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Predators Movie Gets Writer

The writer of the new Predators movie has been found according to Bloody-Disgusting. Alex Litvak is writing a new draft of Predators. He has no credits to his name (check out his IMDB page) but Litvak co-wrote the spec script MEDIEVAL which McG is rumoured to direct.

“Bloody-Disgusting got the scoop that Alex Litvak is currently penning the new draft of Predators that’s to be produced by Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios for 20th Century Fox. Litvak recently wrote Medieval for New Regency. The reboot to the classic 80’s action/horror flick Predator is being penned as a “sequel” and will follow a team of commandoes who face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters. The project is on fast-track for a July 9, 2010 release. No word yet on who will be directing as Rodriguez is now said to not be getting behind the camera.”

The other interesting news is that the new Predators movie is being written as a ‘sequel’ which means it won’t disregard everything that has happened in Predator 1 and 2. Thanks to Invisible Darkness and Pvt. Hicks for the news.

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  1. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    there should be a Alien 5 but making it a prequel sequel to the franchise as showing the alien derelict ship being stranded on accident on LV426 for no reason, even though how the derelict ship got there and why there was no queen and just the eggs there stranded by themselves. Still need to be solved. but i would rather read the ALIENS book instead of seeing it on screen.
  2. PyroAcid
    they are forgeting why the predator is evern in the area in the 1st place "predators onley come during the hottest times of the year and and when theres alot of conflict going on to hide themselfs within the chaos of war. so a whole  iroq,afcan,pakiestan flick whould be cool i guess sence thats the hot bed for violence these days.
  3. pyroAcid
    I want MY  body splitin  freeze be of doom!! not this pos ninja star crap.and i want the shoulder cannon to have some balls on it when it gos off not like in avp were you can tell it sounds way to digital i want  wooocrack!!! slap that bitch kind of sound lol. i want the nets to cut the flesh of the humans like it did in p2 and more scenes of the spear gun form p2  predator needs to have more toys! with some deadly balls behind them like the flash mine that flash's the flesh off who ever walks over it but ture  all this is is predator 1 but with more preds and more commandos in iroqi or afcan i just hope they dont go back as far with that commando team that got wasted  by the pred 1st in pred1
  4. Deco
    By the way Brian........ Gotta agree with the others, I would rather sit through AVP2 again (and anyone who read my posts about AVP2 was released understands the gravitas of my distain for that film), then to see Fox pile money into a movie that revolves so ridiculously around the predators tracking down Dutch to bring him to their planet to be a Gladiator... Whats more is it appears youve just copied the idea of a draft treatment that was written as an idea for Predator 3 years ago....Its fan reaction received the similar reaction your 'idea' has in this forum..... Quite bluntly, its awful....
  5. Deco
    What if I told you guys that I was nearly finished writing a story that intertwined all of the old characters story-lines in a unique way that culminated in a conspiracy that leads to uncovering the truth behind Dutch's, Mike Harrigans and Alexa Woods deaths following their encounters with the Predators? It doesnt involve the Predators directly, but the humans have had something the Predators have been searching the Galaxy for for many years.... And when they locate it on earth, their arrival coincides with the revelation that is truth behind the above conspiracy....? Anyone interested? Im currently trying to finishing writing it. Im going to illustrate it and send it to Dark Horse; Lord knows if I wrote it as a script (and I do write scripts), Fox wouldnt listen to the little guy..... Funny that, because the original Predator script was simply pushed under the door in Fox.... If only they did things the same way these days....!
  6. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    O.K. hicks, i'll let Brian alone with his project while i'll shut it (my mouth). i'll let him do what he has to do. Sorry, i'm not his boss or anything. We'll let him have it and we'll deprive him of it. and we'll  ignore it. i'll stay away.
  7. Hicks_0998
    Shrek, Truth, Rudy: if Baby Brian wants his bottle let him have it because when we deprive him of it, he throws a tanty/wobbly.  Either that or we just ignore him and let him think hes the shiz nit
  8. SHREK
    BRIAN wats wrong with u.....u calling uself a true predator fan or wateva.....well if u had half a brain you would clearly see that your matter how much u want it to just rubbish and would never work. and for 1 ur script is not even original, its been laughed at many times b4 u decided to make this just accept its not a good script and stop being so narrow minded and wanting to re-create the cast from the 1st predator movie... u keep saying who can replace dutch??!!!....well why does he need to be replaced at all    ::)  
  9. Brian
    Rudy, These generation of movie producers are so f**king stupid, They dont know how Predator and ALien movie should be done and apparently you dont as well.
  10. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    @ Brian: u want to be director? find your own crew. u want to find actors to be cast?  bring in the script and they wouldn't even agree w/ it or not, its what the man who says who will do the project. not someone who never did a film before, or is this somehow a fan film you're doing @ first? if it is, do it w/ your friends and find a location and find out how much money you're making for it. just can't say i'm writing a movie, and then send it to the Pred crew and see what they for something or die for something....your call, dude.
  11. Hicks_0998
    @ Brian: mate if you can't accept constructive criticism than you need to just stop.  We can argue all day long about how your "script" is so damned good and way better than anyone's out there, but learn from it and move on.  As for your stfu, grow a pair and say shut the f**k up like we're all telling you.
  12. Brian
    The truth, i can tell you are not a fan of predator at all and just started watching the movies recently. I am a fan and i know how a good movie should be done. For instinace, the first alien vs predator movie should have been in space where the predators sent 2 predators on the alien planet, they never show up back to the ship, the predators are wondering what happen. So they send in 2 more predators and it starts a Big war.
  13. The Truth
    Shrek and Hicks_0998, ur true pred fans like myself     ;D   brian wtf! ur script is very very poor, we dont care, go away!!  ''quick get 2 the chopper''   :P  
  14. Brian
    OK.... so the film probably doesn't need Arnold, but who can replace him. ACTUALLY, this is a better question, who can replace the cast!!? I just HOPE this movie is good. But i bet you anything it will be a BOMB!
  15. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    do you think this Predators could be more like learning more about them and why they decided why they were sent to Earth in the 1st place from their homeworld anyway? i rather just read the Predator novels instead of seeing a new Predator film.
  16. davebhamuk
    its fairly simple just film it in the same area as Pitch Black was filmed say that its set in Iraq/Iran just over the boarder is a covert op just like in Predator 1 but theres one person on the team who knows whats going on and wont carry a weapon etc.  I just think black hawk down crossed with Predator would be good. Maybe they accidentally disturb a Predator hunt when the governments been trying to track them and give them a wide bearth.
  17. Xenomorphine
    If Predators could find Dutch, more than two decades later, on a planet of millions, if not billions of human beings, simply because of some ambiguous 'advanced technology', then it makes me wonder why all he had to do was cover himself in mud to evade capture, all those years ago...   :)    They have no way to locate him, no way to even know he was responsible for the other creature's death and, even if they did, it would contradict Harrigan being left alone, after having faced his 'challenge' and emerging as the winner.  You just want to relive a specific actor having a fist fight with a Predator. If you want that, just watch the original film. Let's have some originality.
  18. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    Brian: i think that your idea of a Pred story isn't gonna make it. and Arnie is the Governor and he's doing also a voice cameo for T4 and he "cannot" be doing too much films for the audience or for us.He's very busy but probably someone will take his place being Dutch or another cast. but u know that this Predators movie is actually a prequel/sequel and it's before Dutch and his men.Thinking that he'll come back for more? No he wouldn't or else he will lose his governorship to saving our country. do u think that he'll make more movies just for the money, or just doing it because to impress the people in the theatre? its a waste of his time. "IT WILL BE HARD LIFE, A PATH WILL BE PLACED BEFORE US, THE CHOICE IS OURS ALONE, THINK OF WHAT U CANNOT DO, IT WILL BE A HARD LIFE BUT YOU WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE". End of transmission.
  19. Predboy
    Brian:  Sorry dude, just except it, your script isn't good. And no humans? So I guess you'd prefer subtitles throughout the movie with the predator's native tongue right? Honestly, without humans, the whole, 'running for your life and trying to survive' feeling is gone.
  20. Hicks_0998
    Brian: mate you still don't get it do you? There is no need for Dutch to be in this movie.  If you want to know more about the predator lifecycle just read all the comics, novels, graphic novels because it's all in there.  They really didn't have Dutch in them and they still told great stories.  I'm beginning to think you have a Dutch fetish or phallic symbol fetish, Arnie does not need to star in another movie vehicle, hes already gotta job, too old, and the premise of the script is just flawed mate.
  21. Brian
    Yes, finally someone agrees with me. I keep saying you dont need humans, only 1 that can star. I wish Arnold would but i dont think he will, but you never know. We need to learn more about this monster and its homworld. How they developed technology, what this monsters life style is, what else does it hunt, how did they discover earth, how did the aliens meet up with them etc.... there is so much storyline to Predator, but the story should't involve humans. You only need 1 star and that is Arnold. But if he can't play Dutch, i guess they will have to bring in a cast because if its only Arnold, you don't need anybody else. I really hope that John Cena, The Rock, or Vin Diesel doesnt star. Its going to be very hard to find a replacement for Arnold or just a whole new cast. I think the whole movie should take place in space, not 1 minute on earth. I wish i was a director, i would make the best movie of predator you can think of. I been a predator fan for a long time so i know what i am talking about. Everyone who says i dont, think otherwise.
  22. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i would like to see the Preds on their homeworld, don't you have enough of those hunters preying humanity on our planet? why not their own homeworrld and as a away team going to this  homeworld of the Predators, the humans would be going to explore the planet and soon very soon one by one: they're dead and until the last face against one Pred, and the others are already dead- The PREDS will just die after another after another etc.having Dutch well, yes a cameo "cool". But this one should be a prequel to AVP 1 focusing on the pyramids and the SACRIFICING CHAMBER. Brian, i think we had enough of those hunters on earth.  Don't you agree?
  23. Brian
    No you guys got it all wrong. Heres the script: It starts out on earth for the first few minutes showing Dutch after all these years. Taking place at ight. This is leading up to the events of Predator. Arnold is shown somewhere in central america on another base camp. This is where the first film took place. Similar in setting where he can be seen talking to another general about his experience. Only them two are at the base. This is where the single hunter predator comes in after flying from the universe of the homeworld to earth. He has been sent on a misson to capture Arnold by the predators in charge of head quarters. Predator has far more advanced technology then humans so he will know exactley where dutch is located. He sets his ship cloaked and also himself. Once he finds dutch, he has him on his ship ready to take a ride with him to the homworld. The general did not see this becuase of the predator being cloaked and his ship as well. Remember this is at night so its hard to see. Once at the home world, dutch will have to fight the predator for the predators revenge for a final one on one showdown. Mean while their are a few other predators at the home world. If dutch wins, the predator will send him back to earth. If he loses then he is part of their rack. But the film makers will probably have the predator kick ass becuase he is a monster, but have Arnold win at the end.
  24. dallas121
    Brian, a good way to include Arnie on the script, that would to set the movie in a close or far futur and see soldier watching an old video about Dutch talking his fight with a strange creature. Arnie's cameo could satisfied fan as you! Other way I can't imagine a old Swarzie fighting a predator. And I would say in 1987 Predator was an Arnie movie, now 22 years later, and after sequel and AVP, Arnie become just a guest in predator story, and that's correct as it, Predators shall have the main roles, that's why hollywood mega-expensive-start are not required.
  25. SHREK
    Brian just think about it logically... you want the script to be a bunch of predators kidnapping a 61 year old ex soldier...and take him all the way 2 their fight other predators...erm somehow i dont think that would work    ::)    and u ask why i dont make up my own script....simple.. i dont get paid a shit load of money 2 do it. the movie doesnt need amazing new pred weapons n slowmotion matrix style fight scenes... it just needs to be well thought out and it will be fine which is where the AVP movies went wrong
  26. Rudy M Alapag Jr
      8)  how about in the predator homeworld, so i say. but it'll look awesome in their homeworld instead of "ours"! don't u think that earth got enough of it already? don't we like to see more of their homeworrld, fighting in their universe instead of killing human beings? well, if human beings could fly into the Preds home and the Preds are attacking them? it would be a prequel to AVP 1! RITUAL SACRIFICE? "SACRIFICE CHAMBER?!'
  27. pmaz11
    I'm still a little skeptical about a new predator film being made....but I'm just glad its not a "Remake" of Predator because that just sounded like the shittiest idea I've ever heard & as long as John Cena isn't in this either, then that would also be very re-assuring.
  28. Hicks_0998
    Brian how would the single Predator find Dutch?  He has no tracking bug on him and after 20+ yrs they just decide to find him?  It could focus on Dutch's brother, as in Concrete Jungle and Cold War, or be based on one of the earlier Predator comics.  Hell for all we know it could be based on a whole different story arc.     Arnie is getting old too, late 50's early 60's now I think and if they re-cast him with a John Cena, The Rock or some other wanker, do you really think they would have the same impact?  No because it's not just the physical presence, its the mannerisms, charisma, humour, delivery of lines etc.   As for your comment about your script, of course you'll say it rocks because your biased.  Take constructive criticism in your stride and expand on ideas or scrap them accordingly.  We do care who stars in the movie and what direction the script takes; that's why everyone's chiming in with their 2 cents worth.
  29. Xenomorphine
    There is no reason to have Dutch return. The Predators would have no reason to know the guy is one and the same as someone who faced off against a lone example of their kind, more than two decades ago.
  30. Azanode
    No, I'm not. We all have different ideas, good or bad, but you're being a bit presumptuous there presenting your own idea as something that 'rocks' or as something that Predator fans would be definitively happy about. I know no one actually elaborated on what was wrong with your idea, but be more open to the fact your ideas may not be something that people will agree with. Your idea seemed illogical and poorly thought out to me, but it was even worse when you started claiming it as something great.
  31. Brian
    Simbaca and Shrek, dont criticise me if you cant come up with a better script. I think my script rocks!! and you should to. You guys are the types that just want to see another predator movie that doesnt care who stars, or what the script is ect...
  32. Simbaca
    I agree with you SHREK. I hope Brian also realizes his script is a little like the novel Predator concrete Jungle. Also I feel that we do need more then one character and good character development,Unlike AVPR.   ;D  
  33. Brian
    Shrek don't talk if you can't follow up by actually posting a better script then me. You are just like the rest of them that want humans in a predator movie. How many times do i got to say you dont need 20 military soldiers!! All you need is Arnold and thats it. I bet if they did it my way, the movie will make 300 million domestic and milllions and millions on foreign. So Shrek don't criticise me.
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