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Chapter 2 of Proximity: Last Stand At Hadley’s Hope Released – Aliens Fan Audio Drama

Following the release of Chapter One of Proximity: Last Stand At Hadley’s Hope on New Year’s Day, the crew over at the Perfect Organism Podcast have recently released the second and final part of their fan-made audio drama! The entire drama is available to listen to below.

“At long last, it is our deep honor to share with you Proximity: Last Stand at Hadley’s Hope in its complete form. This has been an adventure like no other. We will never forget it.”

Be sure to head on over to the Perfect Organism’s Facebook page and let them know what you think of Chapter Two!

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Comments: 9
  1. Perfect-Organism
    Well done, just listened to part 2.  It was fun.  Very few awkward moments of dialogue.  Very forgivable.  I would have perhaps ended on a more violent note with some Alien sounds but it was not a bad ending by any stretch.  I wonder why Anne disappeared so silently..
  2. razeak
    Enjoyable. Everybody below pretty much summed up the big points. I like the ending. My only issue is the dialogue is way too unnatural many times. in the future they should read the dialogue aloud to people not involved with the project, preferably not friends or family either. Then take that feedback and trim the lines or rewrite them to improve the natural flow.
  3. Corporal Hicks
    (C&P from the PO Facebook page) Finally had the chance to listen to this the other day. Really enjoyed it. I thought it was really well put together - it felt very professional. The acting was great, the sound design was great and I really enjoyed the original music (this alone helps these kinds of fan productions stand out!)

    My only real issue throughout both chapters is the passage of time. Occasionally it just felt a little murky at times and jarring as a result. I think something needed to be done to make them a little clearer.

    I liked the bleak ending. It works. Not everyone gets a happy story and obviously these guys couldn't have one either. That is kind of abrupt. That both works and doesn't so I think that was something a no-win scenario going that way. I do appreciate it though.

    I would have perhaps liked some more Alien involvement though I get what you were going by with the focus on the characters and I think that worked. The fan inside me just couldn't help craving the Aliens.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this! There's so many ideas I have in my head for fan productions that I just don't have the time or patience to put down so whenever someone does and it turns out as well as this, I'm just so incredibly impressed. Well done to all involved!
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