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Philip Gips, Designer of Iconic Alien Poster, Dies Aged 88

Alien’s cracked egg poster is not just one of the best pieces of imagery associated with Alien, but it’s also one of the most iconic pieces of advertising material for film. Philip Gips was one of the men involved in realising the marketing material for Alien (among many other films such as Rosemary’s Baby and Superman), and we’re sorry to report he passed away earlier this week.

Deadline is reporting that Philip Gips passed away on Thursday the third of October at the age of 88. No cause of death was mentioned.

Philip Gips, a graphic designer, advertising executive and creator of posters for hit films including Alien, Rosemary’s Baby and more, died Thursday in White Plains, NY. He was 88 and his death was announced by the Endeavor agency.

 Philip Gips, Designer of Iconic Alien Poster, Dies Aged 88

Philip Gips is survived by his wife, Barbara Joan, and children Steven, Dana, Michael, David, and James Gips. Philip’s wife, Barbara is actually responsible for Alien’s infamous tagline – “In space no one can hear you scream.”

The thoughts of the Aliens vs. Predator Galaxy staff and community go out to Philip Gip’s family and friends. Rest in peace, Philip.

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