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What Is AvP’s Running Time?

It’s been speculated since we got the rating news. What is AvP’s running time? Many websites have reported it to be between 80-90 minutes long even though Paul Anderson said this was no 90 mins film which suggested a good two hours. Well, movie reviewer, Gareth Von Kallenbach, had something to say on the running time in PlanetAvP’s Forum:

“Just in from my Fox Rep
Approximately 100 minutes”

Normally, I wouldn’t report general gossip but Gareth was right about the PG13 certificate. I’m not sure what to make of it. Fox are doing their very best to ruin whatever chance of AvP being successful. I presume a lot of footage has been cut out if it stands at 100 minutes. Let’s hope Paul Anderson gives his side of the story to all these events soon.

Thanks to a different Gareth (?) for the news.

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  1. J
  2. BKB
    Man, seriously folks, LIGHTEN UP A BIT.. Who cares if it isn't the 2 hour plus extravaganza or it being R Rated.. None of you work for FOX or any studio for that matter and if you did, you'd understand why FOX is doing this which is merely for more $$$$ and to put more butts in the seats... Problem is is that all of you are expecting wayyyy too much out of this and need to start keeping it real and dumping on Anderson and blaming him for it.. Besides, 100 minutes VS 120 Minutes REALLY isn't that big of a deal and it isn't like your going to be able to show anymore or less in that adfitional 20 Minutes..
  3. Cetanu
    xx13 have you been paying absolutely no attention, man I cant stand people who dont have a clue before they post. This whole topic is about the film possibly being 100 minutes, and your still whining about it being 1 hr 27 min, gimme a break, come back when you have a legit reason to be critical of AvP.
  4. J
    The thing is peeps, when were all watching this movie were hardly going to be checking our watchs every 5 minutes to find out its proper length time   ???   the plain - ass fact is that it will be LONG enough  I remember PA said that due to how much footage was taken he had to trim alot ( I think thats what he said over at IGN)  O YES, check my version of the intro  sequel of this movie, AVP 2 if you haven't already over at ' Report from comic - con '
  5. flonge
    Anderson is a quick cutter so it didn't suprise me, but he manages to do alot things in little time, so a 100 min PA film is like 130 James Cameroon film ;)  but more would be more pleasing...  it shouldn't be a second less than 100min.
  6. MoBiUG
    Running time and rating? It's conjecture.  1 - Anderson and Fox might be really happy with the end product, it may well be the exact film they set out to make. It just happens to fit the PG13 bracket after stylistic choice, eg chest bursters through pred vision.  2 - This could be the most hardcore 100 minutes EVER. What would be the point in dragging it out if it affected rock solid pacing? You'd rather it plod for two hours if it can blaze through 1hr and 40 minutes like a flaming cheetah?   No you personally, just those with the beef.
  7. MoBiUG
    There might not even be a directors cut, jesus. What makes you so certain this film has been chopped up? Don't you think there's a good chance Anderson and Co made the film they set out to and it just happens to pass as a PG13? Chestbursters through pred vision = stylistic choice. And obviously this passes a PG13.  Please... Let it go. Enjoy the film.
  8. true AvP fan
    you know the really messed up part, everyone is saying that the DVD will kick ass, because all of the uncut scenes will be in there, and yes, it will then probably warrant an R rating, which is really good, and i can't wait, but don't all of us want to see the really good stuff on the theatre screen, that's the best, instead we are going to have to settle for seeing the better version on our tv's.  Well at least there will be a better version, and i'm not saying the theatre movie won't be good, i'm just saying that the uncut, unedited, R version will be the best.
  9. SFA
    Where did the quote come from that you won't see and Aliens or Predator action till about an hour into the film? Was it Anderson that said that? Because if that's so, either he's a liar (already looking very likely) or FOX have forced them to edit it to shit. I wouldn't be suprised if they are actually f**king Anderson over like they did with Fincher.  First a PG-13 film and now a Generation-Y friendly running time. GOOD GOING FOX! At this rate, you'll RAKE in the cash when Burger King puts Predators on their Milkshakes for the sequel.
  10. Glenn X
    I was hoping for longer, but 100 minutes is a decent length -- mainly because it allows a filmmaker (even in this current era of incredibly long end-credit crawls) to get in at least 90-95 minutes of narrative and characterization and, in this case, action set-pieces.  Yes, the optimist in me hoped the film would be longer, way longer, James Cameron-style longer.  However, the realist in me always figured that that was unlikely.  Moreover, I recently re-watched John Carpenter's excellent Escape from New York, which is only 99 minutes long, and marveled at just how lean and muscular and utterly exciting it still is.  There's not a wasted moment in that entire film and it leaves you wanting for more, not wearily wishing it to end before it does.  If AVP, at a mere 60 seconds longer than Escape from New York, can pull off that same feat, I'll be pleased.
  11. Torch
    An X-rated AVP with a running time of 19 hours?  That would be f*cking sweet!!  There could be PLENTY of time for character developement, get the whole AVP backstory (i.e., how they come together, why they're even fighting, and where they come from).  Plus we would get TONS of blood, TONS of gore, and a sh*tload of swearing.    Talk about a dream!

    Plus we could even get a few 30-min. Alien/Pred fights.
  12. Regicidal_Maniac
    Could you even be happy with an X rated AVP with a running time of 19hours?  I bet some of you sorry turkeys would still find something to complain about, it's what you do.  If you're unhappy, seriously go and make your own film I'm sure it'll be fantastic.
    i'm mad that its gonna be only 100 minutes for AVP and also that its PG-13 but come on people we're Alien and Predator fans on here and we're too busy being so pissed off about this. for christ sakes people this is AVP we're talking about not some other movie this is the movie that we all been dying to see. i for one am going to see AVP and i still think it'll be good even though the rating and the time for the movie sucks but still people its the xenomorph vs the yautja. i cant wait to see these 2 alien lifeforms on the silver screen. i want everyone on here to quit their goddamn cripping about the movie's running time to see the movie to see how it is and then you people could crip all you want about AVP if it sucked. we all havent seen the movie yet and i know fox screwed it up i understand but this is Alien vs Predator need i say more people.

    i agree with everything you said Hybrid about AVP. you and me are true Alien and Predator fans on here and there are some fans on here that are true to the movies.
  14. Bringer of Death
    Predgirl your one of those sheep im talking about, every comment you say is nothing of your own, but just repeats of other comments made by more intelligent people that you cant come up with by yourself and i wouldnt be talking to much smack cause theres allot of people on here that will send you away cryin if you press the right buttons.And most of us arnt bitching about the movie in general but the fact that key feattures needed to be in this film arnt, were not saying we hate this movie and hope it fails,I know im not,just that allot of important details and things like i would have wanted to see in this wont make it into this movie.It would be pretty dumb and premature seeing as no one has seen this film in its entirety yet to go boldly out and say that this film has no chance what so ever and that you hate everything in it.Now SOMEBODY made very good points on how all of the sets look uderly amazing for the lack of funds you think would be needed to pull off some of the stuff in this movie and I enjoy seeing the new killer pred designs and so forth. So stop trying to be cool and sound like a smartass and a  know it all, because your far from it
  15. Predgirl
    You boys already making a judgement over this movie again and again and again.  Is complaining the only thing all of you know or its just me.  I thought we all were big fans of AVP, but all I see is haters if you fans be fans come on.  If you so worried about the movie then don't see it.  I been waiting for this and I can't wait to see it.  So you complainers be quiet and go complain about something than the same thing over and over its getting old.   So it 100 mins so what it almost like the Predator 1 that was about 109 mins so whats the big deal. At least I can stay for the whole movie without going to the restroom.
  16. Somebody
    I think, that given that the movie had about 70 million dollars of budget, it pushed the movie to the limits. What I mean, is that the pyramid, and the sets are simply AWESOME.! Did you guys see in the production photos and trailers how nice the pyramid and the Queen looks like? I like it very much. THey've done a very good job with 70 million dollars. I am very sad and angry about the rating, but life does go on...     :-\      *drinking* here's to a good movie!!!!
  17. Revenant
    This movie is going to turn into another Van Helsing...does anybody remember that f**king stupid ass movie that could have been extremely scary and awesome, if it wasn't pg-13, and was directed by someone who does good horror films?  Yeah, thats my prediction...Van Helsing.
  18. Bringer of Death
    Dont get me wrong fellas, i want this movie to do well so we get sequels i just dont understand there motives to make this movie and probably a series of sequels pg 13, Now im sure were in for a treat, but it will most likely be a basic action movie orriented kinda flick, not a sci fi horro kind like the previous ones before it.I just hope we get cool scenes from the novel like  
    When scar and lex are trapped in part of the pyramid ,scar starts to skin and disect and alien body by cutting and removing the hard armor like exterior of its exoskeleton to use as armor against the aliens acidic blood, that would be cool as hell to see since we've never seen the preds skin anything before and the methods they use to do so.Another scene is when Weylands body guard Max Stafford gets caught in the preds net and they describe how it tightens and cutts into his flesh and bones and blood gushing from his wounds then the pred jams its staff through his heart and a huge pile of blood falls from his back to the floor to gather into a large crimson puddle of gore.YummyEnter Text
    you see this is the good stuff that will might not be in this film, wich will be a shame if it isnt.
  19. El Demonio Cazador
    Man...Paul better deliver the goods on this one... or his out of bussiness..... This movie is so full of bad choices... 1. No Giger or Winston  2. No Jerry Goldsmith (R.I.P.) no James Horner, No Alan Silvestri 3. Takes place on earth 4. No marines 5. Forced appearence of Weyland 6. PG-13 (one of the worst) 7. Running time: Approx 100 minutes  Am I missing anything? I hope it doesn't get worse...  Saludos!
  20. Bringer of Death
    Torch, great points there my friend, but you speaking your mind is exactly what im talking about NOT being one of the many sheep that follow the herd.Good for you man in having the balls to say exactly what you mean and the best thing about it is pretty much everything you just said is absolutely right, and I agree and say again , dont get your hopes up for this film to be everything you drempt about this being - the best of the alien . pred films in one, thats what it should have been but , leave it to good ol Fow and the need to screw the people who matter most- the fans , to get exactly what they want-$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$  its a shame to because this movie should have been able to take the title of # 1 movie of the year, Im not sayin it dosnt have a chance but , being pg 13 and not being able to do allot of the necesary things this movie needed to have like signature killing methods of these monsters will end up hurting this film in the long run,but if they dont at least gives us alien and pred death in all its gory glory,........................... well you can add your own ending to that.   ??? 

    alienworshoper, I read the novel also but i doubt there very similar due to the fact of the graphic HUMAN deaths described in the book 
    in one seen Quin and the other mercinary(spellings wrong i think) are above ground going through all there weapons and equipment when the preds arrive, one guy gets both arms sliced right off with blood every were and another gets speared and another gets his ass wooped and thrown down the huge 2000 foot deep tunne[, and the part we see in the trailer were the guy bust the 2 by 4 over the pred we see guys strung upside down in the background, but in the book they describe how they have huge frozen icecles from there headless shoulders down to the ground.I doubt they'll show that scene that graphic in the film with it pg 13 rating.Some other scenes the writer describes how the pred jams his wrist baldes through a mans skull deep into his brain.So if these parts are indeed in the movie they'll either be in infrared or poopy cut away scenes.BOOOOOO! Enter Text
  21. alienworshoper
    Oh...and no guys need to use spell do i because im the worst speller you will ever find but i just wanted to say that
  22. alienworshoper
    i dont see what the f**k all of you guys are complaining about. if you want a two hour movie go make a shitty version on your own. im gonna go see this movie and ENJOY what they gave me. if all of you are true fans you should realize that all they are doing is trying to expand the aliens and predator movies fans. if they want people to watch this they need more fans.if they get more fans the better a movie they could make and the more they can give us. if we support what they are doing they should make a second one. all the people i know how love the aliens and predator movies dont give a f**k on what the movie is rated or how long it is. i read the book and it seem like it will be pretty f**king good. the aliens and predators kicked ass and they shhould do a good job from what i have seen and heard. if you are true fans you might realise this so dont go f**king dissing the movie before you see it! ur mom there will be chestburstes...have you seen any of the commercials?
  23. Bringer of Death
    Fu#$ ya Tribal core you gotta love the heavy shit my friend, scew the rap crap   ;)  , but ya im glad you agree with some of my points.And admiral max, im not saying that the younger alien and pred fans arnt worthy to view this movie, im just saying it shouldnt have been aimed at such a younger audience thats alll, i mean alien was released in 79, aliens 86, pred 1 in 87, pred 2 in 90, well you see my point, most teens wouldnt have been alive even or just being born at these times, i was born in 81, so iwas young when the alien movies came out but that didnt stop me from seeing them, my dad was realy cool in the fact that he showed me these movies in the first place because he knew i could handle the violence and what not due to the fact that i was drawing more gory and violent pictures of dinosaurs killing and eating each other at the time.   ;D  .
  24. Torch
    Not to sound like a "sheep", Bringer, but I totally agree with you. Sh*t, how do you think I feel knowing that my 2 favorite monsters are gonna be 'softened up' to please the younger crowd?   You know, there's an old saying that goes, "Money is the root to all evil", and it's also the root to stupidity.  It's gut-wrenching to see how far Fox goes to make a movie aimed at an audience that probably knows absolutely nothing about the 2 creatures that are featured.  But they think "Well, we really don't care what the fans want just as long as we get what we want- $$$$."  That would be like a recording artist saying that he/she doesn't give a damn what they're fans want as long as they go buy their album.  It's shady, greedy, and just plain wrong.  But hey, that's the way Hollywood is.  It all boils down to this, folks- no matter how you look at this movie, in one way or another, it's gonna end up being dissapointing.  Whether it be the rating, the story, the dialogue, the director, the lack of blood and gore, the score, the creature designs, or Fox themselves  EVERYBODY is gonna have something to complain about.  And for those of you who despite everything negative about AVP STILL have high hopes, you need a good slap in the face and brought back down to reality, (and I'm not saying that trying to piss anybody off).   I for one don't care about the rating as long as the gore (that includes human) is present, and believe me there is nobody, and I mean NOBODY who's a bigger gore maniac than me .  But newsflash, THERE CAN'T BE HUMAN GORE WITH A PG-13 RATING!!!  There's only one way to find out to see if AVP even remotely lives up (which is about 85% that it won't)- and that's to go see it Aug. 13, with or without the "free" movie ticket.
  25. Heavy Metal Spike
    And to those people who are about to point out that it’s Sanaa Lathan NOT Sonia Latham – I KNOW ALRIGHT ALREADY! But Sonia Latham is this really hot blonde who lives down the road – man – does SHE redefine chestburster or what!    :)     :)     :)  
  26. tribalcore
  27. Heavy Metal Spike
    I've been waiting for this thing for over 10 years. Both pred movies are in my top 10 of all time and I never understood why#2 gets such bad press. I am just so friggin' grateful that this has finally been made I really don't care about the rating and the time.  The rating makes sense from a marketing point of view - would you rather have less bums on seats and less chance of an AVP 2? Or would you rather have a few less swear words and less gore and WAY more chance of a sequel.  As stated elsewhere – the timing may be a good idea as well – without the suspense of introducing the species you can’t have the slow buildup that Alien had, and you can’t have 2 hours of fight-after-fight.  The pyramid has limited space – it ain’t a jungle.  Oh – who am I kidding – I would have preferred 2 hrs 30 as well!!  If this is anywhere near as good as either of the 2 pred movies – I’ll be going 2 or 3 times at the big screen, will buy all versions of the DVD, the t-shirt, the cuddly toys, the action figures, and will gladly let Sonia Latham have my baby.
  28. voltz
    Well, that's somewhat the plan.  I usually go with the idea of renting first and wait till the special edition comes out.  Even if I were to buy it, I usually never pay more then $10 via discount or used and it goes for trade when it's re-released.  See this helped when I got T2 ultimate edition and I didn't hardly lose out.    ;D  
  29. voltz
    This is not very fitting news.  If that was the amount of time left on the cutting room floor, then I guess my response to seeing this film will be going before the evening show while it's cheaper.  I don't pay $7+ for a quick show.  If anyone wants to send the message to Fox, say you'll still see it, but not pay in full like they would've wanted.
  30. maxfli
      ???     :-\     :)     >:D    Avp's PG-13 rating and length most definitely won't affect the quality of the film. Think about it guys, it's gonna gross a pretty significant amount of money thanx to all the ads and promos, which probably Alien 5 and a Pred 3 within the next decade, decade and a half at MOST. Let's all pray that Aug. 13 and the week after are gonna be chill as fcuk for AVP. It's bound to be one helluva movie.   ;)  
  31. HellAlien
    Somebody, I disagree with ya here. The rating wont bring the movie down. ( even if right now alot of cards r falling ) The movie himself will. But its becoming real clear that fox had a sequel in mind all along.  1- they go with a low budget ( 70 million ) wich is very low for a movie like that. They went safe. 2- they r makin it 13 = more $ 3- they r mostly doin it short for more representations in cinemas = more money. 4- they got all almost unknown actors exep Lance. Again to save on money.  Its all logic here. This is not a fact yet, but its something that ppl should think about. Its all goin to 1 place, a sequel.
  32. Galmorzu
    No, it's not just over an hour, it's just over and hour and a half, which isn't quite as bad.  If they could add another 5-10 minutes to that guesstimate I would consider us in a safe zone.  100 minutes isn't that bad; 90 minutes would be cutting it pretty close, but 100 is doable I think.  Around 110 would be awesome, though     8)  
  33. MoBiUG
    I think it's a lost cause, Hybrid. There's a difference between this lot and us NORMAL fans. I'll take it as it comes. If AvP rocks, I'm happy. If AvP sucks, well atleast they tried. It's gotta be better than nothing. But that's with bashing Fox? If it wasn't for Fox there would be no Alien or Predator.
  34. ur mom
    haha this movie is gona be so terrible. lets see it's pg-13 that means no scenes of the chestbuster, its just over an hour long that means theres no story, no character development and only brief action sequences. its gona be just like Jurassic park III. and man, PA is like the worst director in the world, y the hell did Fox choose him as the director?
  35. MoBiUG
    Man... Not to be rude but so many of you illiterate Psychos have the strangest outlook. AvP does not rely on a rating, it does not rely on a run time. You've not seen it yet you condemn it, it's director and Fox for ruining something you love. How about you curb your mouth until it's actually released? Anderson, Fox, they may have crafted the film they set out to and it may well suck... but it could be a really great creature feature, something to bring both franchises back from the dead. You should be happy this even got made. From the TV spots, trailers and that report from the Comic-Con does it look/sound bad. No. So shut up... Please shut up. Until you've seen it atleast.
  36. splatterbatter
    I still am wondering if I am evening going to see this movie. If and when the directors release comes out i   might still see it but i am happy with all of the comics that I have aquired over the years.  I hope that whoever sees this movie that it will be a great experience but i don't think I will enjoy it.  too many of my hopes have been dashed.
  37. shakermakerman
    you lot make me laugh.. who says they will put the seens back in on the dvd??? i wont be till about 2 years a directors cut comes out so they can make many then , i mean look how long it taken for alien 3 directors cut to come out
  38. MoBiUG
    Some of you are ridiculous. So you'd rather a film that's clocks in at 1 hr and 40 minutes last 2 hours plus... just because? This could be the most hardcore 100 minutes EVER... but you'd rather it just be long.  Man, you're all being so petty.
  39. HellAlien
    well its better than 1 hour and 27 mins.  ITs not long at all, it will be quick in and out. But it might be real good. AND MATRIX RELOADED WAS DUMB. AVP is nothing to compare with that yet. You cant say that cuz you could be very surprised at how its goin to be. So stop the shits. What kind of fans r ya ?? Its your dream that your rolling in the dust here. We will c the pred after an abscence of 14 on big screen. We will c the queen kickin some a$$. We will c 1 alien vs 1 pred shredding each other to death.  Cmon ppl. Its 13 that is official. But about the running time, its not yet. The guy was right about the rating, but maybe not about the time. And even if he is right,  there is too many things that will make that movie great to us. I will have serious goosepumps when i will c that pred and that alien face to face. And i will surely lose conscience when they will begin to fight cuz of the adrenaline. Even if the movie is short, aven if its a flop. It will still be avp. Dont forget that.
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