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Alien: Solara – A New Alien Fan Audio Drama

Now that Proximity One: Last Stand At Hadley’s Hope has been released in its entirety, we have a brand new fan produced audio drama released to tide us over! Alien: Solara is the work of Anarchist86ed and has just released the first episode! While Proximity One was based around Aliens, Solara is very much Alien influenced. Check it out below!

“Alien: Solara tells the story of the crew of the USCSS Solara as they’re drawn into a war between rival companies, both of which intend to capture and harness the abilities of the Xenomorph creatures. But now they may be the only hope of stopping new, and even worse forms of the creatures.

Part one Featured the voice talents of A.J. Carter as John, midway traffic controller, man in diner and Weyland-Yutani executive. Stephanie Carlson as Captain Anderson. Mya Schuwerk as mother. And Graham Rowat as Mr. Deckard.”

Anarchist86ed is currently aiming for next month to release Part Two. You can follow Alien: Solara on YouTube or on SoundCloud. For those interested in helping out, Anarchist86ed is still casting for Part Two.

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