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More Colonial Marines Scans

A new set of magazine scans featuring Colonial Marines have just arrived. The set is a 8-page special from the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine UK. The article features new screenshots, interviews and information on the upcoming Alien title by Gearbox. There’s also a one page interview in the latest issue of Play Magazine. Click on the image below to find the scans.

 More Colonial Marines Scans

You can find the OXM article in PDF format at the OXM website. Thanks to, OXM and newbeing for the scans.

Update: OPM UK also has a 8-page feature on Colonial Marines. There’s one new screenshot there as well as an interview with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford. Check out the scans here.

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  1. ikarop
    For anyone interested, here are the OPM scans in digital quality (and Italian):

  2. ikarop
    Here are the scans for OPM UK:

  3. Deathly_rYaN
    Quote from: Xhan on Jul 05, 2011, 04:58:32 PM
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jul 05, 2011, 04:51:18 PM
    Nicely noticed. That looks pretty badass. I wonder if appearance customization is gonna be in there too then.

    Customization for weapons and Marines is already confirmed in.

    For the Appearence i hope they allow us to Create 4 classes of marines of whatever we want, whats in the class, and how the marines look.

    Ex. Changing the face, weight, height, etc...
  4. Deathly_rYaN
    This game is looking better each time i look at these.

    Im guessing to get the Crusher a facehugger needs to impregnate Arnold S. to get that species of Xeno.  :D

    The H.H sign should say "Hadleys Hope Pop. 4" XD
  5. Gazz
    Anyone else surprised by how colourful the game is looking in the screenshots? I mean it's hardly "Mario Sunshine" but I was expecting the game to be washed out in that Cameron blue-tinge (which despite liking, I find to be find overused these days) but would welcome such lighting modifications to broaden the colour palette slightly and add a little diversity.
  6. Nightlord
    Well since their preview also says there is some kind of new giant alien I'd guess that queen attacking the powerloader is either a placeholder or from a different part of the game.
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