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First Predators Movie Footage!!!

The first Predators footage has been released online via the Official Predators Website. It’s introduced by Robert Rodriguez and shows lots of new things including the new Predators and the dogs.

I especially like the cinematography as well. According to the official website, the teaser trailer will go live on the 18th of March. I’ve uploaded almost 80 screencaps from the video to the Gallery. Thanks to Nexus218, CWRardin, Doomofman, nero2108, m138jewski, XxsilenthunterxX, vikingspawn and AvPSpectrum for the news.

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  1. TYMAN8
    :o  HOLY CRAP! I AM GONNA SEE THIS BAD BOY! WOOOO! Oh boy, it's probably gonna be rated R and I'm 13....god I hope they let me in.

    Now with the whole AVP story, I am sort of expecting a short cameo from an alien, you know, as the intro for the movie showing what the Predators are exactly and what they are doing there.

    And personally I loved AVP and AVPR, what I did with those two movies, especially AVPR is I didn't watch it and acted like a critic, I just had fun with the movie and I enjoy it.
  2. Warghost
    Saying this movie isn't "needed" is plain retarded. Is any movie "needed"? The Alien and Predator movies are classics and still loved even to this day. There will always be some trace of them in Hollywoodland. Every body wants to make one and nail it. The failures only strengthen that yearning. Good, bad, or ugly. They won't just go away.
  3. Hicks_0998
    I just think that having read the pred comics and avp comics in the omnibus forms recently that we are gonna be shafted royally when this movie comes out because we hear the word "predator" movie in the works, and they turn out to be disappointments ala AvP and AvPR so just either wait for reviews to pop up or dont even bother seeing it.  May as well watch a fan film instead.
  4. The Realist

    Yeah your very right there, they have seemed to have copyed an idea on the looks of the predator dog, because there are giant similaritys with the avatar Viper Wolf >>>

    You may as well throw the yautja some medieval swords, there blades are getting that long, imagine when the next film comes out called Predators 2, the predators will be walking around like there on crutches, because there blades will be that long!
  5. Hicks_0998
    @realist: you sound like you know your yautja mate, dont you think that predator dog thing resembles the create from avatar? And i was mighty pissed off with the long blades too i gotta say
  6. walker31
    to the realist, I have to agree with just about all of your points, however I still will watch and buy anything predator.  The pics released earlier made the predator heads look even bigger, and I was getting nervous.  This does look like a decent movie.  Lets just face it, they will never make a predator movie that can stand alone beside the original.  Just as the new star wars movies with all their better technology just cant compare to the first three.  I was hoping that Lawrence Fishburne would change his appearence somewhat, like with dreds and a beard,  how does he keep clean shaven like that and short hair since the vietnam era?!!   I'm just glad it looks better than I thought it would and the critics are already saying it looks great instead of saying we didnt need this movie!
  7. Guest
    why do people complain about stuff they havent seen yet..almost every fan is excited but a few people..kidna funny that they know how the movies is going to turn out..cuz 1 ur stupid 2 ur arrogant 3 your not real 4 ur probably fat 5 you sound rediculous and 6 its rated R u slow bus...
  8. Warghost
    They've said countless times that the movie is going to have an R rating -- they just might have to trim a few of the gorier parts out for the DVD. Read all of the interviews and reports from SXSW. Rodriguez fully intended this movie to carry the R rating and as a "sequel to PREDATOR," there's no way in HELL it'd get a PG-13.
  9. The Realist
    With all due respect to the good guys on this board who wanted to withhold judgement until a trailer or some footage of the movie was shown. Now that RR has given us his sneek peek of "Predators", I think it is safe to say that there will be no saving this movie. There are just too many things wrong with it. I don't even think I can count all of them, but I will try.

    1) Adrien Brody does not look badass as Royce. The scene where he is all dirty and his back is to the camera gives us a good view of his spindly little arms. Its utterly laughable how some people were thinking he could pull of the role of a mercenary.

    2) The Predators look like crap. None of them are wearing any netting. Their tusks are protruding from their helmets. The helmets themselves are oversized.

    3) The design/look of the Predator hunting dogs is nonsensical. Are those antlers? WTF. I thought antlers on a dog was stupid looking when I saw them on the Grinch's dog.

    4)Laurence Fishburne is fat. How does he sustain that much weight while in captivity on a predator game reserve? The only way he could have gotten the predator gear he is wearing is if the predator chasing him died of a heart attack laughing!!

    5)One of the predators has a long metal blade that prodrudes from his wrist mount. It is completely impractical for a blade that long to be used as a clawing weapon. Thats one of the things I hated about the AVP predators. There is no reason why their blades need to shoot out that far. It's ridiculous!!

    6) Worst of all, there is a rumor going around on the message boards that says that this movie will be PG-13. RR, Say it ain't so! The least that douchebag and his Hungarian numbskull director can do is give us an R-Rated movie.

    I am completely disheartened by the SXSW footage. I wanted to believe that RR would reinvigorate this movie franchise with some fresh new talent, and take it in a bold new direction. I just don't see how that will be possible now.

    Someone should have listened to Frenchy Pred and killed RR before he killed Predator.

    FATHER!! The Sleeper Has Awakened!!!
  10. Guest
    spawningcarnage u need to get over it u aint no director and ur lil kiddy name says it all...quit bitchin cuz you know your gonna see it anyway..find sum other page to complain on..
  11. Spawningcarnage
    wtf?! they did this behind the scenes crap w/ AVP and AVPR to get all the fans hyped up and go WASTe 8.00 dollars of their hard earned money at the theater opening day (giving the studio 30 mill there).  And then, they release it on DVD and make Millions there, and international theaters and DVDs ( and we all know how crazy foreign films are) and Walla!

    you have a shitty f**king movie RAPING CLASSICS CHARACTERS (ie predators) and  supply bad filmmakers.


  12. Spawningcarnage

    Dogs, Falcons, a new "super predator"?  
    this isn't a videogame.

    STan Winston is rolling over in his grave now.....James Cameron is laughing :'(
  13. AlienTailWhip
    Toward the end of the trailer when the predator roars not the original one tied up the other predator with the skull and spine in his hand and the body below him..which predator is that cuz i know its not the falcon predator cuz if you notice he doesnt have a shoulder cannon..Its the Dog Walker rigt??
  14. AlienTailWhip
    I know i cant wait to see the predators duke it out..Warghost i agree people keep calling it the homeworld like they didnt see the trailer..I got a QUESTION is there going to be a female predator in here anyone heard anything about that?
  15. Warghost
    As for Nolan wearing Predator gear, it's because he's amassed a collection of various weaponry -- from Predator(s) and god knows what. He's a survivor. He isn't playing dress up. He hasn't been inducted into the Predator hall of fame. He's not a member of the Hunter's Lair.
  16. Warghost
    Funny reading all 3 pages of this, and you still have idiots saying "I don't like that the humans are on the Predator homeworld." How many times do you need to be corrected? IT ISN'T THE PREDATOR HOMEWORLD. If you've watched the sneak peek footage 100 times, then why aren't you paying attention to the fact that they say they are being hunted on a game preserve?
  17. Slugworth
    @ Alien Tail Whip:
    Its NOT the same Predator from the first movie, its just the same DESIGN, specifically from the same race or clan of the first Predator. This is a sequel, so our good friend from the first film will not be in this. The Predators that you see in this sneak peak are the "evil Predators" (if predators werent evil enough). I'm looking forward to seeing the original Predator design in this film... (spoiler) and to him duke it out with the evil predators
    Well i took a look at the sneak peak at Predators. Like i said before and i'll say it again. i still have a big worries about this movie. I just dont like the idea of humans being on the predators' homeworld being hunted which i find very out of place. but this movie sounds too much like Aliens with humans instead of fighting aliens they're fighting the predators. i like the idea of one or multiple predators hunting prey on different planets instead of this plot idea. i still wont see it since fox screwed us TRUE fans of the franchise twice with the horrible AVP movies directed by assholes and fox is just milking this series till it dries up. i will check out the full trailer to see about but i wont see the movie in theaters not wasting my money to see this movie after being disappointed with both AVP movies. I will however see the new Alien prequel directed by Ridley Scott which i have more faith in instead of Robert Rodriguez's Predators.
  19. walker31
    to Alientailwhip, I dont think this could possibly be the pred from the first movie, only referred to as the original as in design/costume, which will always be the best to any true fan!  As to Nolan wearing the pred gear, it only makes sense to put on A, the helmet to see the preds while they are cloaked, B, the armour, because it no doubt is stronger than human armour and would protect you better.  Anyone wanting to stay alive on this place would try to even the odds as best they can.  I dont believe they are making him a pred warrior such as in the comic books with machiko. That is a concept I am not a fan of.
  20. Alexis6BE
    In this segment Alex talks about how he became attached to Predators 2010. He describes his relationship to the Predator franchise (including Predator, Predator 2, and the Alien V.S. Predator films). He also discusses Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement with the franchise. Alex shares his experience of writing with Robert Rodriguez. He also talks about writing as a fan and for the fans. Check back soon for more from Alex Litvak.
  21. AlienTailWhip
    the same thing ur f*ckin lookin at..Who cares wut dude looks like u act like ur a director u dont no anymore than the next fan..and the way u type by the way is kinda slow..
  22. AlienTailWhip
    To bryan it is a game reserve.And ok so the black super pred goes at it with the Predator from predator 1..We know predators fight to the death so wouldnt he have to beat the black super predator to be in the first film, he obveously makes it right..And ppl who are complaning about the guy who dresses up in the predator gear it does sound silly i get it..But if you were on a foreign planet with monsters you would try to arm yourself i dont care what u say..It may not be the most exciting to you but it makes sense..and aint there supposed to be a female predator in here??
  23. Elorrra
    I just noticed that one of the snapshots shows something cool. With the camera pic on the first page of snapshots. Its written on the top right corner "Gyula". Sok puszi minden Gyulának, aki ezen a filmen dolgozik.   ;D  
  24. Brian c
    Is this the predators home world or a game reserve hunting planet? maybe they will show the homeworld in predator 4? Any help would be great because no body seems to answer me... appreaciate it.
  25. Gort Pred
    I am about to spoil a shit load of this film right now so anyone who doesn't want to know certian things that happen, then don't read this.

    Heyyyy SHREK Havn't seen you on here in a long ass time. Just cutting in between you and CHRIS that what RR means by 2 preds fighting each other, it's old Predator (look-alike from first movie) vs Black Super Predator. You of all ppl should have read the script when it came out. I did and didn't want to. Nolan is the guy who has been on the plant for a few years, he's been hiding and now with pred tech, he has been ale to get around them.
  26. walker31
    I dont know if you read the script, so i dont want to spoil it for you, but the only original in the script is the one that they find tied up, which gets released by royce, which then puts on his armour and fights the last remaining pred which is the bigger bad new guy.  The other two preds that were with the SBP, are not on the scene at this time.  ANd I think that the part where we have Brody with the lasers on him is where it talks about them looking at him and his heart rate remaining calm as if he is not afraid to die.  dont think this is a different ending.
  27. Tim
    Ok you have the orig in the footage then you have maybe orig sbp then you have a origional pred tied up on the pole when they are firing. So does that mean there are 3 origional predators in the battle lol
  28. walker31
    well, maybe they just showed that picture while he was talking.  I was just going by the script that was posted online.  I think that he meant it has the original and also a new breed.  Looking at the poster and a quick shot of the teaser looks like the new pred has extra teeth coming out of the mandible area and protruding from the biohelmet as well.  Others have commented that they dont seem too muscular, however the original was much leaner than those in the AVP movie.  Kevin Peter Hall was tall and lean, not bulky.  Hope the original gives the SBP hell!
  29. Tim
    But in the footage rodriguez said it's the classic original pred with a new breed of nastier and meaner and that us the face of black super predator
  30. walker31
    No, i dont think that is correct tim.  I think that the predator that royce unties, which then helps him to the ship to go back home, is the original pred.  This original pred then goes toe to toe with the new and bigger model, the SBP.  So there is only one original that is fighting the last remaining pred.  Old versus new!  Will be interesting to see what happens on screen once they make last minute surprise changes though.
  31. Tim
    The classic origional is black super predator and he will fight another origional predator from the first movie so there is 2 origional predators in this movie
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