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Danny Trejo Cast in Predators

The first bit of casting news for the new Predators movie has been released. Danny Trejo has been cast in the upcoming movie according to SlashFilm.

In a short video interview with the Punch Drunk Critics, Trejo sings minor-key updates on Machete, Sin City 2 and Predators. As far as Machete goes, Trejo simply lists the other cast members, but when asked if he’ll be doing Sin City 2, says: “It’s kind of in the works. We’re going to do Predators next. So Sin City’s kind of… er… a thought process… We’ll be doing Predator[s] I think in about a month.”

Trejo’s comment doesn’t actually confirm he’ll be acting in Predators, not completely; just that he’s in some way involved. I doubt he’ll be coming on board in a different capacity however. As to the question of how substantial Trejo’s part in the film will be it is worth remembering that he’s carrying Machete in the lead role and that with a Predator film, the real stars could be said to be the stuntmen in the alien outfits.

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Update: Danny Trejo will play a character called Cuchillo, a Mexican enforcer with twin uzis strapped to his back.

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  1. mcg1980
    i am afraid this sounds "too cool" for a pred movie. ihope this doesnt get into the style of rodriguez other movies. im a fan of his stuff-but it doesnt fit a pred movie
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