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John Davis Talks Predator Franchise

Collider recently did an interview with John Davis (Producer of every Predator movie). He basically says that they need to rest the Predator franchise for a few years and then maybe see if they can re-invent it again. He also reveals that the reason Arnie didn’t want to do Predator 2 was because he wanted $250,000 more than what they offered him. Previously, Arnie declined to Predator 2 because he didn’t like the concept of setting it in the city.

Davis: Yes. I talked to Arnold about rebooting Predator and doing something in terms of that. I think in terms of right now, it needs to rest for a couple of years. I can’t see why if we can’t be clever we can’t reinvent it again.

Davis: Yeah. He changed the setting. He put it on another planet. You have to keep changing the setting. You have to find a clever way to do it. If we were going to do it with Arnold; it was like, “Does it make sense to go back and to put him with a young team?” So maybe it’s 20 years later, you have retired, and you are the one person who has survived one of these encounters. Is that a reboot in the fact that you are in it with a group of young guys? Is that a reboot? You just have to figure out a way to reboot it. Rodriguez rebooted it. It’s all in the planet. The sequel to the first one rebooted it. We should’ve had Arnold in the movie. The deal broke down over $250,000, which is a shame. But it was moved from the jungle to the city. You have to create a freshness about it. When we did Alien vs. Predator we kind of rebooted it because we put the two pieces together. You just have to give it enough time to come up with a new freshness. It is what they did so brilliantly with Fast Five.

Thanks to Darkoo and Daz85 for the news.

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