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John Debney to Score Predators

Composer John Debney has just been announced as the man behind the score of Predators:

“The movie is set to open this July and follows Iron Man 2 as another high profile summer movie for the busy composer. The announcement ends speculation that Alan Silvestri might return to the franchise, as the movie is a direct sequel to the orginal Predator movie that Silvestri has scored in 1987.”

He has done quite a bit of work and has a vast list of movies behind him, including the Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City. You can check out his IMDB profile. Thanks Johnny Handsome for the news.

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    Ummm yeah I can figure that out thanks a lot for your reply Warghost may be it also good to know PREDATOR that way. Now I am having a lot more hope after listening to Brian Tyler's RAMBO4 soundtrack score which is very cool as Jerry Goldsmith's classic works, I believe Debney might perfectly composed another good one as a modern soundtrack scores for PREDATORs that based on Silvestri's original.   :)  
  2. NoFateButWhatWeMake
    Look c'mon. Seriously.
    Obviously it would have been better to have Silvestri. The guy set the standard for the series.
    But Debney is pretty good in his own right. He has done some good action adventure films and I think he will do fine.
    I personally quite like his music for "The Scorpion king" even though the film was pretty bad!   :)      :D  
  3. Warghost
    I did, actually, when I was about 12. It was a cool concept back then, but they make the Predators like Star Trek Klingons. I don't like the assinine "hair braiding" ritual from the books. Predators don't have "hair" -- they're solid tendrils. That right there is enough for me to laugh at the idiotic Yautja concept. Sorry man. I'd rather not "know" what a Predator culture is like. Makes them way more bad-ass.
  4. dallas121
    Why not Vladimir Cosma. It is the guy who scores many french movie in the early 80s, like, la chevre, les comperes, banzai...
    I'm pretty sure you gonna love it guys!
  5. Yutani
    I have a feeling that this story, what we the feeling is Forever Midnight. I did not liked that f**ked up.
    I hope that the composer makes some mix from the original movie, and he makes a new one too.
  6. Gort Pred
    ANYTIME I hear what your saying. I hope for all this good stuff. I really do...I just don't want to get my hopes up after AVP and AVPR
    I am totally agree with you Gort PRED anyway there is a hope that the creature designer who worked with Stan Winston studio will resurruct the original and cool PREDATOR designs unlike the AVP shitpieces I just hate thier spaceships in both AVPs the creature designer sabotaged the original badly, and I am deeply hope that Debny will produce the soundtrack score that equivalent to Silvestri's orinals as well as a decent PREDATOR designs to revive the PREDATOR franchise from ash than Paul Anderson f**ked it up in 2004.
  8. Gort Pred
    All this movie needs is a good story. Thats the one thing everyone working on this movie is ignoring. I don't care about the composer, or the actors all that much. I care if the Predator looks real, and the story works well.
  9. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    You freaks depress me. We've already had the Predator score in two movies. We don't need to hear it AGAIN! So long as the score retains some of the original beats, which it likely will, and it suits the ton of the PREDATORS movie who gives a shit?
  10. Predtech
    In AVP and AVP2 Fox f**ked it up by not hiring the STAN WINSTON STUDIO which ruined all the precious concept arts and PREDATOR designs and now they gonna f**k up the soundtrack scores in PREDATORs come on give me a break please allowd something to remains Classic for f**k sake!   :P  
    No Alan Silvestri? This is outrage f**king Fox will f**k up the legendary score of the Yautjas this why can't they make a great series of PREDATOR soundtrack score like Bill Conti's Rocky Scores this is a really bad news for PREDATOR score fan like me I deeply hope that this guy won't f**k up like Harald Kloser who ruined AVP with Paul Anderson in that AVP if I were them I would hire Rich Ragsdale to compose the score. Don't you f**k up PREDATOR score John Debny just don't!!!!
  12. darthmaul1
    I know why rodrigez picked him cause he did sin city 1 and 2 for him. i went down his list and was not that impressed till i saw he did end of days and the replacements. and he got picked to do iron man 2 so he can't be that bad. fingers crossed
  13. Mills
    P.S. The general Predators page on here is incorrect as well. Predators is a sequel as much as Predator 2 was, in that it "continues" the story of the Predator universe, but doesn't tie directly to the last installment. It's not like the Alien series. It's a reboot in the same way that Rambo was a reboot, NOT like Friday the 13th was a reboot.
  14. Mills
    They are not ignoring Predator 2/AVP/AVP-R from continuity! The only people who are actually believing that are the ones who hates those movies. Rodriguez said he "hoped" the fans only followed Predator and this one, that doesn't mean from a story point it's restarting the series! And what if Predators sucks? Then I guess Predator 2, AVP, AVP-R, and Predators ALL don't count?! All the movies count: end of story.
  15. XxsilenthunterxX
    i dont wanna start nothing but lets be honest this is BS news compare to what we are ALL waiting for witch is for ATLEAST a teaser trailer.the movie comes out in about 3 months yet theres not even a teaser. will they wait a week be4 it is released to get something out??although there is word that a trailer "has been put together"..  sorry i dont mean to rant guys but predators to me are awesome  im a big fan of the movies and i want to see something :D
  16. Xenomorphine
    That above link for 'Komodo' is interesting... Based on that, I think this guy has the potential to do a good soundtrack for this particular species. It's dark and tribal.

    This is, by far, the most important news we've had yet. We now know the emotional tone this could take.
  17. x-M-x

    serious what is the problem ? why cant they just get alan silvestri??? what the hell is the problem? oh i know why..... because alan silvestri is expensive (but worth it) and john debney is just in there budget
  18. Gort Pred
    Why can't this just be Predaotr 3. I love both Predator and Predator 2. Idk and does anyone else think that there is a major plot hole???? Now these are Super Predators right? Like tougher and bigger then any Predator we have ever seen. And theres 3 of them. So why are they kidnapping humans and putting them at a disadvantage??? Shouldn't these Predators hunt on Earth for a challange? Putting the lion in the city instead of going to the jungle and hunting it there doesn't sound very sporting to me
    I was hoping for silversti, but lets wait and see what this guy can do. I hope he does use the theme and mixes his own style into it. The predator soundtrack stands out for me, silversti has stamped his mark on it. Mr Debney please please dont mess this up, i think uve got a big job on your hands. Can you live up to the expectations of the fans. the soundtrack for predators has to be written to perfection, its imperitive to get this right.
  20. PredEye
    John Debney is an awesome composer and I think quite a bit higher profile than Brian Tyler. He's done some pretty epic stuff, and can do horror/thriller to a T.

    Watch End of Days and see how impressive the music is. I think Debney could do a superb job simply with his own stuff, and if he uses the original Predator motifs it'll simply be the icing on the cake.
  21. RakaiThwei
    To AvP Kicks Ass,

    Rodriguez has said he wanted his film to have NOTHING to do with Aliens vs Predator, given the harsh receptions which the AvP films have garnered and he's said that he was ignoring Predator 2, AvP, and AvP-R.

    He's actually gone as far not to use ADI, even though they are contractually attached to doing Alien, Predator and AvP films, he's dodged using Ian Whyte, and now Tyler..

    Fans wanted Silvestri, but, I don't know.. we'll see.

    One thing about Brian Tyler is that he does awesome scores. He's used themes from Alien, Aliens, Alien Resurrection and Predator in the AVP-R soundtrack and made the music quite epic. Even if the movie was less than well recieved.

    He also did a good job on the Dragonball movie soundtrack.
  22. Starkiller
    im not too fussed on a trailer just yet, however it would be good if they release some professional production stills so we can get a vibe and feel of the movie and maybe release abit more info too
  23. Starkiller
    to avp kick ass. listened to the Komodo soundtrack u just posted, theres definitely similarities to the predator, however it would of been good to get someone better and do something new with the franchise.

    the avp movies have done the nods to the past movies, lets do something new, exciting, bold and different. have to wait and see how this film turns out.
  24. Big_Phily G
    I hope he uses the Preadtor theme, if only in little hints or at the end much like the new star trek did with that theme. One of the Good things about AvP-R was its musical nods to the Predator theme and some of the Alien scores...
  25. AvP Kicks ass
    Not liking the choice they picked for scoring the soundtrack ugh the guy did scores for many childrens films. I dont know anymore i wish they would have brought back Alan Silversti to compose Predators. Im starting to think if Rodriguez knows WTF hes doing
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