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NECA Predator Series 14 – Aliens vs. Predator

NECA Predator Series 14 will be the first of NECA’s Predator figures to feature any of the Predator characters from Paul Anderson’s Alien vs. Predator and NECA have posted up their Closer Look gallery:

“In honor of both #prednesday and SDCC Preview Night, enjoy a closer look at the deadly members of Predator Series 14 as they lay waste to some unsuspecting Xenomorphs! Celtic, Scar, and Chopper are set to arrive in late September — in the meantime, check out the photo gallery below, or swing by our booth at Comic Con to see them in person.”

 NECA Predator Series 14 - Aliens vs. Predator

 NECA Predator Series 14 - Aliens vs. Predator

 NECA Predator Series 14 - Aliens vs. Predator

 NECA Predator Series 14 - Aliens vs. Predator

NECA Predator Series 14 features Celtic, Gill/Chopper and an unmasked variant of Scar. NECA are going to be in attendance at San Diego Comic Con where they will have the Ambushed Predator SDCC exclusive: “Inspired by the classic Kenner mail-away version from the early 1990s. Comes with 2 removable masks, backpack and 2 large battle blade weapons.

Also on the horizon is the 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comic Book Predator that will be released next week. NECA Predator Series 14 is due for release in September.

Update #1 (09/07/15) – If you head on over to Toyark you can find their lovely big gallery of NECA’s Aliens and Predator figures from San Diego Comic Con. These include:

  • Aliens Red Queen
  • Alien Isolation Wave (Aliens Wave 6)
  • Aliens Wave 5
  • Predator Series 14 (AvP Predators)
  • 1/4 Scale LED Predator
  • 1/4 Big Chap Alien Xenomorph
  • Alien Eggs
  • Aliens Power Loader
  • AvP Kenner 2-Pack
  • 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comic Book Predator

080715_05 NECA Predator Series 14 - Aliens vs. Predator


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  1. PRJ_since1990
    Quote from: DerelictShip on Dec 08, 2015, 09:58:55 PM
    Quote from: The Shuriken on Dec 08, 2015, 05:53:18 PM
    So I saw on Twitter Randay saying that series 14 will arrive any day now, rather than past the 17th, which is what the main website says. Guess we could get them early.

    For the love of saint petersburg if i get my hopes up and bail on the date again well......well im going to be damned pissed.....but do nothing about it except complain to my fellow comrades on here haha
    Such is life! Gotta love it
  2. The Shuriken
    Looking at these new images, I can't believe there were people on Twitter actually being upset that they didn't look like the movie. Now, I enjoyed AVP for the longest time, but I did eventually realize that the Predators were sized wrong, and Scar looked too friendly. Now the error has been fixed, and they look like more legit Predators. Scar has never looked better.

    The fact that Fox authorized this speaks volumes too.
  3. Corporal Hicks

    Some other bits and bobs on this small gallery too.

    Quote from: on Nov 23, 2015, 03:16:14 AM

    I'd forgot they were making these.
    FORBIDDEN PLANET has pre orders up for AvP (Series 14) and the KENNER AvP 2 pack

    KENNER AvP 2 pack


    they have 9 stores across the UK
  5. DerelictShip
    Hell yes! I am so pumped, I'm going to load up on the AvP aliens when they come out....maybe build a custom pyramid and having the aliens swarm the predators at the top like from the scene in the movie
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