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Predators Reviews Roundup

All the reviews for Predators have now been published on all the major websites and publications. The vast majority of reviews range from average to good. Here’s a selection of some of the reviews from around the net:

AvPGalaxy Review (4/5)
BlogOMatic3000 (2.5/5)
Bloody-Disgusting (4/5)
Chicago Sun-Times (2/4)
CinemaAutopsy (3/5)
CinemaBlend (3.5/5)
Collider (B) (7/10)
DenOfGeek (3/5)
DreadCentral (4/5)
Empire (3/5)
FanTheFireMagazine (3/5)
Film4 (3/5)
FilmShaft (4/5)

IGN UK (3.5/5)
JoBlo’s (8/10)
Mania (B+)
MSN (2/5)
New York Times (2/5)
NewsOfTheWorld (4/5)
ObsessedWithFilm (3/5)
PopCultureReviews (4.5/5)
RopeOfSilicon (C-)
ScreenOne (4/5)
Sky Movies (3/5)
TheViewBelfast (3/5)
Total Film (3/5)
WatchDon’tWatch (4/5)

It currently holds a 66% Fresh rating on AvP Requiem finished with a 12% rotten rating.

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Comments: 50
  1. PyroAcid
    the end was barb vs Sam. think the onley reson the classic pred lost was. was he wasint fit to fight he was hanging like that for a long time with no food. the fights could have been better. and sence these badbloods are more sadist. i hope in the 2nd one we see a badblood whielding  6 tracking dics all 6 on his back
  2. PyroAcid
    anytime don't expect to recapture anything from the old flims besides the name and what the predator does. and likeness.

    however sence this moive has made  hell of alot more money then avp and avp:R combined. i think this flim was to see if fox whould give RR the green light to do better on a 2nd one. with a bigger budget. think about how on top RR got with this lol then what anderson did with AVP.
  3. Guest
    ha, our small town local critics Mike & Melody gave the movie Zero * and 1/2 *?  Roger Ebert managed to give it **
    In our town we have the strangest people doing the reviews, get this for the Alien Vs Predator back in 2004 Mike wrote something about "the alien bursting its way out of Harry Dean Stanton's chest!!!?"  What....What.... What????  Mike, dude get your fracking facts right it was John Hurt!!! To me this guy has no buisness writing reviews if he does not have his facts right about one of the most popular scenes in cinema history!   Just my opinion of course.
  4. John Everlasting
    I just got home from seeing the movie. It's pretty good, but not as good as the first one. Fishburne exploding was a bit silly and Royce shouting "Come on, do it!" like Arnie at the end made me laugh but I'd give it a solid 7/10.
    This one is better than both AVP and AVP-R craps but the PREDATOR and PREDATOR2 are far more superior, I really hate the scene that the original PREDATOR got his head decapitated WTF, it supposed to be original PREDATORS slaughtering the noob bigass AVP Preds, but these Trouble Maker's dark Preds are humiliating Winston's Classic PREDATOR this is so freakin wrong, at least the original PREDATOR should have the Berzerker dark Pred in the end, which I am very unhappy with this, BTW the music score is impressively done John Debney did a very good job that substitute Alan Silvestri the original PREDATOR scores composer who was not unavailable because he had to compose A-Team music score, I like how Debney puzzled Silvestri's original tracks rightly in this  one it reminds RAMBO 4 that Brian Tyler compose Jerry Goldsmith's main theme of RAMBO perfectly well, this movies still alright to me so far.
  6. OverHere
    Yo Guys! Had to join in the discussion here - HUGE Aliens/Predator fan - went to watch it last Friday and was disappointed.
    I've read all of the comments above, but growing up watching Predator 1/2, I don't really feel this fits in particularly well. I completely respect the reboot, but the narrative structure and the combat has little to no innovation in regards to the previous films (falling off the cliff, Billy dual, fire 'Kill Me!' etc). The Predators themselves seem to have been toned down - a Yakuza member parrying blows off a Predator in that dual? These Predators are supposed to be HUGE (as in P1, VERY tall), yet they are portrayed in this film slightly sluggish and weak(er) - their masks being cracked off with bone, and dying with an abdominal slice? Also being fairly inept and intellectually inferior to humans? Hmm.
    Enjoyed it as a film though, but in conjunction with appreciation to the series, I'm only just slightly putting it out of the bracket of aberration that is the AvP films.
    One last thing - mud as a method to negate thermal was mentioned midway through - yet it took them (him!) until the end of the film to apply it!
    Sorry for the rant, but I was expecting a little more!
  7. atomicpunk
    just got back from the listen up i was pretty impressed with the film yes there were flaws but overall it was pretty cool.if anyone has been reading my posts i trashed this movie before i gave it a chance.i will say this i didnt care for the ending and antel should have went into how the preds.captured the ninja and brody.preds.should have cloaked more thought the cloaking was cool shit.needed to see more of the dog tracker and how he called the dogs off you know see him with them on the chains needed to see more of the falcon.not enough other species killed by brody and crew could have been much better but again anyone could pic this movie apart.i thought it was pretty good  ;D .
  8. PyroAcid
    i give it  3 out of 5  worthy of a  sequel! i want the uncut of this once it comes out. lol!
    this is a pred moive to be respected the humans were soild alot better then Avp and Avp:R and onley thing it lacked was more Predator Toys. just Tweak the preds for the next one Taller and faster and more weapons. Pred 1 knew he needed to stay hidden and not to f**k around. these guys like to play with there food.
  9. PyroAcid
    your all high "the clokeing was better in the older moives? dude it was blue screen and a dude in a red suit with sexwax on the cam witch this was just cgi oo. what a bunch of nit picing bastards. i seen it on the 2nd day of opening at 11:05am westcoast usa. these new preds are more into the thrill of the hunt rather then code and honor they just want to hunt and kill your ass. anyways these guys kind had a heads up.  and they get lucky to..... yah Nolan man lol FEAR THE PINK MIST.
  10. Predator Warlord
    Just got back from watching it with my friend and all I can say is holy f**k I love this movie pure Epicness loved the stickman/barkman creature and the Predators were amazing can't wait to own it on blu ray
  11. williammcnasty#awesome92
    i shed a manly tear, once again over ambition got to like it did with AVPR (can go rot in its grave). rodriguez u let me down

    good points: the photography and music was perfect, the charactors were very interesting bonding with each other, some of the action was cool

    negative- the preds were too plasticky and didnt have the original roar/other sounds, they didnt move swiftly they just looked like guys in suits having trouble, the visuals were good up until they showed the preds and the heat visions (the cloaking effects and heat vision were better in the older movie) so the visuals werent great. so i think they had a budget cut after the scene with the pred hounds.

    pales in comparison
  12. AK
    Happy with the film , not no he false advertising, of loads od pred  lasers on royce when in film there only one, and the pred dog next to predator, when he stands up, watch film se what i mean, its like they made it advertised it hen fought... nah leave it out
  13. ovechkinfan84
    i don't think the different looks was a problem, its like saying Europeans & Asians look alike, hell even Asia alone they have three distinct races of people that look different but have the same features. Look at it like that.
  14. novaats
    Oh and to answer the guy above - I thought Brody was very good, a little bit above decent even. All the performances were pretty good and Rodriguez's claim that they could each be in their own movie isn't too far off. Grace wasn't bad but not excellent. Goggins was noticeably good, as were Braga and Fishburne (all imo of course!).
  15. novaats
    I actually really enjoyed it - it's nothing groundbreaking but then this is a Predator film, it's not Citizen Kane. Could it have been better? Sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure how it'd stand up to repeated viewings. If they make another I'd like to see them go epic (kind of like the transition from Pitch Black to Chronicles of Riddick). Show more of the universe, show various clans waring.
  16. Its Game Time
    I get to see it tommorow, super excited! In fact, i had a dream i saw it and it got me super super excited to see it. One question to all who have seen it, you all say Adrien brody did a pretty decent job, how was "Topher Grace's" performance?
  17. Guest
    Well think of it this way ... in both Predator and Alien, it was one creature taking out the whole group.
    In Aliens and Predators both sides take some serious casualties.
    I think all in all what RR said that he was trying to make the Aliens of the predator world he did just that.
    I have seen it, this movie is totally awesome! I love the classic Little Richards' "Long Tall Sally" from the PREDATOR chopper scene at the ending credits, but it is obvious that Royce and Isabelle won't  "have some fun tonight" for sure hahahaha.
  19. bladehuntr
    For me Noland's death made sense,the predators are probably pissed off that they let him live for so long.

    Over all I give the film a 4.5/5 It's not perfect. but it reminded me in a way of my favorite film Aliens. The visuals were very well done and the cast played the characters very well. over all It was pretty damn awesome.
  20. Zbam
    I enjoyed the movie but there were 2 things in particular that annoyed me. Noland's demise. Not only did the cannon explode him into tiny pieces but I was thinking, if this guy has been hiding out for "10 seasons" then SURELY he would've been the ultimate trophy, no? So why blow him up???
    Also, Edwin. Why the sudden change at the end?? Whats that all about. Yes I know he's supposed to be a murderer but it just had no bearing on the movie at all!!! Other than that I enjoyed it thoroughly  ;D
  21. dallas121
    Just saw the movie yesterday after waiting a entire year.
    That was an amazing moment! A god dam movie at last!
    I m a tipic Predator fanboy who was badly satisfied with the AvP movies before, but Predators takes its rank as the true sequel of Pred 1.
    I was very impressed and enjoyed my time. Sure there are missing stuffs but regarding the production delay, budget and the staff is a complete success.
    Go back to theater at 1:00pm
    Thanks Bob! Hope you plan a sequel.
  22. tigerija
    Why do you guyz care how they look that much ? xD
    They are predators, and in predator 1 we seen only 1 predator, they all look different.

    Well, Havent seen movie yet (will in couple of days), but seems like NORMAL movie.
    Mostly all movies nowdays are bad... there are few excellent.

    But this is true predator movie... AvP movies were fake.
  23. Argman50693
    I just got back from the theatre. Was I satisfied with this film? When I first walked out I was a little unsure of how I thought (which isn't really a great sign).  However, when my friends and I kind of went over it during our conversation afterward, I realized that it was a pretty solid film.  I loved all of the characters. Adrien Brody was a total badass in this movie! But my biggest problem with this film were the predators themselves.  I enjoyed seeing the "classic" look of the normal Predator. Finally it's back!  But the new The Berserker Predator looked great when masked.  I liked the ornamental jaw and the mask itself which together made it look very intimidating.  But when it took off its mask I was like awwwwww.  It looked too different to be considered a Predator plus it looked a bit fake. I know it had the dreadlocks and similar mandibles but it looked a bit too spiderish or insectlike to me.  It looked like someone got an ant, enlarged its head and stuck it on a predator's body. But other than movie!
  24. Spoon
    i was going to say the same thing.  Predator 1 they had no idea and it was all quick deaths.  
    In predators everyone was a moving target basically.  So it becomes alot harder.  Even in predator 1 at the end when arnold was running the predator couldnt hit him. Pred never made any kills on a moving target on humans.
  25. dbesier75
    i just saw the film today, and enjoyed it. did it WOW me, not so much. i agree with capsule on all counts and you make valid points. i dont think that nimrod should have directed it.RR should have taken the helm. the mans an action junkie, and thats what the film was missing. i did'nt like the fact that the new preds' were easily killed off by humans and that the old preds' were not so much of a match against the other species. i honestly think that the original pred should have finished the final one as an act of vengeance, then the end would have gone a different route. like its pretty obvious that the planet they were on was'nt the old preds' game reserve and that they all should find a way off that planet before more of the others come, still paving the way for a sequel. so basically the real problem i'm having is that there was definately alot of charachter flaws on the preds' part. i hope they get it right next time. overall brodey surprised me he was actually good and i ended up not wanting his spine ripped out. it def beat the crap out of the avp franchise but just ended up below a level from its originator.
  26. Fujimaster
    This movie definately was not a 5/5, however did get my blood boiling in some parts. The movie was really good, it certainly did not suck. The cast portrayed their characters really well and the story flowed well. Movie started off pretty kick ass ;)
  27. HeavenlyBIGFOOT
    For a film that RR kept saying is a reboot of the franchise and trying to be original it certainly kept reminding me of the original. thats the main problem with this film it seems to take everything that RR loved about the first film and put it in this one. not that this is a bad thing but very misleading... overall the film is no more than a 3/5 short and not very memorable action peices. ties itself to close to the first. everything felt underused. the film is fun and faithful. it just dosent take any risks what so ever.
  28. spinksy

    did you not see that in Predator 1 the predator took most of the team out without them even knowing what they were up against!

    In Predators they pretty quickly get to learn what they are up against = different outcome!
  29. Capsule
    Went to see the movie today with friends.

    Overall a positive surprise, taking to account the previous AVP messes. However, to be judged as a serious film, like it's predecessor Predator, this movie has a loong way to go to be recognized as a real sequel.

    First and foremost: A predator is not just about the 'look' of a certain species, as Stan Winston (RIP) created him/her, its about the perfection, the mentality of the character. The predator in Predator (1) single handedly destroyed a group of the most professional and capable warriors of their generation. They were all combat hardened MEN! And they DIED! This movie portrayed the predators as mere 'monsters' with very limited know how of the technology they were carrying. Goddamit! They were the inventors of technology that surpasses ours than they behave like they had the IQ of a retarded serial killer. They are superior species and to survive an encounter with them, you are either extremely lucky or Swarzenegger -type of ultimate survivor!

    I also don't like missed shots by professionals, on both sides. You don't miss if you are called into a game as such.

    This movie lacked the will to survive and it almost pays disrespect to the predators as the ultimate hunters.

    Respects: I enjoyed it as entertainment. It borrowed elements and could create a scenario of it's own. It also expanded the universe, as it introduced new species, new level of threat to the canon. I liked the new running 'predator' dog species, although they seemed incapable as thinking, hunting species.

    Sorry for the brag. There will be a new Cameron/ McTiernan someday. Until that day, enjoy what you are given.

    One day, you will piss in your pants again.

  30. Spoon

    I noticed the burning alien head too.  I was going to say something to my buddy next to me but though nahh  it couldnt have been.

    Anyone have a pic of it so we can confirm  this?
  31. Drakolowe
    couldnt give a rats ass what ppl say, even tho reviews are good anyways. but screw then lot who think its poor-sh, Predators is a strong well built film, and cant wait for the nxt one.  :D  :D
  32. Procurator
    There are more mixed reviews everyday, up to the point where it just doesn't make sense anymore. It seems reviewers aren't giving any though on movies what-so ever rather posting there own feelings. Say screw the reviewers and think for your self that's why you have a head.
  33. Wolf123
    Predators deserves the reviews it's gotten, it's a very good film, i had a few problems with it, the main one being false advertising in trailer and all tv spots with targeting lasers on brody, bit i still enjoyed the hell out of it :D
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