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Aliens Infestation Launch Trailer

Aliens Infestation is now available in Europe and to celebrate Sega and WayForward have released a launch trailer. The video is a combination of action sequences  from the game and cutscenes featuring the USS Sephora warship. Check it out below. You can download the trailer here in HQ.

Update: In related news, there are several new interviews up at and with WayForward’s Adam Tierney and Jeff Pomegranate. You can check them out here and here respectively.

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  1. Ash 937
    Another cool trailer.

    This game will be last game I purchase for the DS...and I think it will be the last truly "mature" title for the system.  Nintendo has a knack for dumping nothing but "E" rated titles on their systems when they are at the end of their life-cycle and the DS has been there for awhile.  Many video game retailers don't even stock the DS Lite anymore.  Aliens Infestation will be the "swan song" for cool games on the system me thinks.
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