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Aliens Infestation Developer Diary Released

Sega has just posted the first developer diary from WayForward, developers of Aliens: Infestation. This first entry discusses the origins of the game as well as WayForward’s involvement with Gearbox Software and Colonial Marines. You can read the full entry here (part one) and here (part two).

The origins of Aliens: Infestation starts with the original concepts for the Gearbox Aliens: Colonial Marines game. We were given an outline of their story, but I didn’t want to simply re-tell their tale in 2D. I wanted to conceive a game that played in the cracks of their game. So I set out to write a companion piece, a story with events that were running concurrent with the events in their game; not just parallel, but also intersecting.

We can reveal that the next entry is going to focus on the gameplay specifically and some of the game mechanics. As well as that, twenty-one new screenshots of the game have been released today. You can find them all at our forums. Thanks to newbeing and Sega PR for the news.

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