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  1. Frank Elgyn
    Hi guys! I noticed that Hanzo is barefooted, i mean he hasnt got shoes. ???   Look it, there is a picture in the Home -> Movies -> Predators (2010) -> Production still  ->  from the left the fourth  ;D
  2. Gort Pred
    OKAY I want to just see this movie now.

    and Fleshtrao666 is sooo f**king right. Talen goddamn it. I hope NimRodrigaze gives us a good sequel

    better then iron man 2 i hope.
  3. Fleshtrap666
    Honestly what both AVP movies lacked was talent...mainly from directors..hands down. We have John McTiernan Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, and hell Stephen Hopkins even did a decent job......then we hand over BOTH FRANCHISES!! to Paul Anderson? and the f**king Brothers however the f**k you spell they're names?!? Not to mention no name actors which is supposed to be ok because it "Makes it more real?!?" Some actors...believe it or not become at least slightly popular because they CAN ACT!! That is unless they came from a music video our a show on the Disney Channel.

    Predators looks like it has some REAL TALENT, might not be what some people would call top notch but it is TALENT none the less. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
    Wow i like the site, its been updated in an impressive way. I just cant wait to see this film, still counting down the days till august 13th:'( . I think this film is going to be the bollocks. Bring it on.....
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