elocutionary eloquence that some of our less erudite companions are oft to display (excepting BEEKO for some biased reason).  A simple explanation of the start of chapter 29 - the "hundreds of aliens" are the resurrected clones of Vasquez from "Aliens" sent back in time to confuse the crap out of the poor sci-fi fans who are trying to understand Marc "commissioned movie-script adapter" Cerasini.   Watch the film THEN read the book, then eat the pie and buy the cuddly toy.  AVP: Alien vasquez precipitates   Goonight till tomorrow (today)  Muhhhaaahaaaahaaaahaaahaaaaaaa   Spike.   :D     :D     8)  
  20. AdamJZ
    Confusious say "You American fan boys are so funny! every time a good post happen on site, you be saying "AVP will rock da house" but every time bad post happen you be saying "AVP will suck ass" me no undersand logic"
  21. BKB
    QuoteEl Demonio Cazador | 04 Aug 2004 06:2148 Damn BKB....  if your expert's review is from Howard Stern's show... thats a Good sign!!!....  hehehe....   And to Adam, I see your point and I agree that the characters have their wasn't great Character Development...come on...besides...that's just the novel...let's wait for the movie!!   Saludos 
    -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Hey, I'll tell ya what?? Say what you want about Howard Stern and whatnot, but this guy is a hardcore fan of this type of stuff and one of the hardest critics as well as the people he deals with and if there praising it after seeing it and citing it as FANTASTIC, Then why the f**k shouldn't we believe him?? Not only that but 2 callers calling in saying the same thing after seeing it and it's stuff like that I hear that just get's me very excited moreso than going to IGN or ROTTENTOMATOES and getting slammed and bashed day in and day out because of my enthusiasm for this and me hyping it.. Can you believe I'm getting rippied and torn apart with every name said to me and as a result, I'm forced to dish it right back making me look like the bad guy?? It's bullshit and I've said since day 1 this would be, and will be, a end of the summer blockbuster that non one took seriously or allowed it to go under the radar cause of their own selfishness andf arrogance in expecting these films to be Epic and award winning with award winning dialogue and acting to match instead of accepting the film for what it's intended to be: An all out action fest between 2 Iconic Monsters.. What more could a fan of this comic ask for?? Oh and "PURISTS" Suck to since all they care about is comparing the franchises and being all nitpicky about every little detail instead of just enjoying it..Yawn..
  22. Setiana
    Sigh... Critics are dumb. Every single movie I love, critics hate. People shouldn't take critics reviews so seriously. Like someone else said, they just follow trends anyway. Nobody wants to stand out with their own opinion, they have to follow the flock. Even when the movie isn't really that bad.  Saw the TV spots... it looks really good, better then I'd have thought. Maybe I'm biased... but I don't think it's going to be that big a disappointment. I mean, really, what are we watching it for anyway? Aliens and Predators. We're not watching it for the acting and the plot, are we? ... Or maybe I'm wrong?   It'll be out soon. Save your opinions for after you've actually seen the movie. All this "OMFG it's gonna suck" before you've even seen the movie is kind of depressing to see... let's at least give it a chance before we blow it out of the water and hunt down Paul Anderson...
  23. AdamJZ
    About the hundreds of aliens thing, I am sure the writer was just exadurating, it wouldnt show hundreds of aliens in those small chambers, and Also I agree with hunter x, see the movie, then complain. or praise
  24. hunter x
    demonio cazador  its doesnt matter how many times you tell this people to wait for the movie, they just have this thing in there mind  that this movie is going to suck . and they call them selfs fans.
  25. El Demonio Cazador
    Damn BKB.... if your expert's review is from Howard Stern's show... thats a Good sign!!!.... hehehe....  And to Adam, I see your point and I agree that the characters have their wasn't great Character Development...come on...besides...that's just the novel...let's wait for the movie!!  Saludos
  26. Aliens Rule
    I thought you said you read the book! LOL!!  Read the first sentence of chapter 29 you moron!  That's happening in the pyramid!

    The beginning shot of the EEV and cryotubes ruined the whole movie for me.  That was inexusable!  The movie was mediocre at best.
  27. AdamJZ
    there are hundreds of aliens in the flashback, there are not hundreds in the pyramid in the modern day battle, there are not hundreds of aliens, and even if there are, Alien 3 was great and that had one of the biggest plotholes in movie history.
  28. Aliens Rule
    I agree BKB.  I don't expect anything epic.  However, I don't like plot holes.  I could care less about character development since the Aliens and Predators should be the stars, even though the book does a good job of develping some human character in my mind.
  29. BKB
    Jesus Christ, I love how this Gareth guy is like the poster boy for enticing bad news as though he loves dishing this shit out about the film like he's really benefitting this site by telling us this.. Anyone else notice trhis to?? He does this shit over at CinemaBlend and Rottentomatoes.. It also seems like to me, that Gareth as well as a few select others who hang out at Rotten Tomatoes and have repeatedly shit on this movie as well as their bogus website CinemaBlend to are simply guaging a reaction.. Who honestly give a rat's fat ass whether the screening is the day before the movie or not?? Who REALLY gives a shit after I just posted f**king news, a thread saying that 2 people called in to the Howard Stern Radio Show thiis morning after seeing it and said in quote: "It was FANTASTIC" as well as Howard's friend who's also a critic for a magazine that reiterated the same thing as well??. I mean if Gareth has a boner for this film in a negative sort of way, then I'll say to him what I've said a 1000 times over and that's if you don't like the film, the director, the running time or the rating, then just pass on the motherf**ker and stop bringing the fans who ARE interested in this down over it.. If you HONESTLY expect Award winning dialogue and award winning acting and have such high, Epic expectations for this as thoiugh you expect it to be a f**king Epic, then you deserve to be disappointed and possibly even laughed at and because of that, you should pass on it and save us your wretched reviews on it..
  30. Pred Girl
    Obviously Adam JZ didn't get the gist of your post. lol.  But I see where you are coming from Aliens Rule.  How the hell did hundreds of Aliens start appearing?
  31. Aliens Rule!
    Back to Adam duh right back at you.  The face huggers within the eggs need a hundred hosts to make a hundred Aliens.    Some people just don't think.  Now do you get what I'm saying.  No?  I didn't think so.
  32. eXhale
    usually a very very bad sign if they show press screenings so late... i am a huge alien fan and i also like the predator movies, but i think avp will suck...
  33. AdamJZ
    El Demino Cazador... I love saying this to you, and Ill say it again. WHAT THE f**k ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!! The Character development in the AVP novel was fantastic. Lex and the backstory of how her fater died, Weyland and his obsession for remembrence. Sebastion and his lovable personality, and how he is always a 'hang loose' kind of guy, Millier and his laguhable goofyness. Vernhiden and his Bad assedness (not really a word but oh well) all the Characters have good development, every single  comment you make you put this film down, if you hate the film so much without even haveing seen it, then dont see it!!! if you are too afraid it will suck, start thinking positivley and you will be satisfied.
  34. El Demonio Cazador
    Dachande The Village great?? come on!!! it was like a Soap Opera on the big screen....if you call that character development ok....enjoy it.... Besides it's was terribly predictable... and the characters were mindless and boring... it actually reminded me of the "Little house on the Praire" also  want character development watch FIGHT CLUB,   As for Shyamalan's movies, even Signs was better...and that's too much for me to say because I find it dreadful....  But we're here to discuss AvP I read the novel and I couldn't careless about the characters... they were dumb and just for having some dialogue... specially Lex and Weyland, those characters are truly pathetic in the novel...on the other hand its ALIENS VS PREDATOR, so we really shouldn't care about the humans hehehehe It would've been better if they were marines... instead you have geeks and red necks...  oh well... Lest just wait 9 more days!!  Salduos!
  35. Dachande
    Ye of little faith, and "The Village" was great because it had something called "character development".  Now for those who think it sucked, go watch some more mind numbing TV.
  36. AdamJZ
    um DUH!!!!!!!! the predators brought the queen to earth and put her in cryostasis in that pyrimid thousands of years ago.  she is taken out of stasis each time the predators come to hunt, the machines that are keeping her contained force her to lay eggs each time she is taken out of cryostasis, THE PREDATOS BROUGHT AN ALIEN QUEEN TO EARTH!!!!!
  37. Aliens Rule!
    First off, I am a huge Alien and Predator fan and I am going to see this movie without a lot of expectations.  I think it will be enjoyable, although flawed  if it follows the book closely.  And of course the critics will bash the flaw because it is so obvious.  And the flaw is as follows:
    Where do all of the Aliens come from!?  The book never explains this.  Read sentence one of chapter 29.  Also, there is a part in the book where Scar and Lex hide in a small secured chamber from the Aliens.  The Grid and a horde of Aliens are scaling the walls and trying to attack them, but are blocked off.  The book only describes a few people getting face-hugged in the sacraficial chamber (at max, maybe 5 or six).  And the first full-grown Alien attack comes way to soon afterwards.
    If the movie corrects this, then it will be good.  Also, I did not like the following:
    Lex covers herself with Alien parts.  The head as a shield and tail as a spear is o.k., but wearing body parts is kinda weird and I can't picture it making Lex impervious to Acid.
    But overall, those are just my thoughts and opinions.

    Also, don't pay attention to one movie review if you see it; good or bad.  I think Rotten Tomatoes is the most ingenious web site for rating movies and the best way to determine if a movie is decent or not.  Each movie is rated as a percent based on a collection of reviews.  I'm sure you all know about this anyway though.
  38. Heavy Metal Spike
    Always thought "Saving Ryan's privates" sucked anyway.  "Crusty old person" - hey - I resemble that remark!  AVP: Assholes value Popcorn-flicks  Muhaahaaahaaahaaahaaaaaaa    :D  
  39. Lord HamsteR
    its god damn AvP i have ben dreaming of this film ever sinse AvP2 the game was in my grasp!! i mean come one did Resident Evil sukt at all? if he did marvels there iam sure ill see them in AvP!  P.S do you think Mila Javovich could do better then sanaa?
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