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Proximity: Last Stand At Hadley’s Hope – Aliens Fan Audio Drama

When Alien Day 2016 rolled around the Alien community was introduced to its first taste of a full cast audio drama set within the Alien universe with Alien: Out of the Shadows. We were treated to a second one when Alien Day 2017 came upon us when Alien: River of Pain was released. River of Pain gave us an audio telling of how Hadley’s Hope became over-ran by Aliens.

The crew over at the Perfect Organism Podcast have been working on their own audio drama and their own take on the falling of Hadley’s Hope.  Having been working on this since April of 2017, Perfect Organism have now released the first chapter of their two part series!

“Perfect Organism is proud to present a groundbreaking new audio drama set in the Alien universe. The culmination of nearly a year of work, Proximity is a character-driven glimpse into the nightmare that erupted in the Hadley’s Hope colony on Acheron in June of 2179.

Written and directed by JM Prater, Proximity is the story of Anne and Aaron Andrews, two young colonists trying to hold it together while the world around them falls apart. With immersive sound design, an orchestral score, and a talented cast of voice actors from around the world, Proximity is a love letter to the Alien Saga created by people who love it madly and truly.

This is for you. We hope you enjoy it.”

Be sure to head on over to the Perfect Organism’s Facebook page and let them know what you think of Chapter One!

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Comments: 19
  1. Perfect-Organism
    This has inspired me to give the River of Pain a second listen.  While I don't like every aspect of the story, especially the bit about the marine and the little girl escaping to set up some sort of "Billie and Wilks" scenario, I have to say that a Netflicks series about the fall of Hadley's hope would be AMAZING!
  2. awalsh74
    I really dont like river of pains take on the fall of Hadleys hope(turning it a gung hoo marine story(and much prefer this podcast. Looking forward to part 2.

    As an aside I hope Disney look at this story now they have the IP. A series on netflix or amazon prime  showing the fall of the colony over 6 to 10 parts would be amazing.
  3. Perfect-Organism
    Awesome!  This is really well done.  Thanks for that.

    This is making me feel like they could do a prequel on LV-426 as a movie.  It could really work well and it would be fun to revisit Hadley's hope.  It's really a "Titanic" story.  You know it's not going to end well, but the struggle leading up to the end is epic.
  4. Gorilla Alien
    Thanks for the great feedback, everyone!!! Just to clarify: Chapter Two is significantly more involved—there is a lot of action—sonitll probably run longer. We're currently assembling and editing that material so we can hopefully get it out by February 1.
  5. Darkness
    Loved it. But I love audio dramas in general. I can't imagine how much goes into making something like this.

    Can you just clarify how long it is in total? It's not just two 20 min episodes and that's it, is it? I thought you were going to release it over weekly instalments so I thought there were going to be many episodes.
  6. Corporal Hicks
    Just to cross-post what I commented over on their Facebook -

    First impressions was just how professionally it all came together. It sounded like a top-notch production. I also enjoyed that they took a different take on the topic, focusing on a different kind of character. It might have been too easy to fall into the trap of it being about the Jordan's or their close friends.

    As Chapter 1 dealt with a lot of character set-up, I'm looking forward to Chapter 2 and seeing how the story comes together completely!
    Haven't listened yet but bookmarked (awoke too early after post New Years drinks so feeling tired and groggy).

    I've always wanted a "what happened to Hadley's Hope during Xenomorph outbreak". You'd get a kick-ass, albeit human tragic, ALIENS film. We know the colonists did not have high powered weapons and only seismic charges as defense, but in a way that is awesome and suspenseful.
    Seeing humans and colonists try to defend their self preservation, the claustrophobia, cracking under pressure, desperate actions, seeing ALIENS crawl through vents. The possibilities are endless.

    Sure we know how it ends (badly), but with imagination and competent film making it would be a case of journey not destination.
    Plus it would not break canon or continuity.
  8. D88M
    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE i hope the best for  everyone involved in this site, from admins to member, i wish you a great year and the best success in everything you propose :)
  9. Corporal Hicks
    You know...except without Aliens there'd be no Hadley's Hope at all?? This anti-Aliens sentiment is just getting really dull. Let's keep to the topic at hand please. Not interested in derailing this.  :)
  10. Scorpio
    What happened at Hadley's Hope would have been the true sequel to Alien.  Would have been like Alien Isolation.  But they had to bring in marines and make it a cheesy 80s action flick.

    It's like Alien Covenant and them cutting out the David/Shaw story. 
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