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Exclusive: Aliens Infestation Developer Diary 3 Released

The third developer diary for Aliens Infestation has been revealed today. In this entry, Adam Tierney and Cole Phillips of WayForward focus on the characters of the game. Memorable characters that leave an impact are a vital part of any Aliens or Colonial Marines related project. And this is something WayForward took seriously when crafting Aliens Infestation. You can read the full thing here.

We worked with acclaimed Marvel Comics artist Chris Bachalo to design each of our 20 marines. The team began with a list of character archetypes, but Bachalo truly brought them to life with his incredible art, even going so far as to name and give personalities to several of them in the process. These portraits were then used for all dialogue scenes, as well as the tiny, bluish radio displays.

Make sure to check out part  two of this entry. There you will find the character bios for some of the most iconic characters of the game. Aliens Infestation launches in Europe on September 30th & on October 11th in the US. Special thanks to Sega PR and WayForward.

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