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NECA Announces Aliens Series 11 – Lambert, Aliens: Defiance & Kenner Tribute

NECA announces Aliens Series 11 – Lambert, Aliens: Defiance & Kenner tribute. With one day left to go for New York Toy Fair 2017, NECA has officially announced their next Aliens series!

“It includes the first-ever Lambert with an authorized likeness, as well as two new Alien figures: one from Dark Horse’s Aliens: Defiance comic book mini-series, and a classic Kenner Alien tribute that’s cast in translucent blue plastic just like the original.

Joan Lambert, navigator of the USCSS Nostromo, stands approximately 7” tall and features the likeness of Veronica Cartwright. She comes with two heads, removable helmet and flashlight accessory.

Both Xenomorph action figures stand over 9” tall and feature over 30 points of articulation with bendable tails.”

 NECA Announces Aliens Series 11 - Lambert, Aliens: Defiance & Kenner Tribute

NECA Announces Aliens Series 11 – Lambert, Aliens: Defiance & Kenner tribute!

Series 11 sees the release of NECA’s first Lambert figure and continues with their tributes to the old 90s Kenner figures. NECA has been releasing Predator tributes for some time now but Series 10 was the first time (not counting the Alien vs. Predator 2-pack tribute) that NECA released Kenner tributes for the main Aliens series.

The Aliens: Defiance figure is based on Tristan Jone’s design from Dark Horse Comics’ fantastic Aliens: Defiance comic series which you should pick up if you haven’t already! Aliens Series 11 is currently slated for release May 2017.

NECA also recently announced their upcoming Alien: Covenant line. They will be producing 2 7″ figures, one of the film’s traditional Alien and what NECA are calling the New Creature (presumably the Neomorph). NECA wont be showing any pictures of their upcoming Alien: Covenant figures until May 19th when the film is released.

NECA has also unveiled their NECA Club X Alien: “NECA Club x Alien is an exclusive club aimed at the hardcore, completionist Alien action figure collector. Membership provides advance access to all of NECA’s Alien action figure releases, including convention and retail exclusives, with special bonuses:

  • surprise Club-only bonus items shipped with select releases;
  • an end-of-year Club-exclusive figure for qualifying members;
  • and more…”

You can find out more over at NECA’s website!

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