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Predator Masks and Blades

Dark Horizons have posted a short paragraph that the effects team designed the Predator masks in order to prevent facehugger attacks and that the Predators’ longer blades help protect against acid:

“Gareth hears that the new look of the Predator masks “were designed to help prevent Alien Face Huggers from implanting Predators”, whilst their longer blades “allow their warriors to lessen the acid splash from Aliens”.”

I’m also guessing this Gareth person is the same person who works for PlanetAvP as “the move specialist”. This also raises more questions about how a Facehugger will be able to facehug a Predator – maybe one of the Predators’ masks gets knocked off and is left defenceless. Thanks to Gabe again for the news.

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  1. ooman
    My thoughts on the predator masks are that they are a tool for protection. Remember they are also a tool used for breathing and such.  Also to help with hunts since they do hunt more than just aliens(vision). Great way for defense against facehuggers, but I'm sure they have larger purposes than just that.
  2. ismguy
    finally i got through all the posts.  the forums on this page rock.  i read them a lot but rarely post.  well here's my 2 cents, i think the mask will be a bit more reluctant to melt if a facehugger tries to burn through it giving a pred time to take it off if it attaches.  kanes helmet melted in seconds so i think they may try to use that as a reference. second of all i find it irritating that people are trying to base the bishop thing on facts when it is SCI FI as in "he couldnt live that long to be in alien 3 blah blah blah."   my speculation will be that since that weyland is a leader in robotics why wouldnt he just use some technology he has made to help himself live a little longer.  i would.  another idea i had that is a little far fetched but could be true is that he got some of the technology from the predators and used it for his robotics company.  the pred suits are a good example or organic robotics so why not.  that is just my speculation though
  3. ooman
    Well I am pretty sure the preds wear armor because aliens have  1. teeth 2. second jaw with teeth 3. claws 4. really big tail that would nicely comment to a butcher knife  other than that  the Aleins vs. Predator has it's orgins dating to the comics. Does anyone remember the old NES game Aleins vs. Predator?  that game was the shit!  Oooo yeah did we forget that these predators have never fought aliens before?  this is their coming of age ritual....first time for everything.
  4. Bringer of Death
    Ooman, dude you and the rest of you guys preaching from the graphic novels and what not, these are in no shape or form actual facts.I could easily write one of these books putting in all my ideas and listen to guys like you preach about it til the preds come home.Everyone from the books has different info made up by different writers incorperating there OWN thoughts and ideas.Now if you really want hard facts the ONLY man capable of giving them to you would be Stan Winston, seeing as how the Predator is HIS creation, the same goes for all the alien questions, the only man to answer those to would be H R GIGER.1 more thing, if the preds blood can neutralize alien acid blood then what the fu#$ would be the point to were all the heavy armor for, to look cool.I mean shit they may as well not wear pretty much anything if the acid wont have its dangerous effects and they obviously lengthend there wrist blades to stay farther away from acid blood spraying out on to them.
  5. ooman
    well aliens are weak considerably......the preds choose to hunt aliens in small numbers when they are outnumbered.  Hell the predators control the aliens basicly.....they stuck them on earth to hunt.  Not like the aliens drove a spaceship here put in park and say "lets wait for the preds and then claw them to death"
  6. Hell Alien
    You said it yourself, the books have nothing to do with the movies. true the books are giving things on the preds that I too consider good. For that okay but as  for the avp, its bullshit. admit that in books and comics aliens are often weak. Only pred rules in that.that is what make me sick. There is some exeptions but not that much.
  7. ooman
    well I bet he made the blades longer just for looks.....then he decided to feed the fans a little bit of meat so they would not go "that looks gay" or "those are too long"  plus blades that long I would think would ruin the traditional close combat quarter predators love so much.  I figure that is something you use on a queen to wack her legs from underneath her.  The books story lines may have nothing to do with the movie but the predator information in it does make ALOT of sense.  the way their honor code works and their hunts.  Even in the first book it talks about "previous hunts on the ooman planet"
  8. ooman
    this is directed towards Z.....dude I never said that it was from the comics........if you read my post correctly you would see that it is from the books....which usually contain more than 20 pages...and NO pictures.  And anways this movie does not seem to be basing after any of the predator movies but more on the lines of the alien movies.  and he does mix his once I find my damn book........wait found second book maybe that has a quote somewhere  okay from book two called "Hunter's Planet" on page 186  "She had made sure before that her locks were well pulled away from the singed marking on her forehead, the marking that Broken Tusk had given her, the marking of bug acid mixed with yauja blood."
  9. Variable
    Man you guys are realy into the books. You guys are to the point were you are using the pred langauge. Which is cool. You are pretty hard core fans man. Rock on. But I read the books and own them but I take them as stories. The book & comics are one thing and the movies are another. Take the side that you will, I am sticking with the movies.
  10. Z
    ooman said: "The Predators blood does nutrualize the alien acidic blood"  --------------------   ???     ???  LMAO The Predator's blood doesn't neutralize the Alien's acid blood! It isn't mentionned anywhere in the comics!   ???   Wow, you gotta stop doing drugs when you read the comics, cuz Broken Thusk doesn't mix his blood before he marks Matchico(sp?)  ... and YES, the Alien's acid does affects the Predators! Just wait for the movie and you will see.  Come on now people, stop making things up just to sound interesting.  Concerning  which Predator is the leader... Like I said in an earlier post, I think that Scar is only the 'main' Predator ( as in the one we will see the most and feel compassion for and will also probably be the last remaining Predator ), not the leader.  As for the Celtic, I think he's not the 'leader' of the whole group, maybe the second in command... but surely the leader of the teens that are coming for ther 'coming of age'. So, maybe that would explain his unusual mask. Or, he could only be a normal Pred with an unusual mask... which a doubt.  And as for the Elder Predator, I think we won't see much of him, as his job is to keep an eye on the teens. Plus, I think he won't battle until things go out of hand... when he HAS to step in. Also, I think he will be the first predator to battle the Queen Alien. So watch out for that battle, cuz its gonna be one heck of a battle   8)  
  11. Hell Alien
    Hey ooman, sorry man but I still dont think that novels or comics are sources. So...   It would not be right tho, we got on that for a while and to neutrolize acid, something needs to be really basic. Its doin the same to human skin, basic or acid. And since Anna touched the preds blood and got nothing, we can say that the preds blood wouldnt be basic enough to neutrolize acid. Anyway the movie will say it but I dont think it is.
  12. ooman
    The Predators blood does nutrualize the alien acidic blood.  If you have ever read the Alien vs. Predator books in the first one "Prey" you will read when Dachande marks Machiko with his clan mark for being blooded he mixes his blood with the aliens blood so the damn alien blood wont burn through her head.  His blood nutrualizes it to a point where it is a slight burn.
  13. ooman
    The Predators blood does nutrualize the alien acidic blood.  If you have ever read the Alien vs. Predator books in the first one "Prey" you will read when Dachande marks Machiko with his clan mark for being blooded he mixes his blood with the aliens blood so the damn alien blood wont burn through her head.  His blood nutrualizes it to a point where it is a slight burn.
  14. Alien Emperor
    Oh, i have the alien legacy, so that explaines alot, but i'l go check the directors cut. But its pretty weird in the normal one there is a dog and the directors cut it's an ox, i dont know why they changed that.
  15. shakermakerman
    right here i go again... the ox seen in alien 3 the ox was dead when the alien came out yes but was alive when it got inpregnated if u hear the prisioners one said she just keild over .. the chest burster didnt come out like it would a man cus of dna,if u look at new born cows horses ec new burn bambys have to walk straight away, so thats why it stayed in the ox for a bit so it developed its legs so it could walk..:-D by the way alien 3 directors cut kicks arse
  16. Variable
    You make a good point Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs. I think that the host must be alive.  The chestburster inside may be able to live for a short while after a hosts death but not long. In Alien 3 the ox or whatever it was must have been unconcious or else it wouldnt make sense. The hosts need to be alive.
  17. shakermakerman
    lol well i read the alien book and they was on about the alien in man form and saying they got to kill it cus they dont know what the next stage could be (hint hint queen) bret was cocooned in a pod yes but iv never heard any one sayin he was an egg and iv been a fan for over 20 years ,, yea dallas was going to be the host and from the out take i seen he was in a mess and wanted to die.. i could go on and on about this.. oh yes aliens just like ants if a queen dies then an other turns queen,other wise they to depndent on queen or face hugger with queen embrio and all you have to do is kill the queen then job done, before ppl say what about alien 3 then, a queen in trouble will carry 2 eggs 1 queen 1 drone and the drone is a protector as we all know
  18. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Hell Alien | 26 Jun 2004 04:19 pm  "You see the 2 lil kind of bags on the saide of the facehugger contracting regulary. just like a doctor would give oxygen to his patient." Kane was unconscious, but coma-like, but he was STILL ALIVE. The facehugger was providing air for Kane, since its tendrill was in Kane's throat.  I have been thinking about it, and I came to two contradicting conclusions:  1. The embryo needs its hosts resources to grown. With a dead host, no resources are being made, and the embryo can't live. That's the reason why the embryo comes out of Newt's mouth in an Alien 3 omitted scene. It needed a host that lived, so it could get resources and grow/develope further.  2. Was the ox dead in the Alien3 special edition after impregnation? It didn't move, but I remember the ox's eyes moving. If the ox was dead, then a dead host could give birth.  I go for the conclusion that a host needs to be alive. You know my reasons by now.   ;)    btw, if dead humans can be used as hosts, why did the Aliens in Aliens keep the humans alive? They could have simply killed the soldiers, and then let Facehuggers impregnate them. This didn't happen to the soldiers. They were kept alive. Another "piece of proof" that hosts need to alive...
  19. Terhou
    Longer Wristblades look cooler   8)  than the previous version i think.Also they may do more damage.I think facehuggers are able to hug unconscious Predators even when they have masks cause Yautja are so aggressive.
  20. Maurice \"HopeOfTheFuture\" Huijs
    Anout the Facehugger/Predator. I always believed that the mask protected the Predator from a Facehugger. Now, in the new trailer, there\'s a shot where Alien uses his tail to tackle a Predator. It could be in that scene where the Predator is vulnerable, that the mask \"falls\" of the Predator\'s face and a facehugger jumps at it. (I said \"falls\" off since Predator\'s mask don\'t go off easy, with all those cables and wires). I don\'t believe the theory of facehuggers impregnating dead people, since the Alien embryo needs the DNA and other stuff from the host to grow. If the host is dead, the Alien embryo can\'t use some othe host\'s resources, so it can\'t grow.  Another reason to prove the Alien embryo needs a living hosts: in the original Alien3 story, the facehugger impregnated Newt, but she drowned. While she drowned, the Alien embryo jumped out of her mouth and crawled into Ripley\'s. The official Alien 3 comic still has this scene (it\'s also the reason why Ripley has a VERY sore throat):
  21. inkedspawn
    ye when u look at the blades when they are either side of arnies head u can see where they come out that they are wider but i wouldnt say it was a mistake as u can see where they are extended its almost like a V shape where they come out.
  22. shakermakerman
    another thing about dead hosts, in alien ash said that the face hugger was keeping kane alive,maybie if the host hasnt been dead long that a face hugger could bring them back to life?? else why would aliens kill?? i know for food as such but it would make sence if they could :-)
  23. shakermakerman
    talkin  about the wrist blades...pred technoligy is more advaneds than humans obiusley.. but in pred one when the pred traps arnies head with the blade its a lot wider, now mabey im right well hopefully i am but im guessing that preds blades can come out as thhey want them, like  setting to what they want,, either that or its a bad mistake witch i hope not lol
  24. jevjnd2000
    That's absolutely true, I'm pretty sure it's the same mask.  I took a still of it actually and put it side by side, it is not the exact same one.  It's very close though, the mouth piece is pretty much identical, the predator in AvP's mask has smooth lines on the top while the one in Predator 2's is some what ridged.
  25. the alien master
    hey.. i reember someone mentioning the alien not being able to gestate within a dead host.. that is actually under question. in the Anchorpoint essays it mentions that the aliens are perhaps able to survive under those conditions for a short period of time making them adaptable to many situations. .. in alien 3 for example.. the alien was actually suppose dto be in newt and it then crawls out of newt and enters ripley but they cut that otu and changed it. but that is qhere that came from.
  26. Bringer of Death
    Ya YodasEvilTwin, i noticed that guy to the first day i saw one of the featurettes i watched pred 2 again because i thought that mask looked familiar but there are slight differences.If any of these new preds the one with the gill like structures on his mask looks like 1 of em in pred 2.Now if you dont know wich the 'gill' pred is look at the 1 thats face to face with the alien in the features/trailers and onn the right side of the celtic pred in the scene were the 3 of emm walk up to the glowing red/pink alter thngy in the trailer.Also WhiteRabbitObject you say that its the celtic pred getting mauled by the aliens, but the scene is so quick how the hell can you even tell.?And as for the bishop thing hes obviously a more advanced model with red fluids instead of the tipical white milky kind, and I realy find it hard to believe that any human being could take a blow likke that to the side of the head with a metal rench or what ever it was and then get up and act as if it didnt happen, come on people sharpen up.But props to the bunch of you smart enough to figure that 1 out for your selves along with Lance Hen. saying himself that he played an android in alien 3 and once he heard the story and character paul wanted him to play jumped at the oppertunity because he knows that it coinsides with all of the other facts through the alien series and that he was indeed a more advanced version of his robotic self with red blood incase ripley was to think he was an other android.
  27. YodasEvilTwin
    back to the mask thing...  if you slow-motion the end scene of Predator 2 (where all the predators reveal themselves to Glover in their ship) you see a predator (very briefly) wearing what appears to be the same mask as the "Celtic predator." i only have the crappy original dvd, so it isnt real clear, but it looks like the same mask to me...any ideas?
  28. WhiteRabbitObject
    The pred that's being 'shredded' by the numerous aliens is the 'celtic' pred that is assumed to be the lead predator character. Why would he die then or get facehugged if he's the main pred?
  29. Hell Alien
    yeah would not work i think. would be cool tho, imagine that, every dead bodys could be hosts, maybe even bodys that were already used. That would put the aliens to the invincable level. like 3000000000000000000 aliens at same time. Man would be wicked. Wont work
  30. Hell Alien
    I doubt it. in the traila, you see that the pred is getting shred. I dont think that a dead host will work to create an embryo. So if its the case, then PA will write another page in the alien lyfecycle. That the host dont have to be alive when its facehugged.
  31. Series600
    We know that a Predator is attacked by multiple Aliens(shown in the trailer).  I'll bet that is when the Aliens remove the Predators mask, and have a facehugger impregnate him.
  32. Hell Alien
    Well, I think its scrap as well. For the mask, I think that the different masks are for diff. clans. Or that every pred is making or asking for the mask he want. But Im moer up with my mask=clan theory. As for the blades, its obvious that were made to prevent the aliens from getting too close. The acid wont corrupt the weapons armor. But it will injure the pred if it gets on him. They were speculation about the facts that a preds blood will neutrolize acid, its crap to me. The preds arw aware of the danger the acid is. So since they are young, they are giving a chance to avoid it.
  33. Saint Sinner
    All of that crap is simple speculation.   The masks aren't designed to do anything like that, because it's been said by a few people that the Aliens would just try to tear the mask(s) off beforehand.
  34. DeaconRage
    that doesnt make sence, it wasnt like the predators masks had an opening where the mouth was anyways, so how could the new masks be designed to prevent face huggers when there never was an opening to begin with. lol
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