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Charon Part Three Available Online! – Alien Fan Audio Drama

The story of Charon continues in Part Three of Anarchist86ed’s Alien fan audio drama!

Her name’s Newt, not Rebecca. Administrator Carter brings the last Human survivor of Hadley’s hope back to life, but will this facsimile be anything like the little girl it’s based on?

You can find all three episodes of Charon available to download here. Charon is a spin-off from Anarchist’s other Alien audio drama called Alien: Solara. The previously released short dramas and main episodes are also available on Anarchist86ed’s YouTube channel. They all have direct download links for each release too.

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  1. XenoHunter99
    Production problems aside, I thought the episode was pretty good. If you never talked about the difficulties or mentioned any drama behind the scenes, no one would know. It might be to your benefit over time to accentuate the positive when you're talking about these things. From a "get people aboard as fans" perspective, some positivity would be great! At the end of the day, you and your crew have produced a pair of surprisingly high quality audio series. Cheers and applause to all that. Be proud of what you've done. It's good! :D
  2. Prez
    I've started from episode 1 as of today. Going to give them a good listen through all the way up to and including the new one.

    Well done @Anarchist86ed and co. You are doing such an amazing job on these. The fact such high quality content is free and a labour of love is a testament to all involved.
  3. Anarchist86ed
    I'll be making a new topic to replace this mess with the Corporals approval, but I don't have time right now.

    Part 5.

    The crew of Solara find themselves in a desperate situation with the deadliest creatures in the universe. And the man who wants to control them.


    As always, there's lots of fun stuff hidden in the show.

    FUN. STUFF.  ::) Literally this was no fun to make. At all. It started production last December for cryin' out loud. So with that, here's the fun little references and stuff.

    The chief and Ramirez briefly discuss how their voices are different and that no one will probably even notice. Losing both people who originally did the voices had to be explained somehow. And no one will ever mention the voices being different anyway, which was a sad reference only I understand.

    Gorman's sidearm sound effect. Someone was able to acquire it after I asked for it.

    You can kinda hear a sentry gun firing.

    Operations alarm in the background.

    The Captain fires a pulse rifle much the same way Ripley does the first time.

    "The three amigos", the prospectors and Jack are the ones responsible for the events of the series. The prospectors found the eggs, and Jack was stealing Gold that brought Deckard to Solara and then the rest of the events unfold.

    I wrote the scene between the Captain with Stephanie in Mind long ago, but since we lost her that scene between our new Captain and the prospector lost its meaning.

    A dual cassette boombox would be considered state of the art in the alien universe. In ours you can literally find them rotting away on a curb somewhere. Not far from where I live someone tried to dump what was at some point a very expensive boombox in the trash. But it never got picked up and no one ever took it. It's been decaying on the side of an abandoned building for years. So that's where I got the idea from. In the spring it gets covered with grass. In the fall it gets covered by the fall leaves. In the winter it gets covered in snow. You'd almost feel sorry for it.

    Awesome mix tape.

    Tarzan boy literally plays every time I shop at Kroger.

    "She looks like a Stephanie". Was an obvious reference before she left.

    when coming up with the idea for the 5th episode, I thought how cool it would be, if this were visual, with the crew gearing up while fox on the run plays. In my head the crew is all geared up, heavily armed and looking bad-ass as they head to the lift. I imagined the Captain had a sucker in her mouth and Church tried to slip away from the group only to be grabbed by the Chief and dragged back. This all takes place in slow motion. And the lift begins to descend as a certain part of the music hits. It doesn't quite translate to audio though.

    No one stays behind to blow the bomb. I remember I was watching Armageddon when I was writing.

    The bangs on the door are the same sound effect used in Stargate SG-1 when something would impact the iris.

    Church doesn't say who's giving the orders. Foreshadowing something else I was planning but probably will never get to due to all the problems I've had with this.

    Church mentions Hadley's Hope wasn't nuked because the processor air bursted. This was written long before Charon was even an idea.

    The "nuke" is very important to the final episode.

    Final performance by AJ Carter as John which is why he is mentions as "was" in the credits.

    Now that AJ is gone, the need to change the ending of the series is required. He had the first lines of the series, was to have the last. Losing him completely obliterated a very emotional ending I had planned.

    I teased what would have been a continuation of the series after this ended when John talked about food and water on the engineer ship. This is no longer a possibility.

    Our new Captain said Solara wrong. I did not ask her to do it again because I was honestly unbelievably angry with former cast at the time and couldn't stand to bother with it anymore.

    I did not ask our new Ramirez to record in better quality. I was still angry and didn't want to take it out on the new crew.

    The major reason this took almost a year from the last episode was: Stephanie left to pursue her education. Absolutely no problem there. Another left for real life. And the rest because of money. Graham never left, nor did he become a diva. He even offered to do the credits for me even after I told him not to waste his time with this anymore.

    We make sure to mention Fox is owned by Disney now.

    Things I wrote that got cut out:

    I wrote church offering a "5 day all expenses paid pass to Disney planet" as a bribe to the Captain, to which she responded with "I still couldn't afford it". Because Disney will never, ever be cheap. But I cut it out.

    Originally the Xenomorph was going to grab the power loader from behind and Jack would scream about it trying to "mate" with him. But I thought it'd be funnier to have John punch it.

    I wrote a scene with the chief and kid raiding operations and finding "Jalapeno cheese dip and Doritos". When I was a kid during Summer vacation my friends and I would guzzle Pepsi and eat tons of Fritos Jalapeno cheese dip and Doritos while playing video games damn near 24/7. It was a personal reference. Pointless otherwise.

    What to expect from the final episode?

    Even though I have to change the ending, I'm still firm on what happens during the final scene and into final credits. I always knew Solara would end while Roll me away plays. And believe it or not, it's a very important song to the series.
  4. XenoHunter99
    Cool! I am very glad you got people to help you finish the project. It is a good project, and I've enjoyed listeining to the plays. Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to future projects :)
  5. Anarchist86ed
    We have our new cast for Charon.

    I want to say a big thanks to Xenohunter for auditioning. I got some really great auditions at the last minute and I had to go with them. One guy really wanted to do as many as roles as I could throw at him, and given the problems with casting I couldn't say no to a multiple role taker.

    But we will get Xeno into a project. I'm still working on salvaging Bunnies project, which was destroyed in the recent outbreak of V.A. disease as well.
  6. Anarchist86ed
     I vowed no profit of any kind. But AJ wanted to make money. Former cast members wanted money. I told them they could promote patreons, but it wasn't good enough, they wanted guaranteed $. I suspect if we had a patreon that made money, I'd still have most of the cast. Graham performs on Broadway and in TV shows, I've all but excused him from continuing as well. Can't blame him, we're nothing to him even though he wouldn't say it. I have nothing more to do with AJ, but I understand he's getting paid work now, and despite how he left, which was in a way that guarantees I will not work with him again on principal, I'm thrilled for him. I hope he gets rich and famous. Wish him nothing but the best. But we will never work together again. He was to be a big part of new $ projects, but sadly he won't be joining them. I have lots of things planned.

    And no, no one would ever give me a single penny. I'm not complaining. There will be no patreon for me. Solara helped me cast a for profit project though. Even then, I'll never make enough for a trip to McDonald's for the dollar menu. It's the way it is.
  7. XenoHunter99
    Ok. Humor my ignorance. Why does that sound scummy? What do you do? Say, "I worked as a voice actor on this excellent fan production called __. Listen to it here. If you like my work, you can support me on Patreon!" Something like that? And what makes you so sure people won't throw a little cash your way to fund future efforts? So sure of that are you?
  8. Anarchist86ed
    Recasting is officially underway.

    And I know it sounds scummy, but I'm allowing patreons. No direct profiting whatsoever will be tolerated. I told AJ and everyone else they could use this to promote their work and patreons but could never ask for money for it under any circumstances. But no one ever listens and expects me to dig into my empty pockets to pay them.  ::)

    So expect when I release episodes to include patreons, if that's permitted. There will not be one for me because I know I will never, ever get anything. There are people on YouTube who make edits of stranger things season three and are getting hundreds in patreon money. But I'm not bitter at all. Just slowly losing my mind.  ;D
  9. Anarchist86ed
    I have to admit I am... furious with AJ. So furious I'm considering not only casting other people, but telling them they can do patreons.

    I had a fantastic story to tell with Charon. And I am absolutely livid that I can't continue it. I get no one wants to work for free, I certainly don't, but I know I'll never get one penny for doing this.

    Projects shouldn't die because of one person.  >:(
  10. Anarchist86ed
    It's with great sadness I must announce Charon will not be continuing.

    AJ promised he would stick with Solara and Charon to the end, but I knew that wasn't going to be true at all. He won't even respond to my messages, and he had all the recordings for the next episode. I simply don't have the time or the energy to try casting anymore. Voice actors are the most unreliable people to deal with. I've never finished a single project because of them. They always flip out, disappear or eventually refuse to respond to messages. This situation is no different.

    As soon as $ was mentioned, I knew it was over. Long story short, that's a reason Solara has been stalled so long too. Also his friends didn't want to do it anymore and I told him I wasn't going to just stop because of that.

    So I hope you enjoyed the three episodes we were able to make. I just can't try to recast. You have no idea how much of a nightmare it is these days.

    As for Solara, I don't know. 5 is done, but after that I don't know.
  11. Anarchist86ed
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jul 17, 2019, 07:53:50 AM
    Really sorry to hear about AJ. Seemed like he'd been the one who really dug it as much as you did.

    But I'm looking forward to August!

    Yeah, and it's torpedoed Bunnies project too. He was a big part of it and had someone else doing a role I can't contact about it. So that's screwed too.

    Still refuses to respond to me, so the future of these projects is in question since he was a big part of them.
  12. Anarchist86ed
    part 5 will release on the 12th of August. As for Charon, I don't know. AJ's having some issues and he just up and quit on me and won't respond to me, so it looks like 3 episodes is all you're gonna get for now.

    Humans. If only I could use a text to speech program that sounded realistic, I wouldn't need them anymore.
  13. Anarchist86ed
    We've run into problems. Heat being among them. when the temp in your room of your crap apartment reaches high enough to reheat a burger in your sun blazed window and liquefy the cheese, you don't really feel like doing anything let alone working on something ya don't even get paid for.

    And for the foreseeable future temperatures will be hitting the mid 90's, with feels likes up past 105.
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