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AvPGalaxy Previews Aliens: Colonial Marines

Recently, Sega and Gearbox Software hosted a preview event for Aliens: Colonial Marines in the UK, our very own Corporal Hicks was there to represent the site and get his hands on the single player and multiplayer aspects of game. Read on to find brand new screenshots and details on Gearbox Software’s upcoming title, including the reveal of a new competitive multiplayer game mode called “Extermination“.

“After securing operations I am given the smartgun and sent off into the depths of colony. I find myself in my first hive section of the level and being stalked by the Giger style Lurker Aliens. I am not careful and find myself being pinned to the floor as one of them pounces on me. Bashing X, I manage to kick it off me and unload into it with the pistol but it soon disappears back into its camouflaged environment.”

Be sure to check out the whole article for Corporal Hicks’ extensive thoughts and impressions on the game so far. For additional coverage on the event and new gameplay videos, please visit this thread on forums.

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