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Predators Edwin Feature

The long-awaited Predators Edwin Featurette has made its way online after originally been delayed for a couple of weeks. It’s a little over a minute long and covers Topher Grace’s character Edwin in Predators. You learn a little more about the character and there’s some behind-the-scenes shots we’ve not seen before.

In related news, there’s  couple of short interviews with Adrien Brody and KNB’s Greg Nicotero on There’s another featurette with Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal. Thanks to Bear Grylls, Doomofman and Johnny Handsome for the news.

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  1. PyroAcid
    Predator eats TOFU?! i think more like crispy chard human flesh tofu i wonder if predators make hotdogs out of human penis when they skin them. lol mmm tasty homoeretus
  2. CJ@mes
    Lame as shit huh? That's a pretty bold statement considering you and everyone else have only seen the trailer, a behind the scenes clip and TWO character vids. Whats the worst that will happen? Your going to watch a movie you wanted to be badass and be let down. Maybe lose a couple bucks. Have a little faith. I feel good about this one, aside from that wretched first AVP haha.  That aside, everyone have a wicked weekend!

  3. Fleshtrap666
    Well considering he made it this far by "Being invisible" when you think about it the right kinda way ,...the way most people who have read the script already think about him no's pretty impressive. >:D
  4. Gort Pred
    The AncientEnemy
    I see what you mean. Idk I just felt weird when I heard it. I'm trying not to get my hopes up thats all and run around and say stuff that will just let me down here
  5. Gort Pred
    I don't think I like him in this. I don't think he read that line good at all. "They don't get it. I can be invisible too"

    that could have either been read better or taken out all together
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