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E3 Aliens Colonial Marine Demo Previews

Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take footage of the demo being show of Colonial Marines at E3 but written previews of the demo are starting to come out:

“In a live gameplay demo, we got a chance to see many familiar elements from the movie. It opens with a ship crashing onto the surface of LB-426. The player comes to with a fellow Marine asking if he’s all right. The response is a quick middle finger.

The Marines start sweeping the area, walking through the medical bay with tubes of facehuggers suspended in fluid. A tracker starts pinging its familiar sound, though it doesn’t detect anything. For now. After a few moments, the squad comes upon a reinforced steel door that’s been torn open by something with obvious strength. After walking into a ruined operations area, a member of the squad screams as a xenomorph tears through the ceiling and attacks.”

I’ve left the error in regarding the title of LV426. That is part of Game Informer’s preview. Others include: MTV Multiplayer, GameRevolver, ComingSoon and GameSpot. The previews all speak of a new variant of Alien too. Thanks to Newbeing, Xeno and Chris.

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