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Aliens Infestation Developer Diary 5 Released

Sega and Gearbox have published the last developer diary from WayForward Technologies. In this final entry, director Adam Tierney discusses Aliens Infestation’s approach to death and rescue. You can read both parts of this entry here (part one) and here (part two).

“When the HP Meter is drained, that character is dead (sort of). Say goodbye, because you’re never going to see their portrait, or hear their voice again. You even get a big, fat, red X over their portrait in the Marines Roster, and their status is changed from “Active” to “Deceased”. Once they’ve died, their radio screen cuts to static (as in the film), and the player is asked to select from their remaining soldiers.

A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the first individual character BIOs detailing the backstory of nine of the game characters. Make sure to check the links posted above to find the rest. Alternatively, you can download all 20 characters BIOs here.

In related news, an extended version of the previous launch trailer has been released online over at the Sega blog. You can watch it here.

Update: Guess who has been playing the Knife Trick minigame in Aliens Infestation lately? That’s right. Actor Lance Henriksen, aka ‘Bishop’ from Aliens. Photo and details here. Thanks to newbeing for the story.

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  1. predxeno
    So between the 6 bios AvPGalaxy posted and all the bios in these 2 developer diaries and the new one ikarop just linked us to, that's all the bios, right?

    Also, I especially love the last developer diary.  Very informative.  How many of us are just going to keep restarting the game to keep our marines alive? ;) :D  I might.  Judging by how amped up this game has been, this small 2D shooter for the DS just might prove to be more successful than the big 3D HD shooter by Gearbox that's supposed to be due to come out in 2012.
  2. ikarop
    And the last dev diaries are here:

    They include the rest of Chris Bachalo's head shots that were first revealed at our website.

    Edit: The last 2 bios are not featured in the article but you can find it here:
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